Product Descriptions: Writing them the Right Way

May 12, 2022


The end goal of a product description is to describe the product in a way that elicits a positive buying response from customers.

A product description that’s well-written has an effect on your customers – enticing them to move through your sales funnel.

Telling about the features of the product in terms of its benefits to the customer is the mindset you need to have before writing product descriptions.

Writing well-crafted product descriptions requires learning skills and strategies. Either you and your team can invest the time and resources in learning to write awesome product descriptions that convert, or you can seek the services of a professional product description writing company.

In this article, we will share with you useful tips on writing descriptions for products.


What is a Product Description?

A product description is a piece of marketing copy that provides an explanation of the product and gives readers a reason to see the worth purchasing. The reason can be both logical and illogical.

The illogical side is mostly the emotional side that tempts a potential buyer to nurture a desire for the product – although the purchase may not suit their logic. The end goal of product descriptions is to compel customers to purchase while upon reading a mixture of product features, benefits, and a thoroughly good marketing copy.

Let’s now look at the rules at play when it comes to writing product descriptions the right way.


Understand Your Target Audience

Before you write anything, it’s essential to know who your target audience is. You need to define your ideal customers, and by doing so, it’s easier to show them how the product will benefit them.


Importance of Buyer Persona

To define the ideal customer, you need to make a buyer’s persona. A buyer persona defines the traits and characteristics of your ideal customers so you can align the stated benefits and features of your product with the exact needs of those customers.

The essential nature of buyer personas lies in the fact that personas help businesses understand and empathize with their customers well. This way, businesses are ten times more likely to do a better job of acquiring, retaining, and continuing to serve customers.

After developing an understanding and marking boundaries on your ideal customers, it is now time to make descriptions around the product.

While you’re writing a description, it’s essential that you keep asking yourself the following questions.

  • How did a potential customer happen to visit a specific landing page of your website?
  • What is the general interest of the traffic to your website?
  • Why would a visitor take interest in your product?
  • What is it about your product that will attract a target visitor the most?


Describe Features as Benefits


Customers have no concern with what you’re selling, they’re interested in how a product will help them solve their problems.

You need to get inside the customers’ shoes and be customer-centric while writing a product description.

And to do that, you need to write the features of your product in terms benefits for the customers. Because, again, it’s all about the customer, and not about the product or your business.

On one hand, a feature is a fact that provides technical know-how about a product, whereas a benefit shows how the product will improve a customer’s life.


Work on the Readability

The product’s description should be such that it can quickly be skimmed through and can easily be understood.

To do that you need formatting skills and a natural tone and language to communicate the idea in simple wording.

In order to rate your description out of ten, you should read it out loud to see how it sounds if communicated verbally. Assess if it sounds like an engaging conversation you’ll have with a friend, or is it just bland and lifeless.

The tone of the description will decide whether or not the customers will rhyme with it.

Setting the tone for the description content is helpful in boosting readability as well as informing in a way that communicates feelings such as optimistic, humorous, informal, formal, motivational, etc.

Bringing a natural tone just as someone would use in a face-to-face conversation makes the copy describing the product more engaging.

Also, another thing you can do to boost readability is by adding bullet points, proper formatting and spacing, and font styles that are easily readable.


Optimize the Content According to SEO Guidelines

A well-written product description is automatically liked by the search engines and as a result, the content will rank well. A well-written copy is free of grammatical errors, has an engaging tone, and the context is properly built throughout the content.

Apart from this, it’s equally essential to follow other SEO best practices. You should know how to use keywords the right way so as to stay away from inappropriate usage such as stuffing. Moreover, the proper keyword research should be conducted so your product page can rank well in the search engine.

The big benefits of doing so in terms of SEO are:

  • You end up adding the strategically chosen keywords in the content that are most relevant and will bring in better organic traffic
  • Your product pages filled with descriptions will have content that’s optimal for both readability and SEO

Always keeping the SEO side in mind and following the SEO best practices will benefit the product description pages immensely.


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