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Build your email list and increase customer involvement with personalized email campaigns tailored to your target audience. We will help create and manage your automated email whether it be for a newsletter, coupon, or any other promotional material to keep your customers engaged.

Much like the other services offered by our agency, we are results-driven so we take pride in showing you the successful ROI after each email campaign. We will walk you through the important metrics and will be able to apply A/B testing to your audience so we can build upon what works best for your busines


Flexible Design

With our graphic design expertise, we will be able to match a stunning and unique design to any email campaign.

A/B testing to find out what designs resonate better with your audience.

Connect eCommerce

Connect your online store and follow up with soft leads.

Marketing automation allows you to target your customers based on their preferences, previous sales, and behavior.

Advanced Analytics

Connect email campaigns with Google Analytics and gain valuable insights.

Associate what factors improve customer engagement and revenues. Monthly reports on user behavior.

In an effort to utilize email marketing to reach out to existing and new clients, Animas Marketing put together several “3-touch” campaigns for us.  They were easy to work with and open to feedback, fast and affordable.  Better yet, the emails we sent out were highly effective!

Lindsay White

Owner, 4 Corners POS

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

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Target a Specific Audience

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With Email Marketing, you can control exactly who sees a specific email campaign.

Due to this, you can create campaigns based on lead status, location, demographics, or other relevant data.

Therefore, you can get the most out of your money by customizing your emails based on a certain audience.

Increase Brand Awareness

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Increase your customer engagement by periodically keeping in touch with email.

With a stunning design and a planned strategy, your email campaigns will create value with building your brand.

As a result, when your clients need a new product or service, your business will have a much better chance of landing the sale.

Measurable with Analytics

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With successful email marketing, you will be able to gather precise metrics surrounding any campaign.

This can include open rates, subscriber retention rates, delivery rates, and much more.

Most of all, you will have the analytics to precisely understand your audience to better target them in the future.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Increase Customer Engagement, Build Brand Awareness, & Send Offers

When this particular client began working with Animas Marketing, they had no email campaigns or lists set up for their customers. With a solid business goal, we started implementing multiple strategies to bring in potential customers to the email list.

Within the first month, they gained 144 subscribers to the email newsletter. From there we saw an average increase of 117 subscribers per month over the course of eight months from the start of the campaign.

In just nine months, this client reached over 1,000 email subscribers at the beginning of 2018! This client now has another method for keeping customers engaged with weekly newsletters and is maximizing profits by sending email subscribers exclusive offers each month.  

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