Best Business And Marketing Software For Photographers

February 25, 2022


Whether you’re a seasoned photographer with years of experience or looking to move into the professional photography world, picking the best business and marketing software for photographers is crucial.

Competition is fierce these days, with more photographers than ever before working for low rates, and the cost of entry into the industry can be low. Of course, your skills will help you stand out, but it’s crucial to make sure people can find you through your marketing efforts and that your business tasks are made simple through the best business software for photographers.

If you’re unsure where to start and don’t have time to do the research yourself, follow along as I take you through the best business software for your photography business.


Best Accounting Software For Photographers

It’s crucial to have the best accounting software for your photography business. No matter how good of a photographer you are, you still need to create and track invoices to clients; otherwise, you will be dealing with missed or inaccurate payments for your work.

Freelancer photographers use various tools, but every photographer who uses LessAccounting raves about the ease and intuitive online software. Being an online software means that you can access and invoice from anywhere at any time.

It’s critical to keep accurate records of all of your business transactions for tax season. You’ll need to report your earnings and write off anything you’ve purchased for business purposes. You may have no idea of all the possible write-offs, but the best accounting software will give you all the information you need to get maximum tax breaks.


Best Social Media Scheduling Software For Photographers

Social media marketing is a must for any freelance photographer; it allows you to not only pull in business but provides an ongoing and easy to manage a way to showcase your work.

One of the biggest problems with social media is that it can be time-consuming to log into all the different platforms and provide updates. You need to be doing it daily, or your engagement and reach will be minimized, but you may be busy, or it’s just taking up too much time.

A social media scheduling tool like Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media updates from a single location. You can schedule everything in advance rather than deal with it daily.

So consider whether it’s better to create a week or months’ worth of social media posts on a single day that get scheduled and pushed out, or whether you want to be logging into multiple platforms every day to create posts manually.


Best Email Marketing Software For Photographers



Email is one of the best methods of marketing your services to past clients or other interested parties that have found you through your website or showed interest through social media.

Automating and personalizing your email marketing and responding instantly to queries about your services is critical. If you’re slow to respond or you don’t follow up with past clients, you’re missing out on business that is going to your competitors.

Email marketing software like Mailchimp allows you to store all of your email contacts, break them into groups, such as wedding photography clients, business photography clients and create personalized messaging that can be automated ongoing so that your clients don’t forget that you exist and provide great services.

If you pay for online advertising through social media or Google ads, then the initial response about your services can be sent from your email marketing software. Then, if they don’t hire you straight away, you can follow up automatically through the software without thinking about it until they decide to book you.

Effective email marketing has an ROI of $39 for every $1 you spend on advertising, so it’s extremely effective when done right, but it can cost you a lot of money if you only spam your email contacts as you’ll lose them.


Best CRM Software For Photographers

Customer relationship management (CRM) software provides a centralized location to manage everything to do with current and past clients and drive leads. You’ll have a single location that offers instant access to what services have been used, any communication, and store information on your clients so that your marketing efforts can be personal in the future.

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need a CRM. Many CRMs offer free trials, but Hubspot provides a free-for-life option that lets you manage your small business, and as you grow or need to add more advanced features, you can slowly add a little cost rather than having to jump into expensive software.

A CRM can replace many of your other independent tools by providing options to manage client information, automate your daily tasks, schedule social media posting, build reporting around what marketing methods work. CRMs can also show you which types of photography are making you the most money, and anything else you want to track for your photography business.


What’s The Best Business Software For Photographers?

As you grow, you’ll find your business tasks start to increase, and the tools you use may be increasing as well. It’s important to streamline your tools or limit how many you’re paying for; otherwise, your costs can increase as well.

One of the most crucial tools will be your account software, as without that you’re not going to effectively take payments, and money can be lost or forgotten. The best account software for photographers will be able to show you what write-offs you can make for your business so that you’re not overpaying your taxes.

If you have many other tools, you may also find that CRM software can replace many of them for marketing and client management. You’ll need to determine whether it’s more cost-effective to pay for the features required in a CRM or continue to pay for individual software packages.

Whatever business software you purchase should be making your business run better, your life easier, and allowing you to do your photography and not worry so much about admin tasks.


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