How to type the Shrug Emoji ¯\_(?)_/¯ in 2 Seconds Flat

January 26, 2023

Typing emojis can still be a fun way to add originality to online discussions, despite the current trend toward emojis. When emoticons are entered, we all feel a sense of nostalgia for earlier times when phones still had physical keyboards. The shrug emoji is frequently used to convey perplexity or to draw attention to a question. Emojis unquestionably help to emphasize messages and increase engagement. When you need one symbol to express your message, emojis can be helpful. Typing emojis, especially the timeless and traditional _()_/ symbol, can improve a conversation. So here are some tips for typing the shrug emoji in seconds:



How to type the shrug emoji quickly:

At first glance, the shrug emoji seems challenging and sophisticated to produce. Since it is one of the most difficult emoticons to type, most people copy and paste it from other websites. One among the better-renowned ones? Copyshrug.

However, copying and pasting the emoticon is only wise if you do not overdo it. If you frequently use the shrug emoticon, copying and pasting will require you to keep Googling the website, which can be time-consuming and annoying. It is worse if you are on your phone.

Would you like to type the emoji for Shrug quickly? On your device, we suggest creating an autocorrect shortcut for text replacement. With our guide, it only needs a few seconds.


How is it best?

  • It is important to remember that the shrug emoticon is necessary for the shrug emoji to exist. ¯\ (ツ) /¯
  • I still prefer typing out emoticons despite how far emojis have come. Emoticons remind me of the good old days when used AOL Instant Messenger as my main method of communication, and my phone still had a real keypad.
  • If you are still into typing emoticons like I am, here is how to do it quickly on a Mac, Windows, iPhone, or Android device.


How to use the shrug emoji on an iPhone:

On your iPhone, type the shrug emoji using the techniques listed below:

  • Copy ¯\ (ツ) /¯
  • Access settings.
  • Select general
  • Select keyboard.
  • Choose text replacement
  • Select + from the menu.
  • The shortcut field needs to contain the term shrug.
  • Put the appropriate emoji in the phrase field to show: ¯\ (ツ) /¯

By doing this, whenever you type the desired text, the shrug emoji will substitute for it. Instead of going to system preferences, you need to go to settings and general on an iPhone. Otherwise, adding text replacement for the shrug emoji largely functions in the same way.


How to use the emoji shrug on a Mac:

When using a Mac, enter the shrug emoji as follows:

  • Copy ¯\ (ツ) /¯
  • System preferences should be selected in the top bar.
  • Select a keyboard
  • Toggle text
  • Put the emoticon in the replacement box with the name shrug or another suitable name.
  • In the with box, paste the emoji ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


How to use the shrug emoji on android:


The emoji must still be copied before you can set a shortcut for¯_(ツ)_/¯ under settings, language & input, languages. And lastly, the reply to your query regarding how to type out this lovely emoji is no. On the plus side, you could save it to a sticky note on your desktop if that is not too time-consuming.

  • Copy ¯\ (ツ) /¯
  • For text messages, press the three dots on your keyboard.
  • Obtain settings
  • Vocabulary on tap
  • On a Google Pixel, choose personal dictionary; on a Samsung handset, choose text shortcuts.
  • Decide on a language.
  • Selecting +
  • In the shortcut area, type shrug.
  • Tapping the keyboard’s _()_/ key is necessary.


How to use the emoji shrug on windows:

The Windows operating system lacks an autocorrect capability, in contrast to Mac computers. You can, nonetheless, download apps.

You can use these programs to set up your text replacement shortcuts. With the aid of these third-party applications, you may swiftly type the shrug emoji.


How do you type the shrug emoji on Windows 10?

There is no need to add any extra emoticons or modify the autocorrect functions, as there is already a shrug emoticon on the Windows 10 Emoji keyboard.

Follow these steps to find it:

  • It is advised to simultaneously press the windows key and the period or semicolon key.
  • There will be an emoji keyboard available.
  • Choose the kaomoji icon from the top bar of the emoji window.
  • Choose an emoji from the list at the bottom.
  • On the list, the shruggie is near the bottom.
  • Tap it to add it to the message.

If you frequently send texts and want to rapidly replicate the shrugging emoji, installing a shrug emoji plugin for chrome can be helpful.

As an alternative to browsing through Emojipedia, Wikipedia, GIFs, or memes, you can type in the person shrugging emoji.

Thanks to this ingenious autocorrect trick, you may utilize the shoulder-shrug emoji in your social media posts and elsewhere.


How do you type the shrug emoji on Chrome?

The shrug emoji should be easy to type into online text fields. Unfortunately, there is no emoji keyboard for web browsers right now. You can only add them as extensions at most.

You may type emojis like the shrug using one of two Google Chrome addons. The initial addon is referred to as JoyPixels.


Follow the instructions below to use it:

  • The more tools and extensions buttons should be selected after clicking the Menu button on your web browser.
  • Go to the chrome web store
  • By employing the search bar on the left side of the screen, locate the emoji keyboard.
  • A JoyPixels emoji keyboard should be chosen.
  • Enter Shrug in the search bar after opening the extension.
  • When chosen, the shrug emoji copies itself.
  • You may also type the Kaomoji shrug in that format using a Google Chrome addon.


Use it following these additional actions:

  • The more tools and extensions buttons should be selected after clicking the Menu button on your web browser.
  • Go to the chrome web store
  • The kaomojiBoard app can be found on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the kaomojiBoard.
  • Select Add to Chrome from the menu.
  • Go ahead and make it longer.
  • Pick the funny option.
  • The _()_/ symbol can be clicked to insert text.
  • When a kaomoji is chosen, it is automatically replicated.


Summing it up

Finally, with the above-explained details, now you know about it. Using this shortcut, you may quickly type the shrug emoji in 2 seconds flat.


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