6 Reasons Why Startup Companies Need Custom Software Development

January 14, 2021

Starting your own company provides many different obstacles and challenges. Every company will have different business needs that involve different software, from accounting to productivity. It may seem easy to just pick up software from a store that fits some basic needs, but there are some benefits that you must consider. Here are 6 reasons why startups need custom software development for their business.

custom software development

To Address Unique And Specific Problems

No company is the same, and this translates to the specific problems every unique business must account for. Because every company has different needs, a custom software built specifically for your company will have benefits of being cheaper in the long run and tailor made to work more effectively with your processes. Off the shelf software may be cheaper initially, but because they are made to cater to as many businesses as possible, they may be lacking in important aspects that you need for your company.


Important For Growth

As your business grows, your needs as a company grow with it. Your software and program demands will increase and with those increases, you may need to add new functions to cater to the higher demands. The experts from Zibtek.com understand the limitations of prebuilt and purchased software, as you are restricted in what you can do. You would have to purchase a larger package that has more features in order for you to meet your needs. Additionally, these packages won’t always have the tools you need and again may have features that aren’t in line with your company or industry. With custom software, you can make changes easily and adapt to growth as it happens. This adaptability gives custom software an edge when it comes to growing businesses.


Other Additional Software

WIth a growing company, it makes sense that you might need to use multiple programs to complete different tasks and jobs. With custom software, you can integrate other programs to work together with your other applications. Buying off the shelf does not give you that flexibility and you won’t always be able to have different programs that integrate, requiring more work and time spent on different jobs. This is important for businesses of all sizes that utilize different software for different needs.


System Requirements

When you purchase software, it is made with certain hardware requirements in mind. If your systems are not up to par with these requirements, your software and programs will not run optimally. You will then have to incur the added costs in order to use these softwares. With custom software, you can specify your hardware and have the development take this information into consideration, creating programs that fit your needs as opposed to having to maneuver around the demands of the software itself.


Cost Effective

Using customized software that is tailored for your business and your company needs has multiple benefits. One of the benefits is that you save money in a multitude of ways. When you purchase any sort of software, you are often not in control of the features you get. You may need certain features, but your company may not always need all the aspects of the software package that you are ultimately paying for. With custom software development, you are building a program that is effective to all your needs, and not paying for features you won’t ever use. It may cost more upfront, but the money you spend is worth it for the value that you are getting in return.


custom software development



Creating your own software gives you the ultimate benefit of long term control. Unlike software that you have to purchase from other companies, you can make changes and alterations, and have control over all the information that is stored on the programs. When subscribing to other software, you will have to factor in that they may require software updates. If the business of the software goes down or proves to be unreliable, you may see services cut or failure of software maintenance to your liking, which could force you to have to look for alternative choices. With your own custom software, you have the peace of mind that it will be in your control, proving to be a great solution for long term business needs.

Growth is important for every startup. You want to provide yourself the tools that will allow for the best pathway to expanding your business. Custom software offers the potential for successful upscaling on several fronts and will prove to be useful to many businesses that want more control in all aspects of their company.


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