Cost-effective Video Remote Interpreting Solutions

March 28, 2023

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a face-to-face communication service that allows interpreters to interpret simultaneously at remote locations. When video conferencing was introduced, it made it possible for interpreters to get their jobs done even when they were not in the same place as their clients, which saved them time and money.

Remote interpreting services can be one of the most cost-effective methods for providing real-time interpretation for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. VRIs are gaining in popularity because they are not just cost-effective but also simple and accessible.



Reduced Labor and Travel Expenses

Video remote interpreting is a service that provides real-time translation of text and audio between people who speak different languages. 

When looking for this kind of interpreting solution, it is essential to do your research about the best  Video Remote Interpreting online to enjoy all the possible benefits it can provide you, your people, and the rest that will be using it.

It’s a great way to reduce labor and travel expenses for your company, as it allows you to communicate with people who don’t speak your language.

Most video remote interpreting companies utilize cloud-based technology, meaning they use a network of computers and servers to store their data and process the information they receive from their clients. 

It saves them time and money by eliminating the need for costly hardware purchases, maintenance on equipment, and personnel overtime.


Reduced Administration Time

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a solution that allows organizations to communicate with people with limited or no access to traditional methods of communication. VRI can be used by people who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or have cognitive disabilities.

The cost savings of video remote interpreting over traditional methods can be significant. In addition to saving money on the phone bill for each call, VRI also provides substantial savings in administration time. 

Most organizations spend at least an hour weekly on administrative tasks related to scheduling interpreter calls and collecting payment for interpreters. This time can be more than made back through reduced phone bills and saved hours of waiting time for clients who would otherwise require more intense supervision during their appointments.


Effective Management Tool


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), in its simplest form, allows the interpreter to connect remotely to a remote viewer and translate what the remote viewer sees on their computer screen. This technology is becoming more popular as it allows for live, real-time communication between people and businesses across the globe.

However, while VRI is effective as a management tool, ensuring everyone knows how to get around this technology is vital. For example, if someone unfamiliar with VRI tries to use it themselves, they may need to learn how to use it properly or help understand how to get the most out of it. It can lead to poor results for both parties involved.

To avoid these problems, there are several things you should consider when using VRI as part of your business:

  • Get trained—If you don’t know how to use this software or aren’t sure what kind of training would benefit your business’s needs, you should invest in some training before using VRI.
  • Create a clear vision—Before implementing any new technology into your business’s workflow system, make sure everyone understands exactly what they’re working toward by communicating this vision clearly, so everyone understands where things are.


No Maintenance Costs or Technical Issues

When working with remote interpreters, you deal with many variables. The interpreter can be far from you, and you may need help seeing them in person. You also have to deal with their performance and the audio quality. 

For example, if the sound quality improves, the user may have difficulty understanding what they’re saying.

But working with video remote interpreting services is easy—you don’t need to worry about these issues. You just set up your remote interpreter online, and they’ll do all the work for you. 

They’ll be able to translate everything said during meetings or training sessions and provide feedback on how users respond to the presented content. Everyone involved gets precisely what they need from each meeting—and nothing more than that.


Final Thoughts

Many may buy into the idea that VRI is outside their financial reach. But with some research and consideration, VRI can be a viable option for everyone. 

The service is increasingly popular yearly, and as demand grows, more providers are joining the game. It means that prices are likely to fall even further in the future.


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