13 Great Games to Play With a Remote Team for Fun and Team Building

August 25, 2023

When working remotely, one critical factor that often gets neglected is team bonding. It’s vital for maintaining high morale and productivity among team members.


A great way to spark motivation and interaction, from miles away, is by playing games together. These aren’t just any games. Rather they are carefully chosen ones that stimulate communication, collaboration, and fun amongst your remote personnel.


Whether it’s virtual or simple tabletop applications online, these options will surely heighten their sense of belongingness in the group. Let’s get into it.


Implementing Board Game Apps for Team Interaction


Playing board games is a classic way to bond with people, and thanks to technology, remote teams can enjoy this age-old tradition. With several apps available online now, you’re sure to find something that suits your team’s preferences.


Here are some of the best board game applications for team building:

  • Ticket To Ride: This strategy-based game encourages players to plan ahead while balancing competition and cooperation among teammates.
  • Carcassonne: It promotes deep thinking and tactics in a constantly evolving game environment.
  • Settlers of Catan Universe: A test of resource management skills that sparks negotiation scenarios between participants.


These games don’t just entertain, but also promote critical soft skills such as strategic planning and collaborative decision making which are essentials for any successful teamwork setting.


Adventure Multiplayer Games: Foster Collaboration and Fun


For teams looking to combine adventure with team building, multiplayer games are an electrifying solution. These types of collaborative games provide intense shared experiences that boost camaraderie among teammates.




Some remarkable options include:

  • Minecraft: A virtual sandbox game that lets you build and create worlds together. It allows free-flowing communication and collective creativity.
  • Overcooked! 2: Teams work together in this cooking-themed game to prepare meals in a chaotic kitchen – the perfect mix of madness and fun teamwork!
  • Sea of Thieves: For those seeking some high sea adventures, form a crew working towards finding treasures in an open-world pirate experience.


These engaging activities offer relief from daily routines and also teach your team members important attributes like problem-solving under pressure while strengthening relationships within your remote crew.


Word Games Like Words With Friends


If your team is fond of word puzzles and challenges, introducing them to games like Words with Friends can provide a fun learning curve. It’s the kind of game that gets you thinking while helping to create bonds.


Here are a couple more fantastic options for similar discourse battles:

  • Scrabble Go: The digital version of everyone’s beloved classic board game. This app brings new energy to the original icon, fostering intellectual stimulation.
  • Boggle With Friends: An exciting multiplayer puzzle game that rewards quick-thinking and mastery over language.


These word games not only help build vocabulary but also improve cognitive thinking skills among your remote workforce. And thanks to wordtips, which is an essential tool for dedicated word game players, it’s possible to ease new team members into titles in this genre without them feeling out of their depth.


Using Trivia-Based Games to Enhance Knowledge Sharing


Boost your team’s learning while they have fun with trivia games. They are an effective way of subtly invoking friendly competition that incites knowledge sharing and reinforces group cohesion.


Check out the following apps for some exhilarating trivia contests:

  • QuizUp: An app where you can face off against colleagues in multiple categories ranging from general knowledge, specific TV shows, or even mythology.
  • Kahoot!: A game-based learning platform perfect for creating custom quizzes about company culture, business topics, or fun random themes!


The beauty of these trivia games lies in their versatility, as they encourage learning without the monotony. Additionally, regular play fosters a habit of continuous self-improvement among participants, which is an invaluable trait for any remote professional environment.


Virtual Escape Rooms: Testing Problem-Solving Skills as a Team


Escape rooms have now entered the virtual realm, providing remote teams with shared thrilling experiences. These games revolve around solving complex puzzles, promoting creativity and critical thinking.


Here are two compelling online platforms ideal for these nerve-wracking escapades:

  • The Panic Room: It offers a variety of digital escape room themes guaranteed to keep your team engaged and on their toes.
  • Enchambered: Teams explore together, working out intricate riddles while virtually navigating through locked rooms and secret passages.


Both options essentially require the participation of every member for successful completion, making everyone feel valued, which can impact your whole company’s profitability. The adrenaline rush coupled with intensive teamwork not only leaves a sense of victorious achievement but also significantly fortifies bonds amongst individuals in your remote divisions.


The Bottom Line


To wrap up, integrating these games into your remote work environment is a terrific strategy for cultivating camaraderie and sustaining high morale among the team. As you embark on these virtual adventures together, remember that it’s not just about winning, but about establishing relationships and growing together as a unified entity.



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