How to Gain More Followers on Twitter

August 6, 2021


It can be tough to keep up with the daily social media scene. Every day new strategies and marketing techniques are being released which makes it a challenge to determine which ones are worth investing your time in. One goal that any company has is to make themselves known and one way to do this is by using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. As a business, you need to prioritize having a strong presence on social media because this is how you will connect with your customers in a more personal way while at the same time reaching out to new customers that aren’t familiar with your business. The question everyone wants to know is how does one gain more followers? There are many things that you can do on Twitter to gain more followers and increase your visibility and this article will explore some of them.


Strategically engage


If you want followers on Twitter, you need to engage strategically, and to do this, engage with other user’s retweets and mentions. Make it your mission to retweet content from other users when they mention or tag you in a tweet. By doing this, you encourage these users to engage with you consistently in the future which will make you more visible to their followers which might result in their followers following you. As your account grows, it might not be possible to engage with all of your mentions so a tip is to choose to engage with accounts that are more likely going to get you more visibility or to use a growth service like Twesocial which will engage for you, practically allowing you to buy Twitter followers. You cannot have a successful social media experience unless you engage so make sure that you make this a priority, the results will be more visibility and more followers.


Be visual


Twitter is predominantly a text-based platform however, visual content does really well on this platform so you should make it a point to post visuals. Think images, videos, memes, and GIFS. These types of content generate a lot of engagement and interactions. The last thing you want to do is bore your followers and written tweets tend to cross over into the boring side when they aren’t balanced out with good visuals. People log onto social media to be entertained and visual content, especially videos are the top forms of entertainment on social media.


Tweet often


People who are ghosts on the timeline often get unfollowed so logically, to gain more followers, you need to tweet often. Twitter is designed to handle a mass number of Tweets at a time so don’t be shy to tweet away because doing so will make you more visible on the timeline and will encourage other users to engage with you. Tweeting often is also a great way to establish your identity and personality on the timeline so again, don’t be shy to tweet away. Keep in mind that certain times are better to tweet than others and the ideal time is from 3pm – 5pm. This is when there is the most traffic on the timeline. You might want to invest in a tweeting schedule that organizes your tweets and schedules them for when the timeline is most active.


Hashtags and trends



Twitter is the place where hashtags were introduced to social media and you should make it a point to use hashtags with every tweet because they make your posts more discoverable and increase your visibility which encourages more engagement and people to follow your account. Hashtags also help when participating in trends by making your tweets visible on the corresponding hashtag page. When there are trends on Twitter, you should participate in them because this will expand your reach and increase your visibility which helps you gain more followers.

When you have a lot of followers on Twitter it enhances your experience because you will have more people engaging with your content which will benefit your business. Trying to gain more followers might seem daunting at first but by following these guidelines it becomes very easy. Just remember the following: engage strategically, be visual, tweet consistently, use hashtags whenever you post, and participate in trends. By following these tips, you will see your account grow.


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