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Search Engine Optimization Agency in Colorado

Do you have an excellent website but struggle to reach the top of search engines?

With our expertise and customization, we can help build SEO campaigns to bring your websites to the top of search engines such as Google and Bing.

Not only do we optimize your website to reach the highest results on search engines, but we send all relevant information and requirements to each search engine to ensure that your products and/or services gain the highest reach from customers searching in your industry.

Helping Your Business Grow in 3 Key Areas:

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Our services begin with targeting specific keywords for your business industry. With new strategies, tools, and trends, we match these keywords to move your business higher in search rankings for a larger audience.

Important Website Traffic

It is equally important to have quality traffic to your website to result in higher sales. We make it a point to have your business listed for customers who have interest in your industry or brand. This results in high quality lead generation.

Measurable Analytics

We provide important analytics to help learn more about your customers and the industry that your business is in. We can show results such as trends and keyword specific searches that can help in communicating with your audience.

Meet with an SEO Specialist to Increase Sales for Your Business

Colorado Search Engine Optimization Agency

You want to grow your business…

and we can match you with the correct strategies to do that.

Meet with an SEO specialist to learn how ranking well in search engines such as Google can substantially increase sales for your business.

With everyone using their phones and computers to find a business online these days, this is an opportunity that is crucial to the success of a business. 


Higher Traffic = Higher Revenues

Double Your Organic Search Traffic in Months

Search Engine Optimization Agency in Colorado

Within 4 months of our SEO services, One of our clients saw a 123% increase in website traffic from organic searches.

Not only that, but the numbers just keep on growing.

If you are looking to increase the visibility of your website to bring in more customers through the door, search engine optimization is an excellent choice for your marketing strategy.

We are very pleased with Animas Marketing’s SEO work for the Durango Rec Room.

We worked with two other major SEO companies and saw very little results.  Tyler came on board and made it rock for us.” Diane Dalton

Co-Owner, Durango Rec Room

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Process

#1: Keyword Research

The first step in the SEO management is to do extensive research on the keywords that your target audience is using to try and find your business (or businesses like yours). Also, we study the keywords and phrases used by the competition to understand how you can match up against them.

#2: On-Page Optimization

This includes all of the SEO factors that are embedded on your website. This includes the title tags, meta descriptions, headings, content, image alt attributes, and much more. While we optimize each of these factors, we make sure to make your content relevant to your audience.

#3: Off-Page Optimization

This includes any optimization not located on your website including link-building and social signals. We make sure that your social media presence is positively influencing your rankings along with the long process of building links from other websites. Most of all, we make sure that the links that are attached to your site are both relevant and trustworthy.

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