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Internet Marketing Strategy & Management

Every business has a dream and Animas Marketing has the dream to provide small businesses without a marketing department the correct strategies for business growth. Located in Durango, Colorado, our online solutions are matched with local businesses’ needs to come up with substancial results. Once we sit down and evaluate your business needs, we provide you with proper strategies and solutions. As a result, we match your business goals with success.


Search Engine Optimization

Want your website to be at the top of search engines such as Google and Bing? Due to our expertise and training in SEO, we can bring higher search rankings and a large boost to website traffic for your business.


Social Media Management

With our social media marketing, you can expect to see substantial results in brand awareness, lead generation, and customer retention. Also, we use any social media platform to fit your business needs.


Pay-per-Click Advertising

Generate more leads with successful strategies in paid advertising. Our team will help you build your target audience and create lucrative advertisements to bring in more customers to your business.


Email Marketing

Create stunning email campaigns and keep your customers involved with customized email automation. We match your business goals with the correct strategies to bring relevant content to each subscriber to a new or pre-existing email list.


Website Design

Our website design is built for stunning visuals and the best customer communication. Due to our attention to detail, you will have professional websites with an affordable rate. In addition, your brand new site will be optimized for search engines.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design services can be used for any project you have in mind. Whether your project is a newspaper advertisement, a social media post, a business logo, or an event poster, we can bring your ideas to fruition. Check out our previous designs below.

Brand Awareness

Your customers use search engines and social media every day and having your brand and products online can help spread your awareness. As a result, this allows consumers to be more informed on your brand.

Important Analytics

Our company is able to provide important analytics to be able to understand your customers better. Therefore, you will be able to learn consumer behaviors and how to better apply your marketing towards them.

Customer Retention

With digital marketing management, you can have your company respond to customer interactions quickly and efficiently. Due to excellent customer service online, you will be able to keep your customers happy and coming back for more business.

Generate More Leads

Having an online presence with social media and implementing search engine optimization allows your company to be easily accessible to customers. As a result, your business can generate more revenue and great customer interactions.

Durango, Colorado - Solutions for Small Business

What really seperates us from any other digital marketing agency?

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Our #1 goal is to make everyone feel awesome. Therefore, you can expect not only the best customer service, but you can also expect a personalized experience as we like to meet with our clients in person.

As a result, we can have a mutual understanding of the measurable analytics and the correct direction to go with any business.

At Animas Marketing, our next goal is to provide affordable solutions to help small businesses thrive from a continuous online presence.

Because of this, we take great pride in making sure that your business has everything it needs to succeed.

Tyler Rice

Tyler Rice

Owner | Animas Marketing

Since the dawn of time, this man always had an interest in computers and the digital world. Building his first website at the age of 11 was only the beginning of what would become a career in digital marketing.

After receiving a BA in Marketing at Fort Lewis College, he set off on an adventure to create an agency focused on small business growth through digital marketing solutions.

When he is not nerding out at the office, you can find him playing the banjo, snowboarding, or off on a backcountry hike. 


A Digital Marketing Agency based on Results

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Find out why clients in Durango, Colorado come to our internet marketing agency for affordable search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, online advertising, and website design.

We aim to bring your local business to new levels through higher revenues and more customers. Digital Marketing is crucial in this exciting information age where people can find your business at a moment's notice (with the correct strategies).

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