5 Reasons Instagram Needs to be a Part of your Marketing Strategy

August 6, 2021

The traditional way of marketing is outdated and the industry is being revolutionized making it easier than ever to advertise. Everyone is now connected through the internet and social media is at the heart of this connection. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the world’s biggest and most popular social media platforms and this platform is the perfect and most ideal place for brands and businesses to market their products and services, especially with the many growth services such as Growthoid to gain Instagram followers. From the massive audience to the many influencers, there are so many reasons that make Instagram the perfect platform for marketing and this article will explain 5 of them.





Instagram is a convenient place for marketing because the app allows you to post anywhere and at any time. Instagram is also free to sign up and use with the only requirement being an internet connection. If you want to reap the most rewards using this app then you will need to post consistently and if you don’t have the time to do that then you have the option of using a content calendar which is a tool to organize and structure your content as well as when it will be posted so that you don’t have to worry about it. Content calendars allow you to stay organized with your marketing which is good because like the old cliché saying goes: organization is the key to success and with your content being organized with a content calendar, you can focus your attention on your other marketing goals.




Instagram introduced the world to Influencers who are very prominent people in their niche. Influencers have a lot of followers and they use their platform to collaborate with brands and businesses by promoting them for a fee. Collaborating with influencers expands your reach by exposing your business or brand to their following and this will, in turn, increase brand awareness and grow your following. Influencers bring the convenience factor to social media marketing because you don’t have to do much work apart from reaching out to them and paying them. Some influencers even promote products in exchange for products instead of money. If you’re not sure where to start, you can learn more about Instagram influencer agencies and use their help to get the best out of influencer marketing.


Reach all communities


There are a wide variety of communities and niches on Instagram from fashion to lifestyle to parenting which means that there is a wide audience on the app, and each group can be divided into separate communities based on their shared interests. As a business, you can use Instagram’s features to reach these audiences. Features such as hashtags allow you to target a community specifically with your content. You should aim to reach as many communities as possible because you want to expand your reach and appeal to all types of customers. You also want to build your own community and targeting niches and communities is a good way to start.


Brand visibility


Instagram is so popular that you can get noticed by simply just using the platform. Brand recognition is how an audience or customers can recognize or recall your brand and this happens by being visible on social media as well as engaging with your audience regularly in the form of replying to comments as well as responding to direct messages as often as you can. A good idea is to use visuals that represent your brand to build your visibility because this will showcase your brand image and personality organically which is the most effective.


Personal touch



The best way to capture your audience is by posting creative and unique content that is also high quality. Producing this type of content gives you control over your brand story as well as your marketing. Producing content that is creative and unique makes your brand or business appear more authentic which helps you establish a good reputation and encourages people to follow your account.

So there you have it, 5 reasons why Instagram needs to be part of your marketing strategy. The app is highly convenient allowing you to post anywhere at no cost, you can collaborate with influencers to expand your reach, target all niches and communities, make your brand more visible and capture your audience with unique and creative content.


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