11 Best Ways to Boost an eCommerce Website

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Created July 28, 2020
These days e-commerce is becoming really popular and today everyone is trying to sell products & services online.

Getting more customers and sales is the main objective of all e-commerce businesses. Acquiring satisfied customers could be tough even after having trendy items and a well-structured website.

So, to benefit from your company and drive traffic and conversion you need to give a constant push to your marketing strategies. You can’t expect every visitor of your site to make a purchase. As trends are changing frequently with time, to bring more customers to the site you need to make it trendy and up to date. But do you know how to build up basic marketing strategies on the basis of the trends?

Don’t worry this article has been written after analyzing several documents and research contents to serve your purpose. Here are the top 11 tactics to generate more traffic and boost your e-commerce sales:-


Include Customer Testimonials

You need to gain the trust of your customers. These days no one buys products without researching and reading previous reviews about the product or services for proof of concept. The best way to gain the trust of your customers is to include customer reviews and testimonials on your site.  It’s pretty easy to set up a plugin customer reviews section. You also have to prompt and remind customers to give feedback.

Reviews and messages from anonymous people aren’t convincing enough. So, make sure to add full names and pictures of the consumer to take your testimonials to the next level. If you are facing problems designing your website in an engaging way you can always rely on a good Website Design company.


Implement Site Security

One of the first things you need to do is show concern for the safety of your online shoppers. The security of their information is a huge concern for the customers. 46% of Americans have been the victims of credit card fraud in the last five years alone. You will need to recognize this problem and take action accordingly for persuading your customer to give their credit card details while purchasing products. Otherwise, if your site appears sketchy with no necessary adjustment,  no one is going to shop on your site.

How do you prove to your visitors that you are trustworthy?

Well, first of all, you need to make sure your site is secured with SSL. Proudly showcase the security badges that your website is using. SSL is not going to be enough, you’ll have to display how you have implemented protection on online privacy. Also, showcasing partnerships with high-profiled companies strengthens the trust of a visitor and reduces potential downtime and data piracy.

Do not mislead your customers or use false information. This could even cause legal troubles.


Use Video Demonstrations

Here’s a fun fact, we have become a visual society. Over half marketing experts all around the world say that visitors love videos and up to 86% of visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video demonstration of it.

If you’re not using videos on your e-commerce sites now is the time you should. Showing the product in action increases engagement and converts your visitors into consumers. Videos help consumers to connect and create a  feeling that is incredibly important for online shopping.


Use an Identification Layer

One of the features that annoy customers a lot is that they have to log in to the site for marking purchases. A study shows that this is the second-best reason for a customer to abandon shopping carts. Up to 4263 potential participants yearly get alienated,  this reason, a  huge number which is difficult to ignore.

So, for a better and easy experience integrating an identification layer can be a handy option.

It’s a shortcut version of logging in. It’s password-free but collects customer data. By only using your email address you can browse and shop without having to create or modify built-in CMS solutions.


Focus on Existing Customers

Business owners always think that their business is not growing well because of not having enough customers. They start investing in new schemes to attract new visitors.

This is a common misconception. But customer acquisition is far more difficult than customer retention. Researchers say that investing in existing customers is more profitable as they have already bought from you and trust you.

But how to do that?

  • You can offer them discount coupons and referral codes.
  • Add more items to your list that your existing customers may like.
  • Email them from time to time suggesting similar products to what they have bought previously.


It’s great news if you’re generating new customers but it can be more expensive and time-consuming. So, to efficiently generate more revenue by doing promotional activities targeting your existing customer base is more effective.


Reposition Your Products

What about the products that are somehow failing to sell themselves?

You may not want to get rid of them completely and rather change the strategy of how you’re selling them.

Just because your product doesn’t sell,  doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It only indicates that you’re not able to market it the right way. It’s possible that you’re attempting to cater to an audience that isn’t interested in your product or you’re focusing on the lesser important benefits that your product offers.

In either case, a prompt repositioning can quickly turn your sales up, for good.


Offer Time-Sensitive Discounts

Discount codes may sound simple but is a powerful selling technique. If you’re not satisfied with your profit margins start offering discounts to quickly boost your sales.

You can also offer future coupons that will give your customers a discount on their next purchase. This way, you can create a loyal customer base and minimize the loss in profits.

The result?

No one likes to miss a good deal. This incredible technique will simply increase your sales by generating more traffic.


Raffles & Contests

Creating a sense of urgency and competitiveness is a great way to promote products. Nobody wants to throw away a great opportunity to win contests and snatch give-aways. You can launch a contest on social media telling participants to follow your social media pages as a thumb of rule for the contest. On the one hand,  your customer will be eager to participate and on the other hand,  gain some followers. It’s a great way to promote your site while keeping your customers satisfied.


Ramp Up Promotion for The Holidays 

Holidays should be the prime time to focus on all online business owners. People sit all year to spend most on occasion. During different holidays you can give a theme to your website and offer seasonal products and packages. To snatch up the opportunity to get massive sales during holidays you can create specific content and offer a sale. People buy gifts and shop for their near and dear ones during this time so offering gift cards could give a boost.

Also, keep in mind that targeting your current customers should always be the focus.

Using catchphrases and increasing the number of email reminders to promote your products accordingly should also do the trick!


Optimize Your Site on Mobile

People love scrolling on e-commerce sites from a mobile phone during their free time.  Do not just assume all of your visitors are shopping only from computers. Statistics say 20% more people these days are visiting sites from their smart-phones instead of computers.

But the shocking news is the purchase rate is low from mobile phone users. The reason behind this is the sites are not mobile-friendly. Although 74% of The millennials are using a mobile phone to visit sites, 60% of them are abandoning their carts after seeing the mobile site surface.

So, make sure your site is optimized from mobile devices or create an app. You’ll need to incorporate everything ensuing a frictionless mobile experience or else you’ll face a decline in sales.


Retarget Your Visitors on Social Media

First-time visitors are more likely to browse for a short time and leave your store before buying anything, which is the cruel truth of owning an e-commerce store. However, it doesn’t really mean you’re not able to leverage bouncing visitors in any way.

Enter visitor retargeting. With a Facebook pixel, you’ll be able to watch the visitors to your store and see if they’ve made a purchase. And then you can focus your paid social media advertisements on these people.

Multiple ways of retargeting are ever-present, for example, if a visitor saw your offered products and clicked on one of them, you may give a promotion to this certain product on social media through quantity discounts and/or limited time.

Doing business means you’ll face hurdles and declines. But the catch is not to get discouraged. There’s always room for improvement. So, to boost your e-commerce sales you’ll have to combine the aforementioned small techniques and implement them effectively.


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