How Can You Use Data To Improve Your Business?

May 15, 2023


Today, much of the world is run and analyzed by data. From what you spend the most time looking at online to the things you buy in the shop, pretty much every business is looking to use any bit of data they can find to help market themselves to you. Many businesses have set a focus on using data and following the data governance framework to make their company more efficient. Whilst this sounds easy, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if you are a novice. Here are just a few ways you can use data to improve your business.

Engaging your employees

When a business is looking to improve its efficiency, one area it may overlook is measuring employee engagement. This is a key factor in how your company is productive and can help your turnover rate. A great way to encourage employee engagement in line with data governance framework is to create employee satisfaction and feedback surveys that are anonymous. This will hopefully allow your employees to give honest feedback. This is only half the battle though. You need to act upon this feedback or explain why a solution won’t work. It will show your employees that you want them to be happy.

Make invoicing more efficient

One of the first places you can look to make your business more efficient is in the accounts department. Small improvements in how you receive accounts and invoice companies can have a huge impact on your cash flow. You should think about trying to automate monthly invoices and create follow-up payment reminders. You will save time and it will remove awkwardness between you and your customer or client. As well as this, you should look at implementing invoice data management that can help you spot when you have problematic customers who are slow with payment.

Financial planning


Data can be used to predict the future of your business and help you make plans to maximize your profit or avoid disaster. It will help you identify those areas where you are wasting your money and aid your business in being in the right place at the right time. However, you will need a large amount of data for this to work and be able to read and analyze it so this may take a little practice. You can even centralize the information in a database, so it is easily accessible once you have the system running.

Improve your marketing


A great way to improve your marketing strategy is to use your data to see the return on your investment in your marketing schemes. If you are funneling lots of money to billboard advertisements but all of your sales are coming from online, then you may want to reallocate funding into online campaigns. Not only will this make your spending more efficient, but it may save you money.

Better customer insight

A modern-day business can turn data into an understanding of its customers. It can do it on an individual scale and in a more general sense. It uses a variety of sources to find out their purchases and access support calls. It can find out their financial transactions, credit reports, social media activity, survey data, and computer cookies. All of this information provides a really good insight into what your customers are looking for and what they have put in their baskets. They don’t even need to complete the purchase. All of this will help you market your business and see trends in consumer patterns.

Increasing market intelligence

Using the data, you gather from your customers can help you understand the dynamics of the market. Social media is a great place for market intelligence for product categories ranging from vacation packages to breakfast foods. Any commercial transaction indicates preferences, experiences, and importantly recommendations. You can use a market intelligence platform as a product to develop your business and change how you prioritize your customer’s preferences. It works in any e-commerce or online market.

Supply chain management

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest of tasks in any business. Whether there is short supply due to pandemic disruption or disruption through war or because of a ship stuck in the middle of the Suez Canal, supply chains can crumble for a variety of reasons. Many businesses tend not to think about their supply chain management until something goes wrong. However, you can use data to predict when a problem may arise and limit how much it affects your business. You can keep track of demand, production, and distribution with ease.

Drive innovation

Innovation is often driven by inspiration and new data. Lots of work is put into trying to identify areas where new techniques and products can be developed. Many data tools and technologies can lead to the development of new services and products that completely change how a business operates. One example of this is the London Stock Exchange which makes the majority of its money from selling data and analysis rather than trading. The data, however, is useless without someone behind it imaging the new techniques and new products.

Improve your operations

Business activities can be made better and more efficient by using data. You can use it to optimize processes and generate savings. Better than this, it can make your employees more efficient and help you increase your customer satisfaction. Fraud detection, hiring processes, HR management, and cyber security can all utilize data to reduce any risks to your business and avoid any pitfalls. Utilizing the science of data with analysis can help you to predict maintenance schedules which will help reduce costly repairs and keep downtime at a low for critical pieces of equipment. Places to start would be the age of systems, their condition, location, and warranty.

Using data

There are lots of ways you can use data to improve your business. You need to decide which is most important and what bits of data you can use. The main thing is being able to read and understand the data you have gathered.



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