5 Things You Want from Your SEO Agency or Freelancer

May 17, 2022


You can use a freelancer if you need SEO for your law firm’s website, or else you can hire an agency. You might also think about hiring a full-time SEO specialist who can work for your law firm exclusively. If you do that, you’ll need to pay them a competitive starting salary and offer them some perks.

However you decide to employ someone to do SEO for your law firm’s site, you will probably want to see certain things from them before you hire them. We’ll talk about how you can choose the right SEO specialist for your firm right now.


The Right Price

You can hire all kinds of SEO agencies or specialists to do lawyer SEO for your firm’s website. You can contact them through a freelancer site like Upwork, or you can hunt down the best agency in your region. If you find your candidates, though, you’ll probably look at their asking price before just about anything else.

With SEO, you’ll get a range of prices, just like you’d get with something else. You can hire a company to replace your home’s windows, and one place might want $8,000 for the service, while someone else might ask for double that.

You will probably need to look around for a bit before finding an SEO specialist or agency that charges a price that works for you. Maybe a higher price indicates more expertise, but that’s not always the case.

It doesn’t matter if you find a great SEO agency or a freelancer if they’re charging double what you’re able to pay. You’ll need to find someone else to do the work.


The Right Location

It’s not impossible for you to hire someone to do SEO for your law firm’s website who lives in another city, state, or even another country. Nothing says you ever have to meet with your SEO specialist or team in person. You can have a Zoom or Skype meeting with them if you feel that’s sufficient.

Still, if you’re talking with someone who does SEO and is based in Pakistan, you might doubt they can do the same work as someone in your general area. If you’re based in Milwaukee, you probably want an SEO agency in the same general area. They know how to do regional SEO, and that’s what you need.

If you go with an SEO specialist or agency located somewhere far from your physical location, you might give them a chance to prove themselves. They can do that by getting more people to visit your website. If the site tweaks they make get you more business, then so be it.

Most lawyers will look for an SEO specialist close to them, though. That’s standard practice, and it probably makes sense for you.


They Need Good Reviews


You should also look for positive feedback when you’re thinking about hiring someone to do SEO for your law firm. It’s similar to checking out a house painter’s online feedback or any other service you’d hire.

If you see a lot of positive feedback for this SEO agency or specialist online, you will probably feel better about hiring them. If you see some negative reviews, though, you might think about using someone else.

You can also contact references if they give you some. If you can speak to some former clients, and those clients say this individual or agency did great work for them, that might convince you to hire them and give them a chance to do the same for you.


You Want Them to Have Former Lawyer Website Experience

Lawyers know all about working only for specific clients. You might specialize in corporate law. You couldn’t very well represent someone in a criminal trial because you’ve never done that kind of thing before.

SEO shares that same essential trait. You might have an agency or individual who has done SEO for particular niches in the past, like restaurants, doctors, mechanics, etc. Maybe they’ve never done SEO for a law firm’s website before.

SEO has some fundamentals that usually work if you apply them to any business website, but you’ll still probably want to use an agency or freelancer who has worked with law firms and helped their sites rank in the past. If they have that particular skill set, you know they can likely do the same thing for you.

You might hesitate if the SEO specialist says they’ve never worked for a law firm before. Maybe they’ll do excellent work for you, but you might want someone who can tell you they have a proven track record in this specific niche.


You Want an SEO Specialist that Uses the Latest Tools

You might not know much about SEO as you look to hire someone to improve your law firm’s site ranking and engagement numbers. Maybe you understand the broad strokes, but you lack the skill or time to do the work yourself.

If you talk to an agency or specialist, though, you should understand when they explain to you how they’re going to improve your site. They can tell you the particular tools they’ll use and how they’ll implement the improvements to get you the results you want.

If the person or agency you’re considering can’t answer a straight question when you ask them how they’ll improve your site ranking position, you should go with someone else. You want them to convince you they’re the person or agency for the job by laying out, in order, the steps they’ll take.

You’ll want to hear about the tools and techniques they’ll employ based on the latest technological SEO advancements. SEO is science, not guesswork. If what this agency or individual says doesn’t convince you, there is no reason not to hire someone else.

Once you find the right SEO agency or freelancer and they get to work for you, your site should climb the SERPs quickly and get you the engagement you need.


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