Best Ways to Reap Benefits out of Instagram as a Graphic Design Professional

February 1, 2021

When you are working as a graphic design professional, you would always like to share your creative work with the world at large. And which platform is better than the photo-sharing social media site Instagram? You can promote your logo design, coffee mug art, t-shirt design, and illustrations through Instagram, providing value to your followers and building engagement with them.

instagram graphic design

The photograph sharing stage is best for innovative visual fashioners who need to contact customers, both nearby and worldwide. Presently, this along with shocking visual communication on your computerized portfolio with the able utilization of devices will help you show your representations, logos, book cover plan, and things like that. Subsequently, in the event that you have a visual depiction business, your online portfolio on Instagram will expertly introduce your business.

According to an article published on, powerful visual content on social networking sites give users the reason to follow, like, share, and comment. Eventually, these followers may turn into your loyal customers and opt for your products or services. Instagram is all about rich visuals and therefore, you need to make the most out of this platform to prove your mettle as a graphic designer. Here is how:


Instagram Direct

Instagram Direct lets users interact via private messaging. When you receive a message from any other Instagrammer whom you do not follow, the message is considered as pending and the person who received the message can accept it to see the message.

You can also use Instagram Direct to share images and hashtag profiles, pages, or locations with one user, a group of people, but limited to a maximum of 15 users, right from his or her feed.

You can also build connections and rapport with other graphic designers through IG Direct four-way video chats or one-on-one interactions. The video chat options provide you with a real-time video experience in a personal setting. It will help you stay connected with close friends or coworkers, who are graphic design professionals like you.



IGTV is one of the popular features of Instagram, similar to YouTube, but with a vertical video application. Instagram started this feature back in June 2018 and lets you share videos. If you would like to reach out to your prospective clients, you can share some short video clips of how you work as a designer through IGTV.

If you have a normal IG account, you can share a video of not more than 10 minutes, while bigger and verified profiles have an hour. In IGTV, you will need to shoot and see your video in a vertical form, unlike YouTube. It’s been designed to stay attuned to the way individuals hold their smartphones in their hands. Post interest videos that tell a story or share important details about graphic design. It will help you get comments on Instagram.


Take Contests and Quizzes

Ruin your fans with challenges, tests, or giveaways, as these techniques brief them to answer quickly. All of us jump at the chance to win prizes or gifts. You can give a marked duplicate of your outline work and post a photograph of your adherent on Instagram, who composes a clever inscription for the representation. The individual will feel spoiled and remunerated; hence driving commitment and more individuals will come to think about your visual computerization abilities.


Instagram Stories

This is another popular feature of Instagram, somewhat similar to Snapchat. With stories, you can post images, videos, and interesting content in a chronological feed. Now, every post is accessible to Instagrammers for not more than 24 hours. Then, Instagram Stories will not vanish forever because they will remain pinned to your IG account and again added to later with the maximum number of 100.

Instagram Stories are best for promoting your content and campaigns as a graphic design professional. If you have a design agency, you can promote your business through stories. This way, you can let your target audience see your content and build engagement.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, you can post casual behind-the-scenes videos of how you conceptualize a logo design or a book cover illustration. It means that your content need not be of the best quality all the time. Stories give you that advantage.

The objective behind IG Stories was to reduce the pressure of posting stunning content and inspiring more users to share the same, frequently. Instagram Stories have become so popular that 500 million individuals use it daily.


Instagram Questions

Instagram also started a new feature in July 2018 called Instagram Questions. Use this feature to reply to questions asked by your followers on this social media app. If the questions are related to graphic design, make sure you answer them correctly to build your credibility on the platform.

When you post a question and send it to a designer you follow, that user can re-post the same question to their IG stories and write a reply but cannot tag you because the individual asked a question in the first place originally and quite popular with influencers on Instagram.


Show love to your followers

Attempt to fabricate a local area encompassing your visual computerization work or business by highlighting your clients and supporters. Presently, this relies upon the sort of configuration administrations you offer, yet you can consider imaginative and inventive approaches to include your fans. At the point when they feel included, it shows your affection and you care for them.

You can show a T-shirt that you planned with shocking designs on the texture that a supporter has purchased from you. Ask your supporter how the person in question feels wearing that T-shirt. It will cause them to feel included.



You know that Instagram is a visual social media site and graphic designers like you will use it to display their work or online portfolio to reach out to potential clients. You will need to show off your best, stunning, and brilliant graphic design work for inspiring your followers besides grabbing the attention of your clients. Build daily inspirations and use IG as a platform for creating and developing rapport and engagement with your followers. When you post high-definition photos and implement the right Instagram strategies, it will help you improve your online visibility as a graphic designer. It is the key to your success.


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  1. Otis Anderson

    I post with the Later app so I can schedule posts at targeted times. Look at what other artists are using for hashtags and pick a few from theirs and run them through to see more related tags. Rotate through a few different sets of tags so they stay fresh and so the algorithm doesn’t penalize you. Keep your work and personal life separate unless your work and personal life intersect at an interesting point. I started to get creepers in my personal accounts so I separated them. I still put art on my personal accounts for the people that don’t follow both.


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