Are you having a difficult time bringing people to your venue for live music? It seems that there are so many great venues with awesome bands playing yet when it comes to bringing an audience, the room can be lacking. Having a large social media presence can help your business bring in the correct audience for each band that comes to your venue. Here are some helpful tips to bring your venue the audience it deserves.

1. Make a Facebook event for each show

To start with the basics, have an event for people to get details on the show. Most people will not find the time to go to a website to see the details of each show so it is important to keep events up to date so people know which shows are coming up and what type of music it is. Keep the description short and informative but also exciting to keep a user interested in the show. The event page should provide a photo that represents the band and should list the appropriate times that the doors open and the band starts. This information should also include any specials and ticket prices with a link to their music for people to listen to.

2. Invite, invite, invite!

Once you have an event created for a specific show, invite all of your friends in the local and surrounding areas to inform people right in their notifications. There is a specific Google Chrome app that allows you to quickly invite all relevant friends located below:

Add Facebook Friends

3. Get others to invite their friends

Get a street team for your venue! A street team can go way beyond hanging up posters when it comes to social media. Give a free drink or discount to patrons that can invite all of their relevant friends or share an event. Think of how many more people could be aware of each event at the expense of some free drinks! With just a few select people to help promote the event, you not only gain a larger audience but gain loyal patrons that can consistently spread the word for you.

4. Make a Facebook post leading up to the event

Share the Facebook event on your business page with some hype to it! Remember, do not sell the show to your audience, but inform them of the great show that is coming up for them.

5. Boost the Facebook event

Don’t be shy when it comes to spending a little bit of cash on social media promotion. One boosted post for $5.00 can reach more than 500 people. That is only $1 to show your event to over 100 people who might not have known about the show. The power in Facebook promotion is in the specifics. You can target people based on gender, age, location, and their interests.

Let’s say you have a bluegrass band coming from out of town that not many people know about. With a small budget, you can boost to the exact target audience you want to reach with the show. You can drive down to picking specific interests of the targeted audience by choosing interests that are relevant to the show. For the bluegrass band, you could choose an interest in bluegrass music, or an interest in a popular local bluegrass band that many people know about in town. With this specific targeting, you can bring in people who would actually be very interested in the show rather than just sharing it with anybody.

Facebook Targeting

6. Study the Analytics

There is an insights section of your business Facebook page that will show all of the posts you have created from your Facebook page. On this important page, you can see the reach and engagement of each post. You can compare any two posts and can see which methods work best for your business. This can be important to find out what your audience reacts to the best. This can be useful for the wording and pictures you use in your posts along with which types of bands your audience engages with the most.

Facebook Analytics

7. Give the band hosting privileges for the event

This will allow for the band members to also share the event and invite the people they believe could make it to that particular show. This will allow them to also make any changes or edits they see fit.


There are many methods in boosting your audience for any particular show but these 7 tips are a good starting place to help your venue succeed in making more money and build better relationships with each band.

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