6 Steps to Create a Multilingual Content Marketing Strategy

July 21, 2021


Content marketing has evolved into a critical component of the marketing mix. It generates new leads, improves your SEO, and strengthens your existing client relationships. Producing and delivering all of your company’s content in one language is already difficult enough. It’s changed so much in the last five years that translating these materials into all of your target markets’ languages is no longer feasible.


What is content marketing?


Any marketing approach that incorporates the development and distribution of media and publishing content to gain or keep consumers is known as content marketing. The notion of content marketing is not new. For ages, brands have understood the need of delivering valuable information to their customers.

This content, whether in the form of blogs, videos, social media postings, graphics, or e-books, is most effective when it focuses on the requirements of the consumer rather than the company’s services and products. A good international marketing plan is determined by its relevance to the target audience, not by the amount of money spent on it.

Each international market needs the adaptation of the whole content marketing strategy, not simply current material. This necessitates study and a natural grasp of the local language and culture, especially when it comes to customer purchasing patterns.

Multilingual content marketing is a real challenge. Here are 6 helpful tips to make it go more smoothly and provide more spectacular outcomes.


1. Always start with research


Before considering generating multilingual content or targeting potential consumers, you must first understand who they are, what their intentions are, and where you may meet them. You’ll need to optimize your content for the prevalent search phrases utilized in that location once you’ve determined your chosen communication channel.


2. Define your goals


It’s never too early to define the goals of your content marketing strategy, set the purpose, and create clear targets. Recognizing your target audience’s interests, ambitions, difficulties, and motivations, as well as how your content may benefit them, can help you design messages that are appropriate for them. Depending on your sector, the strategy might simply change from nation to country.


3. Work on your message


One of the most difficult aspects of communicating with a varied audience is interpreting your message without losing sight of its goal and meaning. Tones and context have distinct meanings in different cultures. The last thing you want is for your message to be retaliated against or simply lost in translation.


4. Organize the translation process


You’ll have a lot of personnel and materials to organize when localizing content and creating a multilingual content marketing campaign. From marketing experts and researchers to translators, project managers, developers, and salespeople – choose the best ones. This best translation website will help with the choice of translators.


5. Adapt your content


It may appear difficult at first, but once you’ve gained a deep grasp of your audience, their content consumption habits, and search habits, it’s time to focus on material that speaks to their hearts. Analyzing successful ads from the past in the country is one of the greatest methods to discover what works effectively with your audience.


6. Choose the right channels


Even if your material is perfectly tailored to the local market, if you don’t distribute it through the appropriate channels, no one will read it. Users from various countries behave differently online and use different channels and platforms. A continuous multilingual approach may have a genuinely substantial influence on your organization, even though it involves a great lot of effort.

Eventually, it’s the mix of all the factors that makes a website multilingual-friendly. The more areas of your plan you address, the more complete it will be. Of course, you do not have to complete all of these tasks by yourself. Outsourcing may be done with a fraction of your money.


BIO: Christian Duke

Christian is a 10-year veteran digital marketer and content writer that specializes in thought leadership and technical material in his favorite fields: technology, innovation, marketing, and business. He has founded a bilingual magazine and a digital platform that allows creative authors to experiment with language.


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