Correct Labeling Is Important: See How It’s Done Right

December 4, 2022

When it comes to product labeling, there are a lot of things that go into making sure the labels are correct. For one, the text on the label has to be legible and easy to read. In addition, the information on the label needs to be accurate and up-to-date. And finally, the layout and design of the label should be visually appealing and professional looking. But how exactly should this be done? And what are the tools you need? Let’s find out.



1. Label Tags and Labels

Label tags and labels are the most obvious elements of product labeling. Tags are typically printed onto self-adhesive paper, while labels can be printed on any kind of material – from vinyl or plastic to metal or glass. When it comes to designing the label itself, there are several considerations. For one, fonts and typefaces should be chosen carefully – they need to be legible to convey information. Additionally, graphics and images should complement the text rather than distract from it. Investing in quality ID tags can add to the overall aesthetic of your product labels. For example, embossed tags can make labels look more professional.


2. Color Coding

In some cases, color coding can be a useful tool for product labeling. By assigning different colors to different products or variations, it makes it easier for customers and workers to quickly identify which item is which. Additionally, if you have multiple versions of the same product with slight differences, color coding can help differentiate them from one another. For this purpose, there are pre-made label tags available in a variety of colors that you can purchase online or in office supply stores. After all, the easier it is to identify the items, the better.


3. Barcodes

Barcodes are another universal tool for labeling products. They are typically used to provide customers and workers with a way to quickly identify the item in question, as well as track inventory levels. Barcodes can be printed using any type of printer, although inkjet printers tend to produce better results. When designing a barcode label, it’s important to make sure that the code is large enough to be easily scanned by scanners but not so large that it takes up valuable space on the product label itself. Additionally, you should test multiple types of barcodes – such as EAN-13 or UPC-A codes – to determine which one works best for your particular product packaging.


4. Holograms

If you’re looking for a way to add an extra layer of security and authenticity to your product labeling, holograms are a great choice. Holographic labels can be printed onto any type of material and feature a unique design that can’t be replicated or counterfeited. Furthermore, unlike other forms of product labeling, holograms provide an additional level of protection against tampering or theft. Though they may cost more than other types of labels, the added security is usually worth it in the end.


5. QR Codes

You may want to include additional information about your product that would be difficult or impossible to fit on the label itself. In this case, QR codes can be a great solution. By scanning the code with a smartphone, customers or workers can access important information such as instructions for use, expiration dates, and more. Furthermore, QR codes open up a lot of possibilities for marketing – you could link to promotional videos or other content related to your product. To make sure customers have a positive experience when using QR codes, however, it’s important to use high-quality printing and make sure the code is placed in an easily visible area.


6. Tamper-Evident Labels

Finally, tamper-evident labels are an effective way to protect your products from tampering and manipulation. These labels are designed to break or tear when they are opened or removed, making it immediately apparent if someone has been attempting to access the contents of the product. Tamper-evident labels can also be used as a deterrent against theft – they make it clear that any attempts to open the package will result in damage. Furthermore, they can be printed with barcodes or other information to help track inventory levels and customers can easily verify that their purchases have not been tampered with.



Product labeling is an essential part of any business, so it’s important to get it right. By investing time and effort into designing labels that are legible, accurate, and visually appealing – as well as considering extras such as color coding and using a QR code – you can ensure that your products stand out from the competition. With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating effective product labeling for your business!


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