3 Success Tips to Launch New Products on Your Shopify Store

May 14, 2023

E-commerce is the cornerstone of success for retail brands. Without an online store, you miss out on a major market segment and lose the competitive advantage. Revenue in the market is projected to touch the US$1,011.00bn mark in 2023 and reach a whopping US$1,563.00bn by 2027. That’s incredible growth, right?

The best part is that you need not hire a team of coders to get your online store up and running. Platforms like Shopify empower brands and sellers with a plug-and-play option, valuable tools, and intuitive interfaces.




The Power of Shopify


Not surprisingly, Shopify has the biggest share in the American e-commerce market. According to 2021 statistics, 29% of e-commerce stores run on the platform. All major competitors, such as WooCommerce Checkout, Squarespace, and Wix Stores, are far behind, with their market shares around 11%.

Shopify claims to power more than 500,000 businesses across 175 countries. The ease of use makes it a winner because merchants can set up their stores with minimal effort. Even as a beginner, you can leverage its features for e-commerce success. Besides setting up an impressive web store, you can scale it by adding new products.

But launching new products can be tricky, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned e-commerce player. It requires careful planning beyond offering a great product that matches customer expectations. Making the new offerings visible is the key to hooking up new buyers and selling to existing ones.

Let us share a few success tips to ace your product launch game.



Get Your Shopify SEO Right



A digital product launch can be challenging because you cannot showcase your offering to your buyers with an in-person demo. The best way to get attention is by making the product pages rank, which is possible only with a sound SEO strategy in place.

Get the basics right with informative product descriptions, keyword-optimized content, attractive images, and fast loading speed.

Besides optimizing the product pages, remember to integrate Shopify Collection SEO into your product launch plan. Store owners often overlook collections on Shopify, and end up missing out on valuable traffic and ranking boost.

SEO providers like Double Your Ecommerce emphasize SEO for Shopify collections when launching new products. The process is simple, with steps such as optimizing the titles and descriptions with the niche-relevant keywords making all the difference. Adding internal links to specific collections is also a good idea to generate traffic and boost page ranking for new products.

Use Videos for Product Promotions


According to statistics, 89% of shoppers state that watching a video can drive their buying decisions. Video promotions can be game-changers for online stores. They are even more crucial when launching a new product because buyers are likely to build trust when they see the product in action with a demo, explainer, or even a simple video.

Integrating videos into your product promotions can propel your offering. Start by embedding them on your Shopify product pages to ensure visitors can explore them during the consideration stage.

The strategy can improve the conversion rate for new launches sooner than later. The good part is that embedding videos on Shopify is easy, and it even has tools to create 3D models.

Replicating the videos on social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram can give your launch strategy an extra kick. You can get the traffic flowing to your Shopify store through these channels. If the videos are compelling enough, visitors will likely click and convert.

Create a Buzz


Building hype around your new offering is another great way to ramp up the launch plan. It generates interest and gets your product word-of-mouth recommendations even before it hits the market. Fortunately, creating a buzz in the immediate run-up is simple. You can run an email marketing campaign to share regular updates with your target audience.

Adding a ‘notify me’ button to your Shopify website is a good idea as it helps you get a list of potential buyers for your campaign. You can also run a pre-order campaign for these loyal customers. Running social media campaigns is another effective tactic to get traffic to your website during the critical run-up period.



E-commerce is a growing industry where the selling potential is high. As a Shopify seller, you will surely want to make the most of the opportunity by expanding your product line. But launching new products is more than adding pages to your store.

You need a strategic plan to make them visible and generate buyer interest from the outset. Following this simple checklist can help you go big with your product launch and capitalize on the initial momentum.


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