6 Ways to Keep Your Employees On Track While Working Remotely

August 4, 2021

Back in the old days, employees had to commute every day to their workplaces to do their jobs from company offices. However, nowadays, this is no longer the case. More and more companies are starting to encourage remote work as it can be more cost-effective and practical. If you are running your own business, and you employ remote workers, whether exclusively or on a part-time basis, then you will quickly notice how rewarding that system can be. It may seem a little challenging at times to manage and monitor all your employees from a distance, but if you cater to their needs and know how to keep them motivated, then the challenges will turn into rewards. Here are some of the most effective ways you can keep your employees on track even while they work remotely.



1.  Equip Workers with Technological Tools and Gadgets


If you want to hire skilled workers to work for your establishment from a distance, then you need to make sure they have all they need to get the job done properly. It is important that you equip your employees with all the necessary technological tools and gadgets that can help them get their work done easily and properly. You can ask them to pick up the tools they need or ship them over yourself if it is possible. This way, your employees will have all the company resources they need without having to sit in an office all day.


2.  Check-in Regularly


Even though remote workers are not based in the traditional work environment with offices and in-person monitoring, you still need to check in with them regularly. You can get in touch with your employees over the phone or monitor their work using all-seeing computer monitoring software to see their progress throughout the work shifts. Checking in regularly is intended to keep employees motivated and advise them whenever needed rather than micromanaging them. Staying in touch with the workers throughout their shifts will give them a sense of responsibility and allow you to stay updated with any important details.


3.  Provide Support


When you hire remote workers, it is important that you find professionals who can work independently and need minimal guidance to get the job done. However, even if your employees are great solo workers, you should still provide them with constant support to ensure the work flows smoothly. At the end of the day, even when professionals work independently, they are still part of a bigger team that is your business, and you need to support them.


4.  Set Deadlines


One of the most attractive things about remote work is that it is quite practical and flexible for everyone. Employees get to set their own working schedules a lot of the time and employers are usually happy with those arrangements provided that they get what they ask for on time. This is why it is important to set task deadlines so that your professional workers know what is expected of them and work accordingly. You just need to make realistic deadlines and allow your employees to work out how they can get you what you need on time.


5.  Schedule In-Person Meetings


Although working from home or remotely is all about not going to a fixed office location, it is still important for employees to interact with one another and with their employers in person from time to time. You should try to schedule in-person meetings every now and then if your employees can all travel to the same place. This will increase the bond between your company teams and help you get to know your workers on a deeper level.


6.  Encourage Productive Work Habits


Working remotely gives employees a good chance to be their own boss when it comes to scheduling and organizing their days. Although this may be a perk, it can also be an issue at times. To make the most of your employees’ distance-working and ensure they are scheduling their time properly, try to encourage productive habits. Ask your workers to dedicate a personal workspace where they can get tasks done without any disruptions. Consider hosting training seminars to guide the professionals you hire on how to properly manage their time and avoid burnout.




Having a company run by employees working from a distance can be exceptionally rewarding. You will not have to worry about spending on office space or burdening your employees with daily commutes. Instead, you may get more productivity from workers who control their own scheduling and times. To ensure your employees are always motivated and on track even from a distance, make sure you check in with them regularly and offer them support whenever needed.


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