10 Marketing Tricks that can Help Your Startup to Stand Out in 2022

July 25, 2022

Let us guess! You just took the most heroic step of your life to launch a startup. You must be worried if your nascent startup can withstand the vibrant and swiftly changing market.

Consistent signups, a vast audience base, and convertible leads are all you need for your business to skyrocket through the roof, right?

Being a startup, you wouldn’t have thousands of dollars to market your products or services. What if we tell you there’s a way to advertise your business around the globe and reach your target audience without spending extra bucks.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic! So fasten your seatbelts as we are about to unveil the top 10 tricks that would help your startup stand out in 2022.


Getting to know your audience


As they say, “Marketing is not about selling a product; it is about telling your brand story and developing a connection with your audience.”

Unlike huge businesses with millions of followers, your startup might not have that solid customer base. Here’s the catch!

You can cash this opportunity by getting to know your clients at a deeper level. Who wouldn’t love to be treated special? You can only reach that level of detail through constant communication with potential customers.

An excellent way to implement this strategy could be by communicating with your customers regarding new arrivals and asking for their suggestions to make them feel valued. You can do this by developing effective email marketing campaigns.

Tip: Send clients business brochures, print personalized business cards, and invite them to seminars and exhibitions.


Prioritize your selling point      

With the ever-growing market competition, one can find hundreds of buying options for a single product. So, what would make them choose you over the 99 others galloping beside you?

Well! Now is the most crucial time to sell your compelling brand story.

Eye-catching and meaningful slogans are the key to creating your value proposition. Have you ever noticed that we tend to remember the slogans of almost all the big chains? Sometimes it pops up in our mind even before the name itself.

That is exactly what you need; a short, meaningful one-liner that sells your business idea. Business slogans are widely utilized in advertising and marketing strategies.

Once you have your killer brand statement, you need to spotlight it on your web pages, pamphlets, advertisements, and business cards.


Narrow Down Goals and Objectives  

The problem with marketing is that once you are down the road, there are many strategies to choose from, and each seems equally tempting. But obviously, you wouldn’t want your limited budget going down the wrong pipeline.

Setting realistic short-term targets and goals could be the key here. It is essential to develop marketing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track your marketing strategies.

Here are some marketing KPIs that you can use:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Social media engagement
  3. Active users on your website
  4. Leads generated
  5. Number of clicks and time spent on page

Once you have narrowed down your objectives and KPIs, selecting the best marketing strategy becomes a lot easier.

Sometimes looking at the bigger picture isn’t that helpful after all.


Monitor Your ROI

Once you’ve launched your startup, success is one thing you crave to experience. To accomplish that, you need to figure out ways to boost your Return on Investment (ROI).

Nothing is more satisfying than calculating your profits at the end of the month, right?



Being selective in your tactics and focusing on short-term victories is the key here. Create a marketing continuity plan. By doing this, not only will you be addressing all aspects of marketing, but also continue operating your startup uninterrupted.

For example, signing up for a year-long Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t the best tactic for a startup. The results of implementing SEO are not predictable, you might get an immediate response or no response for months. Being a startup you need visible growth and quick turnarounds from your strategies.


Introduce Referral Programs

How often have you bought a product from a specific store just because a friend recommended you? We are guessing quite frequently.

One thing that persuades someone to buy something more than marketing is the words of someone they trust. That doesn’t mean you have to stop investing money in marketing your products. In fact, look at the brighter side; your customers are here to do the marketing for you.

Devising an effective referral program could do wonders for a young startup. You can use your brand’s website or app to make this happen.

For example, offering a discount on referring to a friend at the end of each purchase could be an innovative marketing strategy.


Stick with the techniques that work

Once you’ve figured out what works best for your startup, we recommend sticking to that strategy.

It could be social media marketing, email marketing, or even using a certain marketing technology stack. Whatever methods get along with generating revenue for your business, stay on that road.

You don’t want your small dedicated team exhausted over a single portfolio. All you need is to regularly check your strategy and focus on achieving the next target.

Doubling down the efforts on the proven method is the key here.


Create Your Online Presence

Don’t tell us that you haven’t made your startup go live online! In 2022, the one thing you need to care about more than anything is having a strong, digital presence.

Having a decent website or mobile app is like having a 24/7 outlet. It not only sells your brand story by telling who you are and what you do but could also allow your small startup to go global.

Make sure to have a user-friendly and attractive UX/UI. A smoothly running website can be pivotal in generating a sales lead. You wouldn’t want your customer getting pissed off by getting stuck at the “add to cart button.”

Tip: Following up with the organic traffic that visits your website could enlighten your chances of gaining a new customer. 


Create Brand Awareness through Blog Posts

After making your business visible on the web, you need ways to increase its reach and get more audience to your website. One of the best ways to do that is by starting a blog page.

Talking about your products or services, uploading product reviews by valuable customers, and imparting to the audience about your product by more than just a product description could be helpful. It shows your credibility as a company and could enhance the chances of converting customers who want to become well-versed in your product before making the purchase.

Remember to keep your blog page updated with your latest features and trending topics.


Advertise and Promote Your Business on Social Media

The world of marketing has grown beyond our expectations. According to social media marketing statistics, 93% of worldwide marketing is done through social media. That’s not astonishing anymore, to be honest. Don’t we spend most of our time scrolling through social media apps? Thus, it is no surprise to find businesses marketing themselves on platforms where we spend all our leisure time.

The second most crucial step to your business website is actively engaging with potential customers on social media platforms. Having aesthetic images of your products with catchy captions could attract the customer to try your products.

We would recommend investing some money in social media marketing for advertisement and promotion. As annoying as pop-ads might sound while using social media apps, they create an impact in reaching your target audience.


Give-away customized products

As cheesy as it may sound, giving away customized gifts such as t-shirts, key chains or diaries could be the most innovative way to market your brand.

There is nothing more effective than viral marketing strategies. You might be amazed to hear that Reddit became famous by using a similar marketing tactic. It launched as a popular brand by giving away customized stickers.

Using an unorthodox way to market your product is not only less expensive but it faces less competition. What could be more fascinating than people promoting your brand on the streets, just by wearing your brand’s classy, customized t-shirt?


Wrapping Up The Marketing Tricks That Can Help You Standout in 2022

You need to be creative and out of the box while devising marketing strategies for your startup in 2022. A little extra effort to connect with customers on an emotional level could result in a loyal customer base.

Remember to have realistic short-term targets, and an active online presence. Additionally, following up with what’s trending and using technology to your benefit could make all the difference.

We just gave your startup a kick start. Go and conquer the market.


Author Bio:

Osama is a technology content strategist who is passionate about content marketing and all things SEO. He has helped various companies in ranking their content on the first page of SERPs. In his free time, Osama loves to play football and travel.


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