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Interactive Websites to increase ROI for your Business starting at $1,599.

Our web services based out of Durango, Colorado, are geared toward making your business stand out from the rest of the competition at a fair price. We design websites at affordable rates that are not only visually stunning but are built to lead your customer to the sale of your products or services. Our web design services are also built on the user experience, responsiveness, and reliability across all devices. Contact us to get a quote on your new website. 

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see our website design in action by checking out some of our previous work.

43 CBD Solutions LLC.

[Full Marketing Suite including Web Design, SEO, Social Media, Video, Email, Influencer Marketing, Paid Advertisements, Affiliate Marketing, Podcast, Remarketing]

This client started working with our team to boost online visibility with national SEO work by creating a monthly blog. After a few months, they decided to partner with us to take their online business to the next level with a full marketing suite.

Self Heal Center – Vanessa Morgan L.AC.

[Web Design, Graphic Design, eCommerce]

This website was completely remodeled from the ground up to perform as a fully-functional eCommerce platform. With a unique design and a platform for webinars and programs, this website is ready for lightning-fast online sales and has a comfortable user experience.

Durango Magazine

[Website Design, Custom Integrations]

This business received some new owners and one of the first things they knew they needed to grow was to update and change the current website. Great! We were able to create them a whole new content-packed website that included their magazine in a digital format with ease.

Edgewood Construction LLC.

[Web Design, Graphic Design]

This client requested a format that showcased their previously built homes and had a vintage, wooden style. The site ended up having a unique and creative feel with the side-menu and project gallery format.

Mountain Hyperbarics

[Web Design]

This website incorporates everything the client was looking for with an easy to navigate design. The layout includes a clear call-to-action on the homepage, customer testimonials, and clear instructions that leads to a great user experience. 

Rivergate Natural Healthcare

[Web Design, SEO]

This client needed to rank higher in search engines so people could find her business easier. For optimal SEO to be implemented, a new website was in order that was similar in design to their previous site. We were able to rebuild the site quickly and effectively while boosting the business rankings in search engines.

Rare Earth Crystals

[Web Design, eCommerce]

This client needed a comprehensive eCommerce platform for their new online business. Bring it on! We were able to incorporate hundreds of products on the website while maintaining a simple and elegant design. 

Southwest Septice Services

[Web Design, SEO]

This particular client needed a brand new website from the ground up for her new business. We were able to incorporate a website with a clear call-to-action and user-friendly design at an affordable rate. We then optimized the website for search engines to be found easily by potential customers. 

Reflections in Metal

[Web Design, SEO, Social Media]

This shop specializes in crafting unique metal art collection pieces and is based out of Cortez, Colorado. They needed a new online shop and specialized strategies to target the people they need and o increase overall sales. 

Maroc Collar

[Web Design, Local SEO, Sales Funnel]

How about working with an online eCommerce company? We really thrive when working with online sales since the sky is really the limit. With Maroc Collar, we are able to do more than just a simple website build or SEO. We are able to work on the online visibility of the website as well as create different business funnels. This allows sales to be created form different channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, or Google shopping ads. 

Pagosa Secure Storage

[Web Design, SEO]

This business, under new management, was needing a new structure for their website and be found by prospective buyers. This website is mobile-friendly and has all the information needed for a client to find what they are looking for. It also incorporates a nice local touch for Pagosa Springs. 

Turtle Lake Instruments

[Web Design, Local SEO]

Dave Farmer at Turtle Lake Instruments is well known as the person to see for instrument repair. While he had many customers from word-of-mouth, people were still having a difficult time finding his business online. With a fresh new web build and a few months of SEO, his online visibility skyrocketed and now more people can find him online.

Camp Van Life

[Web Design]

This website incorporates a natural and earth color scheme to match the target segments of its users. Mix that in with a mobile-friendly design, fast speeds, and a clear call-to-action for their target audience, and they are ready to launch for the web. 

largo tank website
Largo Tank & Equipment

[Web Design, Local SEO]

Largo Tank & Equipment wanted to revamp their website which had an outdated design from the mid-90s. We were happy to work with their team over 6 months of building a new, fresh website with much more content and user-friendly design. They can now continue to be competitive in the tank equipment industry and build a larger customer base with a professional design.

Colorado Web Development & Design at Low Prices

Are You Looking for Low-Cost Web Pages with Professional Design?

Here at Animas Marketing, we understand that your business needs a great webpage layout without breaking the bank.

We have the expertise in internet strategies and how to engage the correct customers bringing your business high-converting consumers.

Our website interface goes beyond a flashy design. With our expertise in custom digital planning and search engine optimization, you can make sure to have the best setup to see success in your business.

This means that when you receive your brand new website, you can feel safe in knowing that it is secure, fast, mobile-friendly, customer-oriented, and optimized for search engines. Furthermore, we will include Google Analytics to allow you to observe the website traffic in full detail.

Our Colorado Website Design Services Include:

Stunning Design

With our services, you can make a lasting impression on anyone who visits your website with attractive design. Also, it is important to keep customers engaged with professional design and your website will be sure to impress anyone who visits it.


Your website will be able to have maximum compatibility with any device whether it be for a phone, tablet, or computer. Therefore, the high-speed website development will keep your customers engaged without technical issues.


Our web design services are built upon a platform that delivers the best possible user interface. No matter how nice your website looks, the customers must be able to find the information they are looking for. Due to this, our website development team knows how to act upon user flexibility and has designs that are suited for any type of customer.


It is also important that your webmaster or business owner be able to update and change content with ease. Therefore, our websites are built using a Content Management System (CMS) and allow an administrator to add or change content easily.

Additional Features

Our websites can be built with WordPress or Joomla, two of the most popular content management systems, and include multiple plug-ins for any type of content. Therefore, whether this content is an online store, contact form, or stunning galleries, we can develop the proper applications to match your business needs.

The Process for your New Website

Website Design Location


Meet up to discuss website needs.

Website Development Agreement


Determine the price and sign contract.

Website Design Content


Provide the needed content. (text/images)

Website Draft Icon


We send you a draft of the website.

Web Page Revisions Icon


You send us any revisions to the site.

Internet Completion Icon


Complete the website and accept balance.

Next Steps after the Web Site Development and Design

Once you are completely satisfied with your brand new website, we can look over strategies that could make the best of your site. There is no obligation to continue services beyond the website but implementing online strategies for your business can build your brand and increase sales and ROI.

Explore the many options and benefits of having a solid digital marketing strategy to back up your website.

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