6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Website for a Tennis Club

May 18, 2023

A tennis club website need not be that difficult to design and set up. However, if you have doubts or any confusion regarding what should and shouldn’t go into such a website, keep reading.



#1 Put Up High-Quality and Meaningful Visuals

A tennis club is a place of class and elegance. It’s also a place that needs to be rich in terms of facilities and resources. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to appeal to the right crowd who’d actually sign up for a tennis club in the first place.

That’s why it’s important to put up high-quality and meaningful images and videos on your website that highlights the presence of these facilities and resources at your tennis club.

Ensure a balance of images and videos on your club website. It’s always a good idea to have an image of your club on the hero section of your site, ideally, the playing grounds showcasing how lush and well-maintained you keep them.

For inspiration, you can check out Tulsa Tennis Club’s website, developed by Symmetric Web Design. The hero image here features an aerial view of the club’s tennis courts, perfectly highlighting how big the club is and how well-maintained the grounds are.

You should also have images of other club facilities like restaurants, restrooms, lounge areas, viewing areas, and so on. As for the videos, it’d be best if you could include clips of your members playing at the club or using club facilities like the gym or lounges.

#2 Focus on Your Core Audience

Without a core audience in mind, you can’t curate your tennis club website properly. That’s why, before you plan your website content, you must first know who your audience is, what they like and don’t like, what would appeal to them, and what might get them to sign up for your club.

Vibrancy is very important if you’re targeting a young crowd. You can easily appeal to them with the images and videos you upload on your site. Such vibrancy is also appealing to other age groups.

In terms of content, it should be concise and to the point. Avoid using too many difficult words or complex phrases. Any blog post you upload on the site should also contain images that complement the posts.

#3 Have a ‘Members Only’ Area

Club members should have set credentials for accessing the site’s ‘members only’ area. Here, you can offer them privileges like priority booking and access to club facilities. This area should also offer members special discounts or booking prices, should your business model allow that.

By including such an exclusive feature for your members, you can make them feel important and a part of the club. This could be a good addition to your tennis club website as it is likely to help in retaining members over time.

#4 Integrate Social Media Posts


Naturally, you’ll have social media accounts for your tennis club. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are a few of the social media platforms you should target. You should also consider integrating these posts on your websites.

Doing so will allow you to transfer some traffic from your website to your social media handles. That, in turn, will boost your social media engagement and might also help increase your follower count over there.

#5 Allow People to Make Bookings

As a call-to-action (CTA) on your site, giving people the option to make bookings is a great idea. From the tennis courts to the restaurants, people should be able to book seats for these places through your site. It’s a major functional addition to your club website, and while you could do without it, it has a great chance of helping you gain more financially.

#6 Optimize the Site for Search Engines

Optimizing the site for search engines basically means you have to optimize the content and the visuals too.

For the images, make sure the images are of the optimal size. Resize these images as necessary and upload them in Webp format. That way, you will be able to post the images with reduced sizes and without compromising on the quality.

As for blog posts, do necessary keyword research and write content that’s relevant for tennis clubs or tennis in general. You can also post occasional news stories related to tennis. Search engine optimization (SEO) is vital here, as, without it, your site will lose its relevance on Google Search as well as other search engines.

Once you incorporate all this, you’ll have a high-quality website for your tennis club. In return, you are likely going to experience more bookings and sign-ups. Such a website is, therefore, crucial as part of your club’s extensive marketing efforts.


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