Developing a Marketing Strategy for Your New Digital Product

April 26, 2021

Having a brilliant idea for your next (or first) digital product is merely half the battle. The digital marketplace is brimming with existing and well-established brands, leading the way with their own ingenious ideas, and most of all, trusted by customers.

The simple truth is, no matter the kind of digital product you want to sell, you need a comprehensive strategy to position and market it properly. Whether you want to create and push your educational webinars to equip more people to develop their skills, or you want to develop a particularly useful app – the market is vast and incredibly competitive as it is.

marketing strategy

If your digital product is your very first attempt to dazzle the market, all the more reason to develop a strategy that will help you launch it successfully. In case you already have a presence, no matter how prominent or not it might be, leveraging your reputation will be essential. In each scenario, you should make sure to use the following ideas in developing your marketing strategy, in order to increase your chances to earn your target market’s trust.


Branding your product from day one

For companies with an existing presence and a decent track record: this isn’t an excuse to not brand your new product, too. Yes, make sure that consistency is applied so that people will immediately know that it’s your brand that has launched a new product.

However, branding is a vital step in launching a digital product, as it gives it a distinct personality, an identity people will relate to and be more eager to try. Ensure consistency with the parent brand when it comes to your product’s tone of voice, visuals, and colors, but also give your product a chance to stand out.


Generate buzz via social media

Brand awareness heavily depends on your ability to consistently publish relevant content, work together with other industry experts and news outlets, and of course, use social media to push your brand forward.

  • Make social media content part of your dedicated digital marketing strategy.
  • Use automation tools to schedule and publish posts, so that your managers can focus on follower engagement.
  • Leverage analytics and reporting tools to notice how your product is being perceived and adapt your marketing accordingly.
  • Use content to generate buzz before the launch itself and get people excited.
  • Create unique hashtags if plausible to help people engage.

Your social media outlets are a great way to humanize your digital product, answer relevant questions, and even promote with ads when the time is right.


Test and target as early as possible

If you’re creating a dedicated app with a local audience in mind, you need to factor in the local market saturation, competition, and your ability to push your product to the forefront. Take Australia as a perfect example of an oversaturated market with fast-evolving businesses. Selling an app in such a market means that you need a strong partnership with developers who understand the local mindset well.

In such instances, it’s best to work on all aspects of the strategy with professional app developers in Sydney and use their market expertise to not just develop, but market the app. In fact, developers in these regions tend to specialize in various aspects of development paired with marketing in the early stages in order to increase the success rate of product positioning.

The testing stage of the development process is a great example of how your development team can contribute to marketing your app, so make sure everyone is involved from the beginning.


Work with influencers in your niche

As active as you might be on social media, influencer marketing has reached new heights for businesses today. These people have access to immense portions of your target audience, and more importantly, they have more than just access: they have their trust. That is why leveraging influencer marketing as part of your overall digital strategy will help you get more word of mouth, but also build up a stronger reputation over time.

  • Create stories on social media together with clear CTAs.
  • Offer discounts, free trials, or a similar perk through your influencers.
  • Encourage your selected influencer to create genuine reviews and post them – they’ll be valuable sources of feedback for your business, but also give your product more visibility.


Diversify your content output

First of all, you need a dedicated landing page at the very least for your new product. Some digital products, such as applications and learning platforms require a full website in order to be marketed and ranked properly. With a strong website or landing page, you also need informative, engaging content!

Remember that the modern-day user likes diversity, to utilizing the video format in your content will make your content more approachable and easier to consume on mobile devices as well as laptops. Complement videos with instructional and easy-to-follow infographics, and long-form content for the sake of those who want in-depth articles and better SEO.


Use networking to your advantage

For many business owners, networking is deemed relevant only at the very dawn of their careers, wanting to get the word out about their new business. This attitude can cost you plenty of visibility and publicity for your new digital product. Whether online or offline, networking in your industry can help you talk to people about your new product, get relevant insights and opinions, and you never know when a worthy partnership opportunity can arise.

Events give you a chance to present how your product works and to interact with potential users who want to ask questions and see how the product fits into their lives. If you’ve launched a learning platform, they might want to ask about its features, potential limitations, inclusiveness (can those with hearing impairment follow the workshops?), and the like.

Plus, you can give out simple how-to guides, discounts, and similar perks to attendees, so that you can gain more traction in those early days.

New or not, your brand should be properly prepared to present a new digital product to its audience. A coordinated approach with a tailored schedule and plenty of ongoing research can help define your success, or reveal any potential gaps in your plan so that you can make all future efforts more fruitful. While there isn’t a foolproof plan for marketing your digital product, be it an app or a webinar, you need to optimize your marketing with these tips in mind to maximize its potential to succeed.


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