How to Attract Potential Clients to Your Real Estate Site

February 21, 2021

In 2021, for the majority of businesses, increased website traffic is going to directly correlate to increases in revenue and vice versa. You could say that all businesses, in some way, have an online element. Whether it’s making a purchase through a website, gaining knowledge about a product or service by reading a blog, or getting directions to the business premises by using Google maps – there is almost always some connection to the internet.

This is no different for the real estate industry. Recent real estate research in the United States reveals that there are currently over 2 million real estate agents in the US and that approximately 73% of them use Facebook to do their work. Those in the market for buying and renting homes now first identify options online before they view them in person. If they are renting (even buying) in another region or country, they will most likely go through the entire process online. More traffic to your website, therefore, increases your chances of making sales and rentals, making website traffic directly linked to revenue. This is provided that your website and digital marketing efforts are aligned.

For those of you with a real estate website, or are in real estate marketing, this article is for you. Below we will discuss some of the fundamentals of attracting potential clients to your real estate site.

Another important thing that could help you retain more clients is showcasing your license. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment to your career, but it also helps you to gain the trust of potential clients. It’s important to note that real estate licensing laws can differ from state to state, so it’s vital you check the rules where you live. For example, if you live in San Jose, it makes much more sense to take your real estate license in San Jose than New York. Completing the course will show ambition and prove your knowledge. With hard work and dedication, your client list will be getting longer than ever!”

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First Things First

As we have already discussed, people first find housing options for the locations that they are interested in online. As we also know, people spend a lot of time online these days consuming information, and consequently, it does not take long at all (a few seconds in fact) for a website user to feel bored or that they can’t find the information they need and will leave your site. When someone visits your website briefly and then leaves and never returns, this is called bouncing. You do not want to have a high bounce rate.

A high bounce rate could mean that your website is not appealing, there is a problem with your website (they are unable to take the desired action or it’s loading too slowly – common for real estate sites due to a large number of images), or they are not interested in your product.

These are all important sources of information as they guide you in what action to take next. For example, if people are not interested in your product but are visiting your site, it could mean that your digital marketing campaigns are targeting the wrong people, or that your copy is misleading.

The first thing to understand and get right is not getting more people to your site, but setting up a great website. Getting more clients to visit a website that isn’t useful or interesting to them is only going to result in a high bounce rate and a waste of money and time. There are some WordPress themes specially designed for real estate agents. People build entire businesses and careers around UX and Web Design, so it’s worth outsourcing this to someone with the relevant expertise. Your website must be designed to support your marketing campaigns and serve as the endpoint for your potential clients in their search for a house.

real estate marketing


Use Paid Ads

Now that you have a rock-solid website you can start focusing on trafficking people to it. Facebook has 2.8 billion users and offers paid advertising space. This is a great option for real estate businesses, as you can target people based on their location, demographics, interests, and search history. On top of this, you will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad (this is called Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising), which means that you can monitor and control how much you spend on advertising. Facebook also owns Instagram, so you choose to show your ads on there too, which is a great place to showcase your best real estate images.

Another way that you can attract potential clients to your site is by targeting people who search for houses in your area, using Google ads ( this is called Paid Search advertising). Not only is this a great way to target people when they search for properties, but it’s a viable way to compete with big real estate platforms that invest heavily into SEO. A citations audit is also an affordable way to improve your local SEO.

Whether you know exactly who your target market is, or if you simply target people by their location, the tips above are great ways to traffic people to your real estate website. Making use of these tools online is a sure way to get more website visits, but remember, first make sure your website is up to scratch.


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