10 Handy Online Tools for Small Businesses

September 1, 2022


Ever since the pandemic started it has become more and more important for a business to be able to handle itself online. Employees can work from home, customers can place orders remotely, and a lot of work can be automated. And it’s not just about cutting costs either.

The thing is that all the most successful businesses are doing this. They are all making use of technology to work smarter, make their workflow more efficient, and hasten their business.

And that means if you do not incorporate technology into your business now, you might get left behind as that technology becomes more and more important. We want to help you with that.

So, today we are going to be going through 10 online tools to help your business.


1. Google Meet – Best Tool for Video Conferencing Tool

People might be working from home, but that does not get rid of the need to present. Whether it’s a new product idea, a plan for dealing with an obstacle, or just a standard meeting to check up on how a previously introduced idea is going, it’s important to be able to communicate.

Google Meet is our video conferencing software of choice due to the fact that it is connected to Google Drive, making it easy to combine video conferencing with document sharing.


2. Google Drive – Best Document Sharing Tool

And while we are on the subject, Google Drive is the easiest tool to use for document sharing. Now let’s be clear: The fact that it is the “Easiest” tool to use is what makes it the best. That means most people will be able to use it without issue.

Depending on your business, you may need to find a file-sharing service that is more niche.


3. PDF Simpli – Best PDF Editor Tool

If you are making a digital contract, then you need to know how to use PDFs. On the surface, they look like normal documents. But under the hood, they contain all the data for verifying the validity of a contract. PDF Simpli is a tool that lets you edit them quickly and easily.

PDFs are a critical file type for giving you the security of a legally binding document with the efficiency of a digitally transmittable file. PDF Simpli makes editing them, well, simple.


4. Trello – Best Project Management Tool

While Google Meet gets you meetings easily and Google Drive helps you share files, Trello helps you stay organized. That might seem like a lot of software to learn, but Trello makes it easy.

It helps you keep a schedule, make and receive assignments, and stay in contact outside the meeting room. Team leaders even get bonus tools for the organization.


5.  Dropbox – Best File Backup Tool

Let’s tackle the obvious question now: Why have both a file sharing tool and a file backup tool? Anyone who has needed a file backup tool will tell you it has completely different uses.

File backup tools are less about sending files from one computer to another (though they can do that) and more about making sure your files aren’t lost due to the many issues computers can run into, from damage to the computers themselves to viruses.


6. Pinful – Best Printing Tool

The rise of the digital age does not mean the need for physical materials has gone away. Whether it’s invitations, ads, or the products themselves, many businesses find themselves in need of a printing service. Pinful has a huge number of printed products for making the best use of your designs, whether you need posters, T-shirts, or mugs.

On top of their easy-to-use product manager and low costs, Pinful will also integrate with a variety of online storefronts. This makes it easy to get your products out there.


7. Scrivener – Best Word Processor

Yes, Microsoft Word is a great word processor that everyone has access to. But we are not just talking about the best word processor for writing college essays. We are talking about a word processor that can format complex documents and read any file type.

Scrivener is the best for its versatility, but some of the most uncommon tasks that it makes easy are storyboarding, script writing, and line editing. This makes it great for collaboration.


8. Shopify – Best Online Store Builder


The need for an online store was there before the pandemic, but it feels like that need quadrupled in size overnight. Not only did this change the way businesses operate, as most transactions are done online. But it also changed the expectations of customers.

Shopify lets you respond to those expectations easily by combining templates for storefront construction with intuitive financial tools to get your money easily.


9. Rackspace – Best Email Hosting

The best way to keep your business functioning quickly and securely at the same time is to make sure that you are not just throwing around personal email addresses with every transaction.

Rackspace is an email hosting service that allows you to create business emails easily. But that’s not all. You will also get security measures such as email encryption and spam protection on top of efficiency tools like contact correlation. This lets you see which contacts know who.


10. Intercom – Best Chatbot Tool

Chatbots are a critical part of the customer service pipeline. You can’t have a customer service agent help every customer every step of the way. That’s not efficient at all.

What you can do, however, is use a business-oriented chatbot to help your customers connect to the customer service specialists they need to connect to. That is, if the chatbot doesn’t solve their problem first. Intercom is one of the easiest and most reliable chatbots for this service.



You don’t need every single one of these tools to make your business flourish. But you should consider how many of them you can make use of economically. Every little advantage counts in a business, and shareholders will appreciate the liabilities you are dealing with by using these.


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