7 Steps to Build a Killer Business Intelligence Resume

February 25, 2022


Business intelligence (BI) is one of the key factors driving global businesses to a new level.

BI encompasses many processes to improve business approaches, including process analysis, data mining, descriptive analysis, and performance benchmarking.

According to a report by Zippia, more than 106,580 business intelligence analysts are currently employed in the United States.

Considering the development of technology and market competition, these figures are expected to grow rapidly with time.

You can get a Business Intelligence based job with the help of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, modern BI skills, and a job-winning business intelligence resume.

You can learn business intelligence skills from any institute, but resume-building is not a skill that can be learned from any educational institute. Resume building is not a piece of cake for everyone and people usually end up making an unprofessional resume due to lack of experience.

Considering this, we are here to help you build a killer business intelligence resume with the help of our seven practical resume-building steps. These guidelines will also help you redo your resume if you are not getting desired results from that:


Choose a Professional Resume Format to Outline Your Resume

The first step to building an impeccable business intelligence resume is opting for a suitable resume format. You can opt for any of these below-given resume formats as per your skills and work experience:

  • Functional Resume Format

It is the best pick for professionals having a career gap. This resume format focuses on highlighting your skills instead of your work experience.

  • Reverse Chronological Resume Format

This resume works well for professionals without a career gap. It focuses on your recent status and goes on with previous roles and achievements in the work history.

  • Combination Resume Format

As its name suggests, this resume format is the combination of both the above-given resume formats. According to this format, you need to club similar points of your work experience under a skill heading.

You can find numerous resume formats online that can be used to build your resume. However, not every one of them is as effective as these resume formats are. Hence, you can use any one of these without any second thought to build a job-winning business intelligence resume.


Add Profile-Centric Skills & Keywords

You need to add modern business intelligence skills like data mining, process analysis, etc., to your resume to emphasize its effectiveness. Moreover, we recommend you add as many profile-centric keywords as you can to your resume.

These keywords will help you part through the resume screening round without any hurdle. Apart from this, You will also need to make separate sections to showcase your technical and key skills for highlighting them appropriately.

To ensure your resume stands out among the competition, consider seeking the assistance of a professional resume writing service, which can provide valuable insights and guidance. These experts can help optimize your resume by strategically incorporating industry-specific keywords and highlighting your key skills, increasing your chances of getting noticed by potential employers and securing interviews.


Elaborate on Your Work Experience in Bullet Points



Recruiters these days do not spend much time screening any resume. Hence, we advise you avoid using long paragraphs while mentioning your work details.

You can use one-liner bullet points to showcase your professional experience. To help you frame effective points, we are listing some guidelines here:

  • Start every bullet with a power verb
  • Address cause-effect relationship
  • Highlight important keywords and metrics
  • Quantify your bullet points


Mention Your Educational Details

Like every other profession, business intelligence also has certain educational criteria, i.e., a computer science degree. We advise you to make a separate section to showcase your educational details effectively in your business intelligence resume. You can consider adding the following details in this section of your business intelligence resume:

  • Name of college/university
  • Name of degree
  • Location of institution
  • Grades obtained
  • Enrollment date
  • Graduation date


Add Technical Certificates

Having technical certificates in your portfolio will make you a better choice than your competitors. Most people do not have specialized certificates. Hence, we recommend getting specialization certificates in business intelligence and adding them in a separate section of your resume.


Write an Engaging Resume Summary

As its name suggests, this part of the resume has a brief extraction of your entire resume. The resume summary must be effective and easy to read so that you can get undivided attention from the recruiter during the resume screening round.

Apart from this, you can also use your skills and other technical keywords related to the business intelligence job profile. It will make your business intelligence resume technically strong and might also impress the recruiter in the resume screening round.


Proofread Before Applying

After summing up your entire resume, do not rush to apply for a business intelligence job. Everyone makes mistakes while building a resume. Whether it is a spelling mistake or a punctuation error, it can decrease your shortlisting chances. Hence, we advise you to take a halt after you complete your resume and proofread twice with a focused mind for rectifying these silly mistakes.


Pro Tip For Job Seekers

Considering the competition in the current job market, we advise you to apply in a professional and effective manner to stand out from the crowd of your competitors during the recruitment process.

To make your job application look effective, you need to attach a highly professional resume along with an interesting and easy-to-read cover letter. Many recruiters consider a cover letter as an important part of a job application.

Hence, adding an engaging cover letter will enhance your shortlisting chances and help you bag your desired business intelligence job in 2022.


Key Takeaways

Have a glance at the extraction of this entire article:

  • Outline your resume in a reverse-chronological or combination resume format
  • Add profile-centric skills to a separate section of your business intelligence resume
  • Mention your work experience in one-liner bullet points to improve readability
  • Showcase your educational details in a separate section with grades obtained
  • Add technical certificates to your resume for getting bonus points during the resume screening round
  • Write an easy-to-read resume summary having the highlights of your BI resume
  • Proofread your resume twice before applying for a job to rectify small errors

You can follow these steps to build a job-winning business intelligence resume and even a marketing associate resume. To get the maximum benefits in the recruitment process, we recommend attaching a cover letter with your Business Intelligence Resume.


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