Best Marketing Techniques to Promote Self-Published Books in the Digital World

December 27, 2021

With the advent of modern technologies, we are getting blinded by the numerous options in almost everything of value these days. When it comes to written words, the same can be said. The number of self-published books in almost any site of relevance that you visit is substantial. Thus, even if you want to publish a piece of work, chances are, no one will be willing to read it unless profound marketing strategies are followed.

We suggest you plan your marketing scheme even before starting to write the book. This will help you to be aware of the standards to maintain and the techniques to adapt to make your content easily marketable after completion. Digital marketing trends are constantly changing.

Staying on top of the latest trends is not an easy task. Hence, the purpose of this article is to give you some idea about specific marketing strategies that, if properly followed, will not only raise the credibility of your work but will also increase its reach towards the public.


marketing for self-published books


Build a Portfolio Website

First, as the author, you must have a portfolio website of your own. This would help you and your cause on so many levels that you would be surprised. Many established authors started the same way.

Whenever a reader comes across a piece of your work the person will certainly try to search you up and check out your website. If they come to a dead-end, it reduces your credibility as an author, regardless of the quality of your content.

Various steps can be adopted to improve the standards of your final draft. Ranging from comprehensive book editing to interior and exterior design – each aspect is important; especially when the intention is to self-publish. All this will likely be in vain when a reader fails to find any information about the writer online. The website should reflect what your book represents. If the design is not clean and the features are not dynamic, visitors might have the same opinion about your book.

Marketing strategies can get expensive as you dig deep. Creating a website for marketing not only achieves that goal but also saves you a ton of the marketing budget.


Make Use of Social Media

The online world is heavily influenced and affected by social media these days. Many believe being on social media is being online. You need to take advantage of this and use social media platforms for marketing and promotional purposes. Not only can you connect with your readers through social media, but you can also stay engaged in constructive conversations with them.

You can easily get critical reviews and noteworthy praises, and build your work based on that. You can also get help and suggestions regarding necessary edits to your book.

Do not be overwhelmed by the number of platforms available. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Goodreads are all highly established and widely accepted platforms, but you need not master them all. Stick to one (or a few) and build your reader base over time. If you are unsure which one to follow, do a small-scale survey among your friends and family to identify the platforms that are mostly used by them.

You can even save time by using tools that will allow you to fix schedules for future posts. This will help you to save time by not posting on hectic days. However, do not stay away from social media for long periods, as that would gradually take you away from your reader base and push you towards irrelevance.


Create Blogs

Many writers have found success in cultivating a following by blogging before launching a book. Making a blog allows you to communicate with and identify your target audience. You may have noticed that many famous bloggers invite guest bloggers, which is a great approach to attract the attention of a comparable demographic and expand your fan base even further.

A blog is extremely important for nonfiction authors. You need to establish yourself as an intellectual on the subject of your book, and a blog is an excellent way to start. Fiction authors also derive great benefit from blogging as they can try out short story ideas and perhaps tease their audience with excerpts from the book.

It is crucial to remember that creating a blog takes time. Set objectives for yourself when you first start blogging to hold yourself responsible in case you fail in certain aspects. Every author’s time commitment to blogging will be unique, so make sure you establish a goal that works with your schedule and helps you to generate regular, high-quality material. After all, quality is more valuable than quantity!


Initiate Email Marketing

Creating an email list may appear difficult at first, but all it takes is a little effort. You need to provide sufficient reason to entice people to sign up to receive emails from you. Travel guides (if you are writing about taking trips), recipes (if you are creating a cookbook), giveaways, and many more, are all great examples of incentives that you can provide.

Do not be confused about what to say in the emails you send out. Try to include a few sneak previews of the content. People love being aware of things others do not know about. Do not spam under any circumstances. If you think you are trying too hard to reach out to someone, stop trying for the time. You certainly do not want to be unsubscribed simply because of one extra email.


Final Words

In this modern era, self-publishing brings more exposure than traditional methods. Nowadays, even the most established authors are shifting their focus towards digital means, and quite rightfully so. However, for complete digitalization to work, implementing proper marketing methods is mandatory. Thus, we suggest you follow this guideline and start researching effective marketing techniques so that all your work does not go in vain.









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