Different Types of Links That Really Matter for SEO

April 2, 2021

Links are and will definitely be one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing. We can’t underestimate them since it’s links that help people surf the web and market a website. And since numerous ways exist of how we can build links for business, it is crucial to be aware of not only how and where to get them. It is also vitally important to be informed about what types of SEO links exist that can work and help brands and businesses hit their aims.

links that matter


What Types of Links Matter for SEO And How We Can Get Them

What kind of links adds value to your site and business to put them ahead of the competitors? These are the links that generate traffic and boost sales, conversions, and branding.

The simplest and the most common approach is to make use of backlinks, and there are lots of sources that can provide you with a complete guide to building backlinks that may help your website boost and attract more audience.

Only in this case, such links can become solid signals for the search engines to provide you with a better search ranking. So if you want to know where to buy such links from, check out a few handy tips. We will tell more about each kind of link and the marketing activities and reveal from what services you can get them.


  • Outbound links for SEO

Also known as external links, they are often the essential factor that helps websites rank. These links bring the website’s visitors to another domain while surfing a particular site, and also, they provide the audience with further explanations from other website owners.

  • Inbound links for SEO

Unlike the outbound alternative, the inbound link will lead you to another webpage of the same domain. The most beneficial feature of this type of link is keeping visitors on your webpage longer since they redirect them around the website. This leads to your site’s authority increase which, in its turn, will positively influence its ranking, too.

  • Links from ranking pages

Perhaps, this type of links is one of the most desired since when search engines track them, they already consider them to be trustworthy sources. But except for this cause, there are a few more that also matter.

Such links are able to provide you with constant traffic, which they get through search. It means that it will constantly be sending traffic to the web pages they are linking to.

Also, such links are highly valuable because of the topical relevance of the content. As a result, they can help to improve the search ranking of the linked page.

  • Interview links

This is an exceptional kind of link since they are usually highly compelling. Why so? See, when getting these links, each one that you will obtain will be entirely about you. Respectfully, it means that your site will receive a higher link value.

Besides, such links allow you to build a stronger brand or strengthen your position as a specialist in the field. All this can increase conversions which is your indirect goal.

  • Recurring links from columns

This way of link building is the future of digital marketing, and here are some arguments for that. First, it is all about branding. When people see you constantly on publications with high traffic, it is much easier to prove yourself to be an expert.

Second, when you publish your content on websites with high authority, it is easier to get lots of qualitative traffic to your site, too.

Finally, such an approach allows improving the domain authority of your site and its ability to convert traffic.

  • Links from authentic reviews

Such links are the ones that we seek out above the others. The reasons are obvious: online reviews can bring us new customers; such reviews also help to strengthen our brand’s position and maintain the reputation of the website. Finally, they actively contribute to the site’s ranking results.


Ways Of Getting Links

Depending on what type of links we are talking about, the methods of receiving them may vary.

For instance, to buy backlinks, go find and click to visit one of the link-selling services. There, you will be able to find many different types of links, so finding what you need will not be an issue.

As for the specific kinds of links that we described above, you might need slightly different approaches.

  • To get links from ranking pages, join popular discussions in your field like Q&As, forums, online communities, etc. Since these are more visible on search results, you will get more audience to come and check out your website if you participate actively.
  • For gaining interview links, you need to have an interview with a blogger who can then publish it on his/her blog. Also, if you create your Press page, people will get informed that you are open for interviews.
  • Search for the top publications on your topic and apply for becoming their regular contributor to reach out for recurring links.
  • Finally, we would recommend you either provide top products/services or become incredibly great with customer service for getting links from authentic reviews. Also, try out personal blogger outreach.

And of course, remember to regularly double-check your links for activity since broken links will not bring you any profit. Simply download an approved link checker, and you will be sure that all the links on your site are surely working.

links that matter


How to Do Basic Link Audit

To get a good backlink profile with all the links working and being active, link profile audit is a must for any digital marketer. And if you think this procedure will take you hours and be pricey, you are wrong! Everything can be done in just half an hour, and all you need is an Ahrefs account.

  1. Start with some fundamental analysis. Simply get your backlink profile overviewed and get a report. Like that, you’ll see how your profile compares to the competitors and spot negative SEO attacks, if any.

Also, it will allow you to check the indications of spam in the anchor text profile.

  1. Now it’s time to get deeper and search for wasted backlinks that lead to your website. Also, you will be able to spot the best and the worst sites that link to you!
  2. Finish with reviewing the complete backlink report, which will provide you with a broad perspective.

These were the most common types of SEO links that can significantly improve your site’s positions and ranking. When using them and checking your site for the non-working links regularly, you will manage to take your online business to the top of ranking rates much simpler.


Author Bio:

frank hamilton authorFrank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and SEO. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.





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