Are You A Beginner At Investing? Here’s Some Helpful Advice

July 1, 2021

The explosion in cryptocurrency trading has meant that so many more people are interested in investing. If you are a beginner at investing and want to dip your toes in the water, this guide will help you navigate. Investing has some scary connotations especially for beginners, as there are risks involved, so here is some helpful advice you should take note of.



What Is Investing?


Investing is essentially buying or putting your money into something in order to receive a profitable return. There are four main types of investing, and these are investing in shares, cash, property, and fixed interest securities.

When you own various assets, this is called a portfolio. Generally, diversifying your portfolio is best as this helps to reduce risks.


How Do You Get Your Returns?


When you make a profit from your investments, this is called a return. When you invest in shares, the returns are called dividends. With poppers, the returns are in the form of rent, though with fixed interest securities and cash deposits, the return is interest.

Capital gains and losses refer to the difference between how much you paid and how much you sold the investment for. You will probably come across these terms being bandied around. The more educated and informed you are, the easier it will be for you to make better investing decisions.


What Are The Risks Involved?


You probably know this already but there are risks involved with every investment. A ‘no-risk investment’ does not exist, although there are certain things you can do to mitigate risks.

Many people will portray investing to be a win-win situation, although this is often for their own benefit. Steer clear of this kind of mindset. When you are realistic, informed, and aware, you can do your best at reducing risk and at the very least be prepared if you do make a loss. The amount of risk you are taking depends on the type of investment, and the Jeff Brown review offers a report that speculates high risk-reward investments. When you place money in security deposits, you risk losing value over time, as the interest rate doesn’t keep up with the price of inflation.

When investing in stocks, there is a risk that the prices drop low when you need to sell. This could mean a poor return, or if the price is very low, you could end up losing money.




When you think about investing, most people’s minds immediately divert to stocks. The stock market is seen by many as a way to build their wealth, and whilst this is true for some, it is also a gamble. You can make huge wins and huge losses.

To simplify it, view the stock market as a supermarket. It is where people meet to buy and sell shares. A share is a small part of a company that has been made public and is now listed on the exchange.

The purpose of shares is to help boost a company and provide them with the funds needed to continue growing. Once you have bought a share in a company, you are essentially a shareholder in that company even if the slice is very small. This slice that you own, can be then traded with someone who wants to buy it. If they buy it for more than you bought it for, you make a profit. If they buy it for less than the price you paid, you make a loss.



Key Takeaways


Here are some key points to consider when you begin to invest and build your portfolio.

The bigger return you want, the more of a risk you will need to accept. If you are not willing to take big risks, you probably won’t be making big returns. The bigger your appetite, the larger your leaps of faith need to be.

Diversify, diversify, diversify. Don’t place all your investing eggs in one basket, you need to be able to spread out your investments, as this lowers your overall risk.

Continually review your portfolio. Stay up to date with the latest stock market news, trends, and world affairs. If you have a share that is going to plummet soon, you want to be able to drop it as soon as you need to.

There is much more to learn about the world of investing, but the more informed and educated you are, the better decisions you can make. If you do want to invest, you have to both be aware of the risks and be willing to take the risk. The number one rule with investing, especially in stocks, is not to panic. Don’t be swayed by public panic, instead, know that investments go up and down, and this is very normal, for the most part.




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