7 Courses That Can Help You Develop a Career in a Digital Field

June 9, 2022

The IT sphere is one of the most prospective areas for building one’s career. The digital field is constantly evolving and requires new specialists every day. If you want to impress your potential employers, you may reach out to a cv writing company to make your resume look professional. Specialists will help you organize your working experience, education, and special talents to help you craft a winning resume.

Yet, if you search for practical ways to develop your career in the IT field, online courses may come in handy. Whether you are a novice in a digital field or want to acquire a new specialty in it, online courses will be a good aid for achieving your goal.

In the following list, we present you with different digital specialties. They will contribute to your resume and help in your job search.


1. Cybersecurity Specialist

Cybersecurity is a broad term that includes many sub-specialties. The main goal of a cybersecurity professional is to repel online threats and provide hack-proof protection for computer systems.

A significant increase in online business increased the number of online operations as well. Financial transactions, personal data storing, private correspondence – all of these components need solid protection.

Cybersecurity specialists may create special software, scan and analyze potential threats, and create hack-proof hardware networks. Whatever your passion in the IT industry, you can build a career in cybersecurity.

Resources like Skill hub can advise on courses you can attend to make your resume shine. Presentation of your expertise is crucial for the job search process.


2. Big Data Engineer

Big Data is a new primary tool for business analysis. Companies want to understand their clients better. They need precise and relevant data which will help their business flourish. Big Data engineers make Big Data useful for particular tasks.

Big Data engineers are software developers who create solutions for Big Data analysis. If you already qualify for software development, you can boost your career and become a software engineer.

You may apply to a career advice expert to get professional help in applying to the right online courses dedicated to working with Big Data.



3. Web-Designer

Web-designer is a perfect mix of technical and artistic occupations. If you are an artist and want to get more interviews, a web designer’s position may be for you. A web designer creates visual decor for websites like

  • Web-pages.
  • Logos
  • Brand images.

All these pieces of media are important for any brand promotion. A web designer should know one of the coding languages as well. HTML, Javascript, or CSS are crucial if you want to impress a hiring manager with your portfolio. Still, online courses for web designers will give you an accurate vector for your skills.

The Web Designer is one of the top positions on ComputerCareers.org, which is one of the best resources for education on each and every position that can be done online.


4. VFX ArtistAnimator

VFX artist is another great position to express your creative skills. Recruiters of different firms look for qualified VFX artists, as they have a high value on the job market. A VFX artist uses software for the creation of visual effects and animation of characters.

Techniques of animation via software and visual effects creation are key skills for VFX artists. You will learn all the necessary in online courses and will be able to apply it in practice. There is a high demand for VFX specialists. If you have little work experience but want to enroll in the IT industry, this online job may be for you.


5. Software Development

A software developer is a versatile position that implies many different tasks. Software developers create program solutions for different aims. It can be writing business, Caffe management, or an art-studio promotion. Any modern business requires adequate online representation, and software developers may provide them.

There are many online courses for software developers. You may start with learning a programming language and end with advanced programming techniques. There is always something new to learn about software development. There is always something new to learn about software development. Moreover, the number of companies looking to hire software developers is huge.

If you have experience from multiple IT branches and do not know how to organize them, online courses for software development are a great place to start.



6. Hardware Engineering

This type of online course is intricate but still relevant to the modern job market. A hardware engineer creates computer networks and optimizes them. It is vital to create a network that will transfer information without delays and hindrances.

In online courses for hardware engineering, you will learn the necessary theoretical base for network creation and maintenance. You may require actual work experience to enroll in a position as a hardware engineer. Yet, online courses will help you evaluate your knowledge and give you the perfect ground for further career development.


7. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one of the most straightforward technical specialties at the moment. Data analysts use logical techniques and modern software to withdraw necessary data from a large pool of information and create relevant statistics.

Online courses for data analysts include mathematics, modern programming languages, and logic. If you want to realize your passion for hard science in your career, a data analyst position will suit you perfectly.


Final Words

The digital field is full of career opportunities. Recruiting firms look for specialists in software development, data analysis, and design of different sorts. There are respective online courses for each of the IT specializations.

Whether you are looking for a change of career or improvement, there is an online course that will help you. Do not hesitate to ask for help in writing a bot-beating resume or any other services or career resources. With the right approach and accurately chosen online course, you will improve your career effortlessly.


Author Bio

Perla Aroyo

Content Writer at Skillhub with more than five years of experience in the resume writing service industry. Her primary specialization is English and Marketing, but she writes on a great number of other topics.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/perla-aroyo-536294230/


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