6 Content Marketing Tips For Financial Advisors

May 17, 2022


Integrity and authority are considered top factors that separate mediocre practitioners from exceptional ones in the finance world.

Like any industry in the digital age, engagement and interactions are slowly moving towards a more technologically infused way. For financial advisors who wish to demonstrate their expertise and experience, content marketing is one effective approach you can implement to win the trust of your target clientele.

So, if you want to stand out from the competition and be more intentional with the content you’re publishing for your practice, here are six content marketing tips for financial advisors:


1. Know Your Audience

The fundamental thing you have to focus on before you start content marketing is your audience. Knowing your audience means everything you create will be for someone you consider your ideal customer.

Your customer avatar should guide you when searching for themes, topics, medium of delivery, and channels you need to use for your content. You have to know what keeps your audience up all night and how your business can help close the gap between them and their needs.

Note that your customer avatar keeps you focused on your target market to get the maximum return on investment (ROI), either when acquiring new customers, closing large accounts, or increasing your influence and following in your industry.


2. Make Sure You’re Searchable

As mentioned, your customer avatar should serve as your guide when trying to reach out to potential clients. Knowing these details will help you create various types of content that talk about the things that interest your target audience.

Publishing content consistently is beneficial to bumping up your business name at the top of search engine query results. However, it’s essential to remember that you don’t just haphazardly choose themes and topics in crafting content for your practice. You must always align the content you craft to themes and topics typically searched for by your target audience.

Moreover, this content should contain keywords that match with chosen topic searched by your ideal customers to increase the chances of your blog or podcast landing on the top 10 results of search queries. This tactic falls under SEO strategies financial advisors can follow to improve one’s searchability.


3. Maximize The Five Promotional Pathways

Now that you’ve produced a blog, podcast, or vlog, it’s time to choose which of the five promotional pathways you should use to get your content out there.

The five promotional pathways you can follow are:

• Social Media

Publishing your content on social media platforms is perhaps the most straightforward way you can do to increase your reach. An estimated 4.65 billion people are active on social media worldwide, and this number shows how big your potential reach can get if you consistently share your content here. Of course, the type of social media platform you need to use will be dependent on the research you did for your customer avatar.

Sharing your content on social media doesn’t mean sharing the same piece of content on your website. You may repurpose a long-form blog into stories, infographics, or shorter blog posts to maximize the value of a particular piece of content in growing your business organically.

• Outreach

When you create a podcast episode or a blog, mentioning or tagging the person you’re with on that piece can help. You may also reach out to a guest or an influencer you may have worked with on specific content.

• Email

One of the most convenient ways to promote your content is by sending marketing content to your email list. Reaching out to the people in your email list works best if the content you share with them is exclusive only to the community you started.

• Paid

Paid promotion is another pathway you can follow to get your content to more people. Various social media platforms and search engines provide this option to business owners. Paid promotions don’t need to be expensive, and even a minimal budget can increase the reach of your content.

• Automated

Automated promotion is another pathway you may explore. This promotional method uses plugins and other tools to automatically go through your old posts and republish them again according to how you programmed them. Automation in content marketing promotion may need some tinkering with a software platform like IFTTT that can connect various apps and devices from different developers to automate certain services. If you have the patience, time, and capacity to go about a simple programming pathway, you’ve managed to lessen the tasks you have on your plate.


4. Beef Up Your Website

A website is comparable to real estate in the digital age. Having a professional-looking website is one way to build your authority with your customers and colleagues. Your website should not only be pleasing to the eyes but the content found on your site must also be well crafted to address the commonly asked questions your target market may have.

Remember to keep your website up to date and make it easy for your customers to navigate from one part to another. Because your website is your real estate online, all the traffic you get from different platforms will eventually end here. Hence, it’s best to create content that addresses your customers’ concerns no matter which marketing funnel was used.


5. Create Evergreen Content


Creating evergreen content for your practice as a financial advisor is critical, especially if you’re only starting and have no other staff to delegate your tasks. Evergreen content is a distinctive way to support long-term content marketing strategies because of the following factors:

• Retains Relevance

Evergreen content retains its relevance to your market because it tackles topics that don’t rely on current events and connect to usual themes like careers, family, health, and finance. If you spent sufficient time doing your client avatar research, you’d be able to develop keywords and topics related to your practice with a high search volume over a long period.

• Builds Backlinks

Backlinks are essential in increasing the integrity of your website, which then also increases your authority in your industry. By publishing evergreen content, other websites can then link back to the content on your website when they write about topics connected to what you post. Evergreen content is always helpful because of its timelessness and high quality.

• Less Work Required

Publishing content that remains relevant for a long time and requires minimal updating saves you time. Instead of constantly thinking of topics to blog, vlog, or podcast about, you can go back to previous content and repurpose them in several other ways. Minimizing the time spent in this area will help you focus on giving excellent service to your clients.

• Supports Long-Term SEO Strategy

Another advantage of creating evergreen content for your marketing strategy is that it supports long-term SEO tactics for your website. You create a synergistic process that bumps up your SEO ranking when using keywords in content and placing internal links in strategic locations to lead customers to other parts of your website.


6. Always Keep Track Of Your KPIs

Like any marketing activity, monitoring your key performance indicators is vital in content marketing. Quantifying how much ROI you get from particular activities can help you optimize your processes and give you a concrete basis when you make critical business decisions. Getting comfortable with the analytics part of content marketing is an excellent way to determine how your target clientele reacts to your content and how fast you’ve built your authority as a financial advisor.



Content marketing is an effective way to showcase your expertise and experience as a financial advisor. To bring in more leads and build your authority, you should create a sound content marketing game plan that heavily focuses on addressing your target client’s pain points. Remember, any content you publish should attract your audience; hence, thorough research is always a must before implementing any marketing strategy.


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