The Foundation of Business Success: Marketing and Customer Satisfaction

February 23, 2021

Any company in existence knows that everything depends on the customer. If your target audience doesn’t know you exist, cannot single your brand out from the crowd of crammed shelves, or you don’t invest in bettering your service – chances are that your brand is slowly losing relevance.

Especially today, with this health crisis completely restructuring our priorities and our views of the world, brands need to take customer perception seriously in order to succeed. Although the price tag on your product and service matters, with so many competitors fighting for customer loyalty, your brand stands a chance only with strong marketing and ever-growing customer satisfaction.

To deliver campaigns that always hit their mark, come up with innovative, yet brand-consistent ways to present yourself to the world, and be truly customer-centric, you need to plan ahead and embrace change. Here, we’ll tackle some of the most effective solutions to turn to when you’re devising your marketing plan and ideas to elevate customer satisfaction for the long haul.


Build social media engagement

Social media ad campaigns are a great way to build engagement with your audience. If you want to learn about ads management, one great way is to get a mentor. Start by doing an online search, and be sure to check out the reviews from the people who already invested in the program. This way you might find a great mentorship program such as Sarah Mae Ives Review, offering best-in-class content and instruction from an experienced professional in the field. By leveraging the power of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can create targeted ads that reach potential customers efficiently and cost-effectively.

While your ad campaigns do bring visibility to your business and inspire purchases, customer satisfaction extends well beyond a single purchase. In fact, building a rapport with an individual takes effort and consideration of their preferences. You need to understand their decision-making process, but also their choices related to your brand. Pre- and post-purchase engagement should depend on more than the occasional newsletter to inform them about potential discounts.

This is where a vivid social media presence can make or break your future marketing efforts as well as your customers’ levels of satisfaction. Posting exciting articles, starting relevant conversations, and showing your followers your brand’s behind-the-scenes images and videos can be entertaining, educational, and above all, engaging.

It all helps make your brand more memorable and inspires people to trust your business. Responding to comments and appreciating any kind of contribution on social media is vital, too, be it a review or a share. It might not yield an immediate conversion, but it nurtures relationships for the long term.


Personalize your interactions

It has become common knowledge that personalization is essential for marketing success as well as customer relationships. Why? Because people like to feel special and valued, and they like for businesses to recognize them as valued members of a community.

  • Use data and ongoing analytics to give your emails a personal touch – you’ll be able to make personalized offers to each customer with relevant products and discounts.
  • Create data-driven landing pages for individual customers so that they see what they want to see, and not a generic overview of your offers.
  • Set up occasional social media polls and email surveys to see how your customers feel about you, and use the information to learn and adjust.
  • Offer customization in certain products to help customers feel like part of the brand-creation experience.
  • Send out personalized email reminders for abandoned carts with tailor-made incentives.
  • Build loyalty programs that reward repeat business, and you’ll build your own network of brand ambassadors out of your customers.
  • Use location-related information, culture, and unique expectations to adapt your content. Maybe your Australian audience loves a causal approach, but your customers in Japan might prefer a slightly more professional take on your writing.


Offer convenience to your target audience

When you want to appeal to a specific part of your demographic, you need to recognize the expectations they have. For example, Australian buyers like to have multiple payment options when making purchases, beyond the standard “cash or credit” ones, especially when they buy on your site. If you don’t support their preferred payment provider, rest assured your local competitors likely do, and a potential customer doesn’t have an issue with moving their business along to them.

More people are using the humm90 interest free credit card in Australia when making purchases, so they can use that increasingly popular option to buy now, but pay later. It’s a perk that increases convenience for Australian buyers, and as such, it makes it easier for your brand to market itself to your local audience. Keep that in mind when you want to appeal to a specific segment of your demographic.


Localize your online presence, too

In addition to using location-specific partnerships and business practices to build up your presence in the eyes of the local audience, you also need to keep search engines happy. That, in turn, means making your customers happy, since they’ll be able to find your brand when they search for relevant keywords and phrases, and when they need help on topics related to your expertise.

  • Make sure your customers always come across consistent NAP information across all platforms where your business exists, including business listings and directories.
  • Add location-specific content that helps customers understand how your product or service fits into their lives specifically.
  • Encourage reviews and testimonials to give local customers substantial proof that people from their community already trust your business.


Provide authentic experiences to customers

Both your marketing strategy and customer satisfaction heavily depend on how authentic your experiences are. A perfect example would be how you approach resolving issues, which are unavoidable. Do you deal with them with resentment and annoyance, or do you treat them as opportunities to go that extra mile in repairing the relationship with your customer and giving them an extra reason to come back despite the misunderstanding?

The goal for many modern brands should be to exceed, not just meet customer expectations. This mindset helps build relevant, personalized experiences for anyone who comes into contact with your business.

Whether you send them a freebie with their order, thank them for their review with a personalized marketing gift, or you make them feel special in any other way – your experiences will be something they’ll talk about.

Some marketing trends are no more than fads, and they’ll be fun for a while only to be forgotten in a month or so. Other, more fundamental marketing ideas are there to help build a presence for your brand, not just increase ROI or CTR for an ad campaign. These strategies are built to last, and with them, your brand will be, too. Make the most of your marketing potential in order to improve customer experience, and you’ll become the customer-focused business you claim to be.


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