Shopping Cart Functionality: The Key to E-commerce Success

February 26, 2024

There is one thing without which customers won’t be able to shop online – an ecommerce shopping cart! This feature allows you to browse through virtual shelves, pick the desired products, and easily complete the purchase with a simple click.


So, it is important to choose a shopping cart system that makes it easy for customers to make a purchase online.




A poor cart feature will not only lead to cart abandonment but also tarnish the reputation of your online store.


Did you know that, on average, people abandon 70% of their shopping carts?


Nowadays, to avoid losing customers, many entrepreneurs are using AI website builders like Hocoos to launch their e-commerce store and offer robust shopping cart functionality. It helps you to save time and money on manual coding.


Keep reading to learn more about ecommerce shopping carts and their importance for the success of your online business.


What is an Ecommerce Shopping Cart?


An ecommerce shopping cart helps you make online purchases. It is a software solution that lets you select, keep track of, and handle the products you want to buy.


Just like in a physical store, where you might grab a product and go to the counter or push a cart to collect several items, an online shopping cart does the same job digitally. It lets you choose items on your computer or phone, gather them in a virtual cart, and then you can easily buy them.


Types of Ecommerce Shopping Carts


Now that we understand what an ecommerce shopping cart is, let’s learn about the two main types:


1. Hosted Shopping Carts


Hosted shopping carts are a popular choice for many businesses, especially those starting out or with limited technical resources.


With hosted shopping carts, a third-party provider takes charge. They provide a ready-made solution that’s easy to set up and works well with various business tools and platforms. Think of it as a hassle-free option, perfect for those new to e-commerce.


2. Licensed Shopping Carts


For businesses aiming for full customization and authority, licensed shopping carts are the path to take. However, they come with a distinguishable set of things to think about.


Licensed shopping carts act like a blank canvas. They give you a base, but you can shape and customize your cart to fit your specific needs.


While this level of control can be great, it means you’ll need more technical know-how for both setup and upkeep.


Features of Ecommerce Shopping Cart


You want your customers to have an easy time shopping so they keep coming back. Here are some common features of shopping cart software that make for a smooth experience:


Wish Lists


Sometimes, visitors are just checking things out and not ready to buy. Wish lists let them save items for later. It’s handy for those who are window shopping and want to easily find things when they decide to return.


Search Filters


When shopping online, there’s no one to guide you like a store clerk. That’s why good search filters are important. They help users narrow down their options, and it is simpler to find what they want.


Simple User Interface


An easy-to-use interface is key for any e-commerce site. If the checkout process is too tricky, especially for new online shoppers, they might give up. Make it simple, and customers are more likely to keep buying.


Various Payment Options


People are more likely to buy if they can pay how they want. A shopping cart should offer options like PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, and more to cater to different preferences.


Local Currency Converters


Prices should be shown in the customer’s local currency. A great shopping cart shows an exchange calculator during checkout, so no matter where they are, customers know exactly what they’re paying.




About half of internet users are on mobile, and many make impulse purchases. A mobile-friendly e-commerce store lets customers shop anytime, anywhere.




Customer safety is a priority when it comes to online shopping. The cart system should be safe and secure with encryption to protect your customer’s data. Mention details about encryption and use good security to make people buy with confidence. Top of Form


Why is an Ecommerce Shopping Cart Important for Your Business?


Apart from just handling sales, there are three main reasons why having an ecommerce shopping cart for your online store is crucial.


Increase Sales Conversions


Encouraging customers to add items to their shopping cart is one step, but the next challenge is getting them to actually make the purchase. Your online shopping cart should motivate customers to complete their orders.


For example, a slide-out cart minimizes the need for extra clicks and navigating through pages. This makes it easier for customers to finalize their purchases smoothly.


Cut Down on Cart Abandonment


As we talked about before, many people (about 70%) tend to leave their shopping carts without making a purchase. So, having a dependable ecommerce shopping cart can really help lower this abandonment rate for your online store.


The main reasons why people abandon their carts include checkout processes taking too long, issues with how fast the website works, and worries about security. That’s why your ecommerce shopping cart solution should focus on making the whole checkout experience smoother for your customers.


Stronger Customer Connections


Brand loyalty means your customers keep coming back regularly. Since it’s much easier to sell to returning customers, emphasizing brand loyalty is crucial. A key practice for an effective ecommerce shopping cart is to invest in a reliable one.


When your customers have a positive shopping experience on your site, it motivates them to return. Increasingly, your repeat customers become the driving force behind your sales. In simple terms, it’s the 80/20 rule – 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, with new customers making up the remaining 20%.


Save Costs


Getting new customers can be quite costly. Typically, there’s about a 10% chance of selling to a new customer, while selling to an existing customer goes up to around 60%.


Acquiring new customers means spending time and resources on regular advertising. Using an ecommerce shopping cart app helps cut down on these costs since you won’t have to constantly attract new customers.


Secure Shopping Experience


A great online shopping cart focuses on ensuring a safe shopping experience. Security is a big concern for customers and a key reason for cart abandonment. So, you can’t overlook the importance of shopping cart security.


Effective ecommerce shopping cart solutions make sure customers can buy easily and securely. Most importantly, by reducing cart abandonment, you boost your sales conversion rate. It’s a psychological thing – when customers trust your site to protect their payment information, they feel more confident about completing their purchase.


Better Customer Understanding


If you were a seller, wouldn’t you want to know which products customers add or remove from their shopping carts the most? This kind of data is priceless for making smart business decisions and gaining better insights into your customers.


Valuable Data for Future Marketing


Whenever customers add items to your website’s shopping cart, you can use the gathered information to understand their behavior and create personalized offers. Marketing based on cart interactions is a potent strategy for reconnecting with customers.


Focused Advertising




An e-commerce cart offers sellers unique advantages. It provides a special way to target advertising. With built-in analytics, businesses can track customer behavior, gather crucial insights, and identify preferred products. This data is then used to create targeted ads that are more likely to result in a sale.


Tips to Improve Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart


You must enhance the cart functionality if you want your ecommerce website to be more successful. Here are some easy tips to follow:


Offer a Variety of Payment Choices


Lack of payment choices can result in 7% to 10% of cart abandonment thus they are quite important. Provide an assortment of payment options to prevent losing out on sales.


Choose a Sticky Cart


When you navigate the e-commerce site, a sticky cart follows you around and is always visible. Customers won’t become confused or lose track of their purchases as a result.


Omit the Need to Create an Account


Remove the requirement for buyers to register for an account before making a purchase. Offer a guest checkout option with a visible checkout button to streamline the appearance of the shopping cart.


Offer an Estimated Total Price


Provide estimated subtotals prior to checkout to lessen sticker shock. Permit clients to enter their zip code to preview the cost of shipping and tax. To reduce surprises during checkout, clearly indicate the delivery alternatives and prices.


Provide a Variety of Shipping Choices


Offer various shipping choices to meet varying consumer expectations. Think about local, expedited, next-day, or flat-rate pick-up options. To prevent surprises, clearly state prices up front.


Consider an AI Website Builder


Enhance your online shopping cart experience even further by utilizing an AI website builder. AI can make tailored recommendations and assist in optimizing your cart functionality. You may save both money and time by using an AI website builder.




An ecommerce shopping cart for online sales is an essential tool for any company. It facilitates easy product sales online and provides your clients with a hassle-free shopping experience. Selecting a dependable cart system can lower the abandonment rate, provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, and raise conversion rates. You may develop and maintain your e-commerce store with an AI website builder to offer additional functionality.



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