6 Reasons Why You Need to Use Shipping Boxes in 2023

November 22, 2023

E-commerce is taking over. These days, more and more people prefer shopping online instead of going to the store. It’s just so much more convenient to shop from the comfort of your own home. With just a tap on your phone or a click on your computer, you can order whatever you need and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.




Moreover, the rise of online shopping has sparked a surge in packaging needs. As people increasingly order online, the demand for reliable and sustainable packaging solutions has skyrocketed. Packaging choices now play a crucial role in shaping brand perception and customer loyalty, making them a critical aspect of the e-commerce experience.


Suppliers use shipping boxes when shipping products to customers. But beyond practical purpose, they do a lot more than just to hold your products. For instance, eco friendly custom mailer boxes can help your marketing efforts to appeal to the eco-friendly customers. And in 2023, they remain as important as ever for businesses.


Here are a few reasons why you need to use shipping boxes for your product.




In e-commerce, the supplier is responsible for protecting purchased goods until they reach the customer. Imagine how disappointed a customer would be if they ordered a product online only to find that it had been damaged or tampered with while in transit. This is especially important for fragile and delicate items.


Think of them as bodyguards. Shipping boxes serve as a protective cover to safeguard the product from any mishap. They are made of sturdy materials that can withstand the rigors of transportation, such as being tossed around in trucks and airplanes.




Before you even dispatch the product to customers, shipping boxes can be a convenient and cost-effective solution to organize and store items. Maybe you just need to store something temporarily, move to a new place or just want to clear out some clutter. One effective way to tackle this is by repurposing shipping boxes. They are sturdy, durable, and come in different sizes, making them ideal for storing all sorts of items.


Easy Identification


Have you ever been in a situation where your orders got mixed up so you end up with something you never ordered? Well, mistakes happen, and you wouldn’t want them to happen repeatedly. Thankfully, this is one area where shipping boxes shine. Shipping boxes provide easy identification to your products while in transit. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s inside and can avoid any confusion or mix-ups.


You can use flat surfaces on the box to affix labels directly or opt for adhesive labels that can be easily attached and removed. Labeling can be as simple as describing what’s inside the box along with the contact information of the customer. It’s a small step that can save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run!


Brand Awareness




Like J. K. Rowling said, “ a good first impression can work wonders”. This means that what you first see when the delivery guy drops your package can influence your overall experience. By customizing your boxes with your brand identity elements, you can create a certain look and feel that people will associate with your company. Before even trying your product, customers will have an idea of what they can expect based on your branding.


When they see your branded shipping box on their doorstep, it will be like a familiar friend paying them a visit or a delicious meal that looks as good as it tastes. This will only add to their excitement for opening the package and trying your product.




Your shipping boxes can serve as a powerful marketing tool that can help your business stand out from the competition. By using custom  shipping boxes, you can create a unique and memorable experience for your customers that reinforces your brand and messaging. Whether you want to appeal to new customers or impress returning ones, a well-designed shipping box can make all the difference.


So, why settle for plain and generic boxes when you can get custom ones that help you get your brand out there and leave a lasting impression?


Show Your Brand Values


Brand values are like the DNA of a brand – they shape its identity, personality, and behavior. Think of it as the set of guiding principles and beliefs that a brand lives by and reflects in everything it does. Many customers in today’s world give utmost importance to brand values while selecting which businesses to patronize. So if your brand values align with theirs, they will be more likely to patronize you.


Nowadays, a growing number of customers highly value sustainable practices and environmental awareness. Therefore, they tend to prefer businesses that demonstrate a strong dedication to protecting the environment. Your shipping box presents an opportunity to showcase your commitment to eco-friendliness. Consider using a shipping box made from environmentally friendly materials, such as paper, and make sure to print a clear message on the box that your business operates sustainably.


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