10 Types of Video Marketing to Try for your Business

August 1, 2022

Video marketing and advertising are both extremely effective and powerful. Promoting your business, brand or product with a video increases engagement on your social and digital channels. It serves as a way to educate your audience and reach them in new ways. 

Once you create a video, there are numerous ways that you can promote it. For example, you can share it on your organic social media channels, create a social media ad, and send an email. 

The following are seven specific types of video marketing to try. 

video marketing 2022

1. An Explainer

Explainer videos are a great marketing tool if you’re a business with a product or service that maybe isn’t immediately or easily understood. These videos can be placed on your landing page or homepage, among other channels. 

An explainer is often animated with a voiceover, letting your audience know what your business does and how you can solve a problem they might have. 

Of course, an explainer doesn’t have to be animated, even though that’s a common approach. There can be other visual means of telling a story, like time-lapse illustrations or live-action recordings. 


2. Product Demonstrations

A product demonstration video is different from an explainer video. Product demonstrations help you show off the benefits and features of a product rather than explaining how it works. 

In a product demonstration video, you might use an energetic host who will talk about the product with excitement and enthusiasm, but animations can also work here. 

With a well-thought demonstration of your product, you can connect with your audience more personably, rank higher in searches, and increase overall understanding of your product and brand. 


3. Company Culture Videos

Consumers increasingly like to do business with brands they feel reflect their values. A company culture video is a good way to show off your values and give a behind-the-scenes peek of your business and the people who work there. Along with using company culture videos to highlight your mission and values, these are good for recruiting new hires. They give your business a sense of personality, and you can connect and create trust between your business and your audience. 

Within the larger category of company culture, videos are more specific options, like event videos and brand videos. 

Event videos help provide information about your company, such as showing your team doing volunteer work. 

Brand videos let employees talk more in-depth about the values and mission of the company. 


4. Product Launch

If you’re going to launch a new product or offering, using video marketing can lend to a buzzy sense of excitement. You can teas new features in a video marketing campaign, or you can give a back story on the product’s development. 

Your goal with product launch videos is to make people feel as excited as you are about whatever it is. 


5. Testimonials

A testimonial video is a way to show how much your current customers love and value your brand and your offerings. 

Testimonials establish trust because if other people love your brand, it must be high-quality or at least that’s the thought process. 

With a customer testimonial, if a person is researching products and you have some videos from customers singing your praises, they’re more likely to choose you over your competitors. You can showcase your customers by talking about how your product or service solved a problem for them. 

You can also do employee testimonials. 


6. Brand Videos

A brand video is something that’s at the top of the funnel. It’s a very short video that’s almost like your logo. The content of a brand video needs to be high quality but minimal. Your goal is to convey your brand within a few seconds. 

You can use your brand video as your initial Instagram story, or you can use it as one of your highlight stories on Instagram. You can add it to your landing page and use it consistently as an intro for your longer videos. 


7. Educational Videos

An educational video is a pretty broad topic. These are top-of-funnel content as well, and they’re good for meeting the needs of people searching for information on trending topics. These videos are like a blog, and they’re a way to answer common questions people have. 

If you aren’t sure where to start regarding educational videos, you can use keyword searches. You’ll see what people are actually looking for that relates to your brand and business. 

The videos are content-driven and may be short to medium in length. 

These aren’t a hard sell type of video because they’re to build authority and trust, but you can use some subtle calls-to-action to nudge viewers to the next stage of the funnel. 


8. Documentaries

A video documentary is something that’s medium to long in duration and goes in depth. There is usually a storyline, and you can delve into a subject on a deep level. You can use a documentary as a way to create a story highlighting how your product or service helps someone. 

You can also create documentaries around everyday stories that, once again, position your product as a solution. There are candid characters in a documentary which helps build trust. 


9. Video Emails

Video emails are short, and they can be part of an automated email campaign you’re running. They’re a good way to nurture at the top of the funnel to begin. You can get attention in your email marketing in ways you might not otherwise be able to. 

You can also use CTAs to increase conversions. You don’t need a lot of content for video emails, but you do need them to be very attention-grabbing. 


10. Webinars

Finally, webinars are long, educational, and interactive. These are digital events with a virtual audience, and they’re most often hosted live, but you can also circulate them pre-recorded. 

Webinars can be a way to teach skills or give an introduction to a topic in a comprehensive way. They often include a prepared lecture and then a question-and-answer session. 


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