5 Little-Known Collections of Rolex Timepieces In 2021

February 24, 2021

Both men and women undeniably love putting watches on their wrists. A wristwatch is more than a device. If you’re dealing with so many tasks and projects with different deadlines, your wristwatch will tell you how much time is left and how much effort you still need to exert to get things done.

On top of that, wearing a wristwatch has been part of everyone’s fashion every day. Some people may have various timepieces that they would like to wear to different events, such as weddings, parties, anniversaries, outdoor activities, and many others.

rolex watch


Hence, if you’re one of them, it’s time for you to expand the space of your timepiece collection, and the Rolex watchmaking company will give you tons of prestigious and luxurious choices. Check the list of gorgeous wristwatches below and find one that will best suit your preference and lifestyle.


1.    Explorer

One of the most prestigious Rolex watches that have ever been made is the Explorer. It comes with different versions and slight differences in design. The display is in a round shape with forty-two or thirty-nine millimeters in diameter, whichever size you prefer better. The primary material used for this Rolex watch is Oysterstee.

You can also choose the color of the dial display, either the simplicity and boldness of black or the cleanliness and freshness of white. Many people love this particular Rolex watch because it fits in almost anything you wear, regardless of the fabric color, style, and the like. Therefore, the Rolex Explorer watch deserves to earn a spot in your timepiece collection.


2.    Sea-Dweller

Another gorgeous set of Rolex watches is the Sea-Dweller. There are also various versions of this watch series with individual tone and captivating looks. One design has a ceramic bezel in black color, the band is made of oyster, and added the yellow rolesor. The hour markers are large and have a luminescence effect. The dial display is in a beautiful black color, and it’s waterproof up to 1,220 meters or 4,000 feet.

The second design has a ceramic bezel in black color and has an oyster band too. The dial display is in a black color contrasting to the white shade of the large hour markers. The third design also has a ceramic bezel, but with a combination of black and gray colors. The dial display has an interestingly attractive blue color. The Sea-Dweller is, in fact, designed for a deep-sea adventure that will indeed deserve to be part of your collection.


3.     Sky-Dweller

The Sky-Dweller watches are part of the stunning classic collection that has gained popularity to many timepiece collectors worldwide. It also comes with various unique versions with different ravishing designs and colors. One design has a dark black dial display that helps the hour markers pop up for emphasis.

The second design has a lovely chocolate color of the dial display. The dominant color on the bezel and lugs is adorable rose gold, which looks more feminine and glamorous. Another design also has a dominant color of rose gold, but the dial display is white. The combination of these colors makes this watch one of the women’s favorites.

You can also take a look at the other Sky-Dweller watches, which have a champagne-color dial display and yellow bezel, slate dial and rose gold bezel and lugs, and different color combinations that you’ll love to put on your wrist. The Sky-Dweller watches are ultimately designed for people who travel a lot.

This watch shows the time of the day in two different time zones. It also has an annual calendar that will make it more convenient for you to check your schedule. Hene, the Sky-Dweller watches of Rolex are marvelous works of art that also deserve to be one of your favorites.


4.     Milgauss

Another masterpiece of art from the company is the Milgauss. Just like the other Rolex watches, Milgauss also comes with different designs and colors. One design has hour markers with a beautiful luminescent effect, and the dial display is in the color blue. It also has a sapphire crystal that creates a stunning radiance effect.

The other watch design has a dark black dial display that makes the hour markers and the hands so visibly clear even at a distance. Besides that, it also has a green sapphire crystal that gives the same effect as the first one.

Moreover, the Milgauss watch has been designed for scientists and engineers. It can stand up against any magnetic fields. It withstands up to a thousand gauss. The name Milgauss is from the French word “mille,” which means one thousand. Hence, this Milgauss watch will definitely look so splendid on your wrist and takes a spot in your collection of timepiece masterpieces.


5.     Cosmograph Daytona

The Cosmograph Daytona watch of Rolex comes with different variations that possess individual beauty and astonishing styles. One design has an oysterflex band, and you can find the tachymetric scale on its round bezel in black color. Besides that, it has yellow gold and a black and champagne-tone dial display.

The second style also has yellow gold, and the tachymetric scale has been carved on the round bezel. Its black dial display significantly complements the watch’s oyster band that creates a more elegant and gorgeous style that everyone loves to see on their wrists. The other design will bring you a sense of simplicity in style but has a modern touch.

The dial display has a combination of black and steel shades that most men’s favorite. Moreover, it also has another Cosmograph Daytona watch with an ice-blue dial display. The bezel contains a chestnut brownish tone that will surely look gorgeous as it matches whatever you wear.

The Cosmograph Daytona watch has a design for people who love sports. It stands up against any pressure while you’re doing your sports that deals with time and speed. It significantly meets the standards or the demands of these sporty and adventurous individuals. Hence, the Cosmograph Daytona will bring you the highest quality timepieces with the design and style that will never get behind. You’ll surely love it to add this piece to your collection.



The Rolex watchmaking company has been in the industry for many decades. They are continuously producing masterpieces that incorporate functionality and style. It has a massive collection of professional and classical watches that will definitely fit in any fashion taste of every timepiece collector. Hence, if you’re one of them, explore more of what Rolex can offer to you and for your everyday fashion needs.


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