Benefits of Using TikTok as a Business

August 6, 2021


With over 1 billion downloads in 2018, TikTok became a social media powerhouse. It has a knockout combo of short videos that allow users to express themselves in creative and entertaining ways. Beyond this, these videos can become instant hits and trends across the world, which can make you TikTok famous. Welcome to the world of going viral over a short video. It is not only limited to people but cuts across to businesses that can use it to promote their products and services.

TikTok does not just offer you a short video platform but gives its users the option to use paid ads, stickers, live streaming, and influencer marketing. It is a social media platform of many uses that can be used both casually and for businesses. Businesses can increase brand awareness to generation Z, create creative content and integrate with other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. It has a lot to offer for businesses that we will share in this article.


Influencers and Services


Influencers are the popular kids on TikTok. They are the accounts in specific niches that have a huge following and can change the view of people for or against your brand so it is best to have them in your good books or at least not in your bad ones. Influencers have experience as well in creating content that appeals to users on TikTok so businesses can collaborate with them to create content that promotes their brand or associates the influencers with their brand. You can choose an influencer by searching for those related to your niche.

Some services like TokUpgrade will help your brand grow with real, targeted followers, by allowing you to buy TikTok followers. They are a growth service that can take all the hard work out of your hand for a fee.


Creative Marketing



Content no longer has to be plain and bland. With TikTok, you can create entertaining, quirky, and humorous content in a short format that most users can binge on. It can be skits of employees dancing to a song or miming a funny audio clip. Additionally, creating and producing this content comes at a low cost so almost any business can afford it without a huge budget. This allows businesses to spend less on marketing while reaping the benefits of gaining many followers at a lower cost. In some cases, you may not have to create your content since users are always creating interesting content that you can reuse on your page to draw in customers. User-generated content does the work you may not be able to do in a shorter time and more relatable way for users on TikTok.


High Levels of Engagement


TikTok is primarily a social media app which means people are there to engage with each other and businesses. It is important for people to engage with content through likes, comments, and resharing content because it helps create a bond and trustworthiness. Customers do not have to come to you. so businesses can help themselves by engaging with content that their kind of customers are posting, which will help get the word out about their business.


Different Advertisement Choices


TikTok pulls out all the stops when it comes to advertising options. They have a variety of options including branded hashtags, In-feed video ads, Brand Takeover, and TopView ads. These all offer different formats of advertising appearing at different times and in different places on the app. TopView ads and Brand Takeover appear on the full screen but differ in time. The former is up to 60 seconds while the latter is 3-5 seconds. Branded hashtags allow you to post a choreographed video with a specific hashtag that will appear with the video. All these options help put your product or service in the faces of customers on the app, therefore, creating brand awareness. with more brand awareness, users may engage with your page, maybe follow it and even better, make a purchase of a product or service.




TikTok is continuously growing faster than any other social media app ever did. this is because it offers a short video format that is entertaining and captivating. Businesses can get a lot of benefits if they focus on high engagement, the use of influencers, different advertisement choices, and creative marketing. To be successful on the app, it is in a business’s best interest to take advantage of these features.


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