7 tips for making your website more accessible

November 3, 2021


About 25% of the population have a disability, and this is important for you because that means that 25% of the people can’t reach you and can’t find your product or your information shared online. You must make your website accessible because you want to give everyone the chance to see and use your site without discrimination. No matter what kind of disabled people have, you have to enable them to access your information quickly.  Also, if your website isn’t ADA and WCAG compliant, you are risking receiving lawsuits for not being accessible to other individuals. Suppose you want your site to be more accessible. In that case, here are seven tips to get you started:


1. Take into consideration accessibility when during the design process


You should develop a WordPress ADA compliance website. This means you should consider the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) when designing your website. Also, every time you are publishing new content, you should ask yourself if it is accessible enough, checking that it is in your best interest.


2. Make sure content is logical and navigable using only a keyboard


Keep in mind that there are people incapable of using a mouse, and you have to enable them to use the “tab” key or other input devices. You have to ensure that everything is working right so they won’t be confused if one of the input devices isn’t fascinating. If you have a lot of content on your website, make sure that it is divided well. Also, it would be great if you used the “Skip to main content” link at the beginning, so the visitors with disabilities could find what they need faster.


3. Use adequate color contrast between the text and background


Many people suffer from color blindness, which will make it impossible for them to understand the content on your website if they can’t see the color of the text and background.  But besides them, there are people with learning disabilities who find it hard to identify elements on your website. You should avoid the light colors for the text because not only will it be more difficult for some people to read, but it will cause eye fatigue too.


4. Use descriptive links



Using parols such as “Click here” won’t be enough sometimes. Try explaining more where the link leads to.


5. Provide captions


If you decide to insert videos on your website, you must include captions. The video can be really useful for your marketing strategy. Because people process better visual content, but in order for people with disabilities to process video content, you have to make sure they can understand what the video is about. Also, captions should be well synchronized with sound, so your visitors can have a better user experience.


6. Add alternative text to photo


This is one of the essential principles of web accessibility. As early as 1999, the W3C published its Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 to explain how content can be made more accessible to users with disabilities. One of these guidelines was: “Provide equivalent alternatives to visual and auditory content.” This means that all the web pages that contain images (or sounds, movies, applets, etc.) must have information equivalent to their visual or auditory content. In other words, the alternative text helps make your visual content accessible to all visitors, including those with poor vision.


7. Test your website on a mobile phone


If you want to make sure your site is accessible enough on mobile devices, too, you should check it. Do your best to improve the user experience of people who come across your site by mobile phone. Since Google treats mobile-friendliness as the ranking factor, you should pay attention to this more.


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