5 Ways To Level Up Your Martech Stack

June 28, 2022

A marketing technology (Martech) stack is a combination of tools marketing experts use to develop, manage, execute, and track promotional initiatives. With this technological innovation, companies benefit from making challenging processes easier and measuring the impact of advertising activities. As a result, organizations can effectively promote their products and services to their ideal customers, which gives them a competitive edge.

Since most businesses already use this essential element, entrepreneurs need to improve their martech stack to enhance business workflows. Moreover, they need to utilize other methods to nurture their customers so you can deliver valuable content. Furthermore, it would be best to analyze the usability of your existing tools so you can either update them or replace them with the latest equipment.

This article provides you with five strategies for leveling up your martech stack.



1. Evaluate Your Existing Martech Stack

If you already have an established Martech stack within your organization, you should assess these tools’ usability. As you do so, you can determine how you can increase the productivity of each equipment so you can identify which tools you must invest in. Then, you can let https://www.netgainit.com/it-support-cincinnati-oh/ integrate them with other tools like your customer relationship management (CRM) and social media channels.

To ensure the effectiveness of this activity, you have to assess if your existing stack resonates with your current organizational goals. In addition, you should evaluate if you’re utilizing every available feature of your current tools and identify how many people know how to use them. If you’re still under a contract with a service provider, you must determine if renewing it by assessing the performance of a martech tool can still keep up with your needs.


2. Boost Your Digital Presence

While having a powerful online presence seems like a basic element of the lead generation tactic, some companies may still doubt its return on investment (ROI). Most organizations might not gain the desired outcomes of their digital marketing initiatives if they don’t use the right tools and the best promotional team. Relatively, a simple yet professional website that includes compelling content and calls to action can significantly affect the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Since boosting your digital presence is vital for your marketing campaigns, you should prioritize the effectiveness of your website. If you don’t want to spend on outsourcing expensive consultants to develop it, you may consider using a service for website hosting which will offer you readily accessible themes. As you include this tool in your martech stack, you must customize a specific page to represent your brand image and communicate the organizational information you need to share.

After customizing the page, you must improve your accounts on various social media channels to reach a wider audience. To ensure the effectiveness of your campaigns on these platforms, you must consider outsourcing a social media manager who will engage with your target customers and develop content. Then, you should provide the expert with a scheduling tool that will enable them to publish valuable content during the most relevant periods, encouraging active audience engagement.


3. Enable Accessible Digital Purchasing Options

Whether you sell products or services, turning your traditional business into an e-commerce one is essential in your martech leveling up strategy. Since most of your competitors are probably already adopting online retail systems, customers expect other brands to be easily searchable online. If their favorite brands aren’t on selling platforms, these loyal customers can instantly find alternative companies to support and forget about their preferred brand.

As you promote your products and services on various social media channels, you must provide a uniform resource locator (URL) for your online store. If you have already developed your professional website into an online store, you must use a link that takes your audience to your page. Alternatively, it would help if you considered establishing an online shop on a reliable e-commerce platform to help your products gain more visibility.


4. Discover Advanced Video Conferencing Capabilities


Active business communication is essential for all organizations because it enables a smooth flow of critical messages that affect projects. However, since most companies choose a remote work environment, the human level of communication is not as intact. As a result, employees aren’t able to effectively communicate their thoughts to their colleagues and ideal customers, which results in miscommunication.

To implement active communication within your remote workforce, you should include advanced video conferencing tools in your martech stack. This tool allows you to encourage one-on-one and dynamic group brainstorming sessions with data-driven meetings. In addition, you can use these advanced capabilities as an alternative to corporate conferences and networking events, which helps you accommodate bigger participants.

To ensure the effectiveness of these features, you should use a reliable video conferencing platform that offers valuable communication and lead generation initiatives. This avenue supports messaging and phone call options, webinar functions, and contact management. Other sophisticated platforms may also offer virtual stages, seminar booths, and workshop sessions using interactive add-ons like polls and live chats.


5. Access Customer Relationship Management Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) is important for businesses because this initiative allows marketers to establish and nurture relationships with their clients. As this team continues to supply the demands of their existing customers and produce informative content, they encourage active engagement. Since other online users start to recognize a brand’s efforts to connect with their consumers, they might also want to try out their products and services.

Since CRM helps businesses ensure the flow of revenue by nurturing client relationships, leaders must invest in CRM software. This innovative tool collects relevant insights from the prospects and existing clients as they visit the website to check your brand, products, and services. This strategy helps manage contacts as they analyze valuable customer metrics, which helps the marketing team to personalize their campaigns.

Most CRM tools will also implement your sales pipeline and enable communication automation via live chat. In addition, this tool can automatically develop email sequences that will resonate with the preferences of your leads. As you allow this tool to communicate with your prospects effectively, you can boost your lead acquisition rate and increase your revenue, ensuring digital marketing success.


Key Takeaway

As a business owner, you need to constantly improve your organizational operations as your business expands to reach a wider audience. With that, you should consider following these five strategies in leveling up your martech stack. As a result, you can gain a bigger market share as you outdo your competitors by sustaining the loyalty of your customers with the right tools.


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