9 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Brand Design Agency

December 14, 2021

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. It’s what helps customers identify your company and products, and it can be a significant differentiator between you and your competitors. You’ll hear almost everybody in the business world say that branding is key to success.

However, only a few can truly identify if they already have a strong brand or need to spend the time and money investing in one. Some will try to do it themselves, but more often than not, it’s better to leave it to the professionals, especially if you already notice any of these signs.

Brand Design Agency

Consider A Brand Design Agency When You Notice Any Of These Signs

There is no unique and clear-cut answer as to how you can identify if you need a brand design agency because almost everybody’s response will vary. But here are nine common signs that your business should consider hiring a team to help you build your brand:


Your Brand Identity Doesn’t Match Your Message

One of the most common pitfalls you may commit as a businesses owner is building a brand on your own without the proper knowledge and expertise. This often leads to a mismatch between what you’re trying to communicate and what your brand is saying. Unless you have extensive experience in the field, the chances are that your brand will be contradicting your message.

If you feel like this might be the case for you, it’s time to bring in a branding agency. They can help you create a brand that accurately represents your business and what you’re trying to achieve. For example, you don’t want to use a traditional image for your brand if your target audience is young millennials, which value outdoor activities and new technology. Brand design agencies can help you find the right target audience and design a brand that resonates with them.


You Lack Consistency In Your Branding

As mentioned, branding is essential for any business. However, you will only benefit from it if your entire team sticks to the same design across all platforms. It includes your website, social media, and any other marketing collateral you might be using.

If you’re having a hard time maintaining brand consistency, it’s time to bring in a branding team. They will help you create a style guide that your entire team can follow and make sure your brand message is consistent no matter what. This guide should include all of the design elements used in your brandings, such as colors, fonts, and logos.


You’ve Changed Your Message Or Product Scope

No matter how small or big a business is, there will come a time when they need to change their message or product scope. It can be disastrous for your brand if not done correctly. When you introduce a new message, you’re essentially introducing a new brand, which can confuse customers. The same goes for changing your product scope. Ensure that your brand’s overall look and feel are still the same.

If you’re unsure how to do this, it’s best to bring in a branding team. Working with a brand design agency will help you determine the best new message for your brand while keeping its core values intact.


Your Design Is Outdated

Just like everything else in this world, design trends come and go. If your branding used popular design elements a few years ago, chances are it’s now outdated. It can make your brand look old and unprofessional, which is the last thing you want. It’s especially true for businesses targeting a young demographic because they always look for the latest trends and designs.

If you feel like your branding needs a makeover, it’s time to bring in a design agency. They will help you create a brand that is up to date with the latest trends and will appeal to your target audience.


You’re Not Getting The Results You Want

Sometimes, even if you have an excellent in-house branding team in place, the results will take some time to show. But If you’ve been using the same branding for a while now and haven’t seen any sales or web traffic improvement, it might be time to switch things up.

If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to consult with a professional brand design agency. They have years of experience building brands and can help you find the best way to improve your results.

Generic Brand Name

Your Brand Looks Generic

To have a generic brand is maybe one of the worst things that a business might do. If your brand looks like every other company out there, what makes you stand out?

If you feel like your branding is too generic and it looks like it belongs to anyone, it’s time to consider hiring a brand design agency. They can recommend the best design elements to make your brand stand out while maintaining its credibility.


You Don’t Have Time To Maintain Your Brand

No matter how big or small your business is, maintaining a brand requires some time. If you cannot give the time necessary to manage your brand properly, it’ll get stale and look unprofessional.

If you’re loaded with other tasks that you need to focus on, it’s best to bring in a branding agency. They can manage your brand, so you don’t have to worry about it and focus on the more significant tasks at hand.


Your Brand Is Confusing

If people have a hard time understanding what your brand stands for, it’s time to re-evaluate its effectiveness. Ensure that your target audience is clear about this and that you’re using the right tone of voice. If you find that your brand is confusing people, bring in a branding agency to help simplify your message.


Your Existing Brand Design Is Cost-prohibitive To Scale

If you’re starting to see a lot of growth in your business, it’s time to start thinking about scaling. It means that your branding will need to be applied to several new areas quickly and cost-effectively.

If the existing branding design is cost-prohibitive, it’s time to update or hire an agency. They can design a new, cost-effective branding that will scale with you while upholding your brand’s look and feel.



 Hiring a brand design agency can be a daunting task, but it can be incredibly beneficial. If you feel like your branding needs a makeover, consider bringing in experts that can help create a brand that is on-trend, appealing to your target audience, and most importantly, effective.




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