6 Proven Methods That Can Perfectly Promote Your Business

April 2, 2021

There are several blog posts, books and courses on how to start a business in any field, but many of these do not cover basic hacks on how to promote your trade to make it reach people and convert them to potential customers. This needs to be addressed, so entrepreneurs can understand how to promote businesses online.

promote business

Businesses in this age need good branding, and must be quick to adapt to using tools like Google My Business, but what is the essence of this when you cannot attract clients to your product or service?

As a seller, to connect with your buyers, you need to learn basic principles of product communication. This is where these proven methods are perfect for promoting businesses.



social media for business

Internet penetration has become the acceptable language of the globe, that is why social media keeps thriving.

The popular social media channels for promoting businesses include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok. However, you need to figure out which of these platforms works best for your business and product, learn how to make it helpful to your brand and you will have unrivaled online visibility.

Many resourceful posts have been written on the importance of leveraging social media to promote business, and there are consultants that can help you navigate the pool to figure out the perfect platform for your products and services.



This is a targeted method of business promotion that helps you reach your client base for your product or service. Email marketing is used to reach a wider audience hoping to convert them to potential clients using Newsletters, Product or Service update mails, market analytics releases, and several other contents.

There are several conversion rate optimization websites that teach you hacks on how to use email marketing to promote your business.


podcasting for business

Podcasting is another trusted method of promoting a business online and offline. Podcast revolves around creating audio content you know people will enjoy listening to, maybe about a particular product or service and while you are enlightening them, promote your business too.

As voices.com/benefits-of-podcasting-for-brands/ envision, a podcast is an avenue to reach a more targeted audience, that is why they employ and partner with podcasters to promote their business, products, and services as they see it.

Also, to promote your business using podcasts, you can record episodes with an enthusiast of your business, product, or services. This gives your brand credibility when people hear a user talk about his or her own personal experience using it.



This extends from leveraging on social media and the internet to promote your business. For your business to achieve online visibility, you need to use established platforms to promote it. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn have advertising packages that can help your business reach a wider audience.

A conversion rate optimization blog listed Google AdWords as one of the best advertisement promoters for businesses. It promotes businesses, products, and services on partners’ landing page, stretching its visibility to other locations.



Offering free or discounted gifts or services is one of the best ways to promote your business, and it has been the best since time immemorial. People recognize brands that give out testing products to customers, so you can key into this form of business promotion strategy too.

For products, you can run promotional sales or its widely viral form known as #Challenge, this drives traffic to your business website and gives you online visibility.



There has never been a better time to take advantage of direct advertising with personal messages using texts or apps like Messenger and WeChat official accounts. People are becoming more averse to receiving promotional messages on their personal phones when they sign up for a promotion or deal. This is an excellent way to keep people updated with the latest news or offer them a desirable coupon for providing their telephone number.



It is commonly said that content is king. That is why job opportunities for content creators, writers, and producers are on the rise, globally. To promote your business, you need to blog about it, create relatable content for users and potential clients.

Entrepreneur pointed out that valuable content whether written, visual, or video about a particular business or product drives traffic to the website or increases online engagement, giving it online visibility and potential clients can always see it easily when they use search engines to search for products or services.

In fact, creating content for your brand is quite flexible and does not require you to hire a full-time content specialist, you can secure one from the many freelancing websites out there.

No doubt promoting your business is a process that requires a well-structured and detailed strategy plan. Regardless of what your promotion goals are, using the aforesaid methods will benefit you by helping to reach a higher level of brand awareness while also expanding sales.

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  1. Academic Writer

    I would really like to promote my tiktok account but if I do. Will they charge me ridiculous amount of money, if they do. I can’t afford it! I’m on a tight Budget. When promoting a tiktok business do they pay you certain amount of Cash!? And how does this work!? I don’t want to screw myself!

    Much appreciated


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