6 Important Things to Consider Before Using an Online File Converter

February 22, 2021

Most of the paperwork nowadays is done digitally and is shared with others through various electronic forms of media. This has been the reason why file converters have also become one of the essential tools in the digital world. People use it to convert their documents into their desired appropriate format before saving it to their storage or before submitting it to others.

If you are a student or someone professional doing office work, I know that you have already used an online file converter tool on the internet. Whether you are transforming your Word file to PDF, or vice versa. If you already familiarized yourself with the file conversion tool that you are currently using, well good for you! But if you are still in the search process of finding the right conversion tool, we suggest that you continue reading because we will list and elaborate on the things you should be looking for before using and sticking to that platform!


1.   Check if it’s free

Nobody wants to spend a lot of money just to pay for an online conversion tool. Sadly, most of the online file conversion tools found on the internet will prompt you to pay for a subscription right after you have converted your file. It seems like they have gotten you into their site, makes you believe that they are offering free services, then prompt you to pay charges for you to download the converted file. These instances are getting into nerves and will waste your time especially if you have no bucks to pay for subscriptions.

Do not worry, there is still free software you can use to convert your file. For example, if you want to convert PDF to Word online, just stumble upon the site PDFBear and they will offer almost 20 PDF tools for free. With free converters like PDFBEar, converting file formats will be efficient, convenient, and most of all universally accessible for everyone without requiring extra payments of subscriptions! Maximize what’s free on the internet and enjoy their high-quality services.


2.   Double-check if they value your privacy

Of course, if you are a working professional who handles important documents or you are a student who values intellectual property, you do not want your files to be out of control. What do we mean? If you have downloaded your document to the internet, you should examine who would be able to view it, read it, or access it! Because if you have mistakenly uploaded it on an online conversion tool that does not value the safety and privacy of their users, chances are your important files and documents will leak and go to the hands of the unworthy internet spies! Nobody wants that.

That is why one of the most important things you should be looking for in an online conversion tool is their privacy policy! Make sure to upload your documents only on trustworthy platforms or sites. One tip: find software that has promised to erase all uploaded files in their server after it has generated for download. In that way, you can be assured that you are safe and secured all the time!


3.   See if it is compatible with your browser

The mainstream browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Some conversion tools only work on a specific browser. So if you are encountering any problems while converting your file, try to check if the conversion tool you are using is compatible with your browsers. It is best if you have tested the tool using all browsers so you will avoid encountering such problems during urgent needs for file conversions.


4.   Check its compatibility with your device and its operating system!

Some of the conversion tools might work on any device like a computer, laptop, or smartphone. Be sure that the conversion tool you are planning to use is compatible with the type of device you have. Same with the computer’s operating system, some might work on Windows, some on Mac, and some on Linux. But you are lucky if you will be able to find a conversion tool compatible with all devices and all operating systems. Just so you know, PDFBear is one of the highly recommended online conversion tools as it has compatibility with different devices and its operating systems.


5.   Check the quality of the converted file

Do a test run with the online conversion tool you have chosen. See if the tool has extracted all the elements of your document and has converted as is with the exact format and layout. For example, get a PDF file then convert it to Word format. If the layout and format are still preserved after the conversion process, then it is one check. You should also check if all the non-text elements are maintained after the conversions like the quality of the images and the table locations. Try also considering the quality of the texts because some converters produce blurry and unreadable texts after the conversion process.


6.   Find out if it requires you to install unnecessary extensions

Every busy office worker, professional, or even student does not want to spend too much time doing unnecessary work like installing extra plug-ins and extensions. So as far as possible, to avoid such time-consuming miscellaneous functions, do not settle with websites and applications that require you to install unwanted extensions before allowing you to use their tool! There are plenty of online conversion platforms out there that offer their excellent services without forcing their users to do unnecessary and extra work! Just be sure to find one that is best for you and suits all your conversion needs!


In a Nutshell

The 6 things we have listed and elaborated will surely help you to find the best software or site for all your document conversion needs! Be wise and picky! Do not ever settle for something that does not benefit you in the first place! We recommend PDFBear as they have these 6 qualities of the best conversion tool! Check their website and enjoy their additional features and tools for free!


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