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Bring in more traffic and more sales by targeting customers more likely to make a purchase.

When social media advertising campaigns are built for your business, they are created with specific customer targeting and engaging content.

This allows you to make the most out of your advertising budget and bring in new business at a low cost. 

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Grow Your Business with Social Media Advertising

Colorado Social Media Advertising Agency

Why waste your money on traditional advertising to random people?

With social media advertising, you can target the right customers with specific criteria. This could be based on a person’s age, gender, location, behaviors, and even interests!

Once the correct targeting is in place, your business can send them an advertisement that they are likely to engage with and enjoy. 

Say goodbye to the days of random advertising. 



How does this process work?

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1. Define Social Media Strategy & Business Goals

Before anything, we begin by creating a social media plan and strategy to match to your business goals.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness?

Or possibly, you are wanting to increase sales and bring in more customers.

Whatever your business goals might be, we can create successful social media advertising strategies to match them. With the proper planning in a social media strategy, you can be sure that you will see successful results from each campaign.

2. Create Detailed Customer Segments for Targeting

With a solid plan in place, the next step would be to build your customer segments. This is an often overlooked part of social media advertising but is incredibly important.

Who are your ideal customers? What type of person is more likely to lead to a sale?

These are the questions that are going to craft the ideal consumer segments. To target the correct people, we have to take a walk in our customer’s shoes. 

When building the customer segments, we cover the three important characteristics of people:

  1. Geographics
  2. Demographics
  3. Psychographics

Once we have our detailed targeting in place, we then craft your social media advertisements.


3. Create an Engaging Social Media Advertisement

We know you have been waiting for this step, which is creating actually ad itself!

While targeting is an important step in the process, having awesome content to send out to potential customers is probably the most important part.

First, the ad needs to have a visually-appealing video or image to catch the user’s attention.

Then, we craft an ad copy, which is the words and content that go with the image or video. The techniques that go into building this ad copy can vary depending on what your business goals are.

The advertisement will then be created and crafted to send potential customers to your landing page.

4. Create a Landing Page Experience

Finally, we arrive at the landing page experience. This is going to be a specific page set up on your website that is built to collect information from users who had clicked on your social media advertisement. 

The point is to collect information from these users to follow up with. This is due to the fact that if you were to simply try and sell your products and/or services right to a cold lead, then you would be wasting your money and not seeing any results.

This landing page will be set up to collect user information and will send this contact to a marketing list that can later be used to send out emails or other promotional material.


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Common Social Media Advertisement Platforms

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform and is excellent for business-to-consumer advertisements. This is due to the large reach and the wide range of consumers using the platform.

If you are looking to reach a wide variety of customers with laser-specific targeting, then Facebook advertising might be the right option for you. 

Reach out to one of our Facebook specialists to learn more about how this social media platform can be used to grow your business.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is an excellent platform for businesses that have visually-appealing content. Whether it is in the form of an image or a video, Instagram can be a great tool to bring in potential customers that might not have been found on a platform such as Facebook. 

Have an awesome video or image to share with the world? Use Instagram to stop users in their tracks while scrolling through their feed. As the second most popular social media platform, this is also an excellent social media service to use when advertising a business to consumers.

YouTube Advertising

With YouTube being the second most-visited site on the internet, it is no secret that it can be an excellent way to reach out to consumers with online advertisements. While it may be considered a video sharing platform, it can still be grouped as a social media site with the community that is built on the platform.

This online advertising would deal strictly with video content. Our video specialists would be able to create a script, video, and edit any sort of content that you would like.

Reach out to one of our video professionals to learn how this social media platform can boost sales and brand awareness for your business.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is a social media platform unlike any other as it is used to make lightning-fast updates in real-time. Depending on the business and location, this could be yet another excellent social media platform to use for targeting consumers. 

Twitter is an excellent place to send out advertisements if your business has an active account and is looking to target more of the younger and more technological crowd. 

Our social media gurus would be happy to lead you in the correct direction if this is the right advertising path for you.

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