Benefits of Forming an LLC

September 16, 2021


Forming an LLC business does come with certain benefits. There are quite a few to speak of, and in this article, we will talk about some of them. We have divided the benefits into several parts. So read on to find out how small business services can benefit by simply forming an LLC.


General Benefits


Limited Liability

One of the basic advantages of an LLC is that as owners, you will have limited liability for the business’s decisions. If the business is indebted to someone else or issued, the owners do not have to pay for those debts out of their own personal accounts.

Sole proprietors and members of partnerships, on the other hand, are reliable for business debts. Therefore, if a sole proprietorship or partnership goes out of business, the owners may be charged with a large financial burden that can lead to personal bankruptcy. Members of LLCs and corporations are not liable for business debts.

Unlike sole proprietorship where the owners’ personal assets may be in jeopardy, the owner of an LLC is considered a separate entity from their companies. With that being said, creditors cannot take away the owner’s personal assets such as a home or car to fulfill a judgment against his business.


Income Distribution

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), the profit earned by an LLC goes to the members. At the same time, taxes on the profits are paid through the personal income taxes of the owners. In simple words, an LLC is not taxed as a business entity separate from the owners. This provides the business flexibility to allocate income to owners as they wish.


Membership Flexibility

LLCs have a supple membership structure. For instance, an LLC can have a single member, giving the owner complete control over the company while conferring the benefit of limited liability. On top of that, corporations and other LLCs can be members of an LLC.


Record Keeping and Costs

An LLC provides the limited liability of a corporation deprived of the same level of record keeping. The Small Business Administration (SBA) mentioned that operational ease is one of the main benefits of an LLC. On top of that, they have less registration paperwork and lower start-up costs compared to an S-corporation, which is a common alternative to LLCs that provides similar benefits as regards liability.


No Double-Taxation

Business owners of your typical corporation, such as a C corporation, are obliged to pay taxes on incomes at the personal and corporate levels. With the LLC, any incomes earned are taxable only at the corporate level. With that being said, owners of the corporation only pay taxes on incomes on their personal income tax returns.


Health Insurance Premium Deduction

A problem many entrepreneurs face is finding affordable health insurance. An LLC can offer the advantages of deducting health insurance premiums on an income tax return. According to, the managing member of the LLC can deduct 100 percent of her health insurance premiums, up to her pro-rata share of the corporation’s net profits.


Legal Benefits

An LLC is a business structure commissioned by specific states that afford owners limited personal liability for the arrears and actions taken on by the company. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to consider the legal benefits of both structures when starting a new business.

A typical business-minded person should evaluate the ownership restrictions of S corporations and LLCs when choosing which structure best suits their organization. The IRS puts tight restrictions on who can own shares of an S corporation. Shareholders have to be individuals who are citizens or residents of the United States. LLCs and other corporations cannot have shares of the S corporation. On top of that, the law restricts the number of shareholders to 75.

LLCs are less restrictive with regard to ownership. There are no restrictions to the number of owners (henceforth called members) that this type of organization is allowed to have. On top of that, members are allowed to manage an LLC and provide management responsibility to non-members.


Taxes and Asset Protection Benefits

Limited liability companies are the intermediate between partnerships and corporations. LLCs, bring in the limited liability advantages of a corporation. And at the same time, they keep the processing status and income distribution flexibility of a partnership easy to handle. As it is easier to set up than corporations, LLCs are widely held by small business owners. LLC owners, also known as members, may be as few as just having one or as many as you like to have. Furthermore, they may be individuals, corporations, and even other LLCs.

Just like its name states, LLCs offer their owners and investors limited liability for company debts. This translates into the fact that your personal assets remain unattainable to cover business debts, claims, or lawsuits to a bigger extent. You can expect more than what you have invested in the company. This makes LLCs a better investment. This is because if the business falls through or has a low-profit period, the investors’ possessions cannot be touched by creditors such as lenders or landlords.

The IRS refers to an LLC as a processing entity. This translates into the fact that it is not considered a separate entity from the investors. It basically means that you get to avoid double taxation. Double taxation basically means that the corporation and the investor’s business profits see taxation. In an LLC, the preliminary profits are not considered income and that means you are not needed to pay self-employment taxes on them. However, keep in mind that the managing member’s share of the basic profit of the LLC is considered earned income. It basically is subject to self-employment tax, according to the Gaebler website in Forming an LLC. To learn more about how to efficiently start and work with an LLC, Money Brighter offers the right resources to get started.

LLCs have the benefit of flexible income distribution, which makes it more convenient to allocate profits and losses for tax purposes. In a corporation, it is needed that shareholders’ income and shares are equivalently related. On the other hand, in an LLC the members get to choose how to split up income. Though they have to still follow the IRS’s partnership income distribution rules.

Although you are not allowed to pay yourself wages, members can write checks directly from the business account. Technically you still can pay yourself put with extra steps. As a matter of fact, income distribution flexibility lets partners receive guaranteed payments, which qualifies them for tax-favored outlying benefits.

Each state handles the formation of a limited liability company differently. In some states, they can be molded by a single person, while in others you should have a minimum of at least two or more.

When it comes time to handle this type of structure, the members will have to decide if they will file taxes as a sole proprietor, partnership, or corporation business. To kick-start an LLC, you have to fill out the “The Articles of Organization” form and provide the needed information of all members involved in the business to make your business legal.

To the government, the ordering of the LLC does not exist as a way to tax a company. In this kind of structure, the LLC shields an individual from being personally liable. Also, the proper legal steps are followed strictly to ensure it is set up properly. The LLC is flexible in the sense that the members are not needed to hold meetings and they have better management in sharing profits. Furthermore, an LLC is cost-effective for small businesses.





You should really consider selecting the LLC form of a business organization if you are a 1-man owner of your business or if you have other business partners with you. In all fairness, what this means is that any business owner should be an LLC, either taxed as a sole proprietorship. Or in the case of one owner, as either a C or an S corporation when multiple owners exist.




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