Ecommerce Guide 101: Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

March 22, 2022


Appealing to possible customers and clients into doing business with you is the primary step towards running a successful company. Whether you’re trying to gain the attention of clients during a potentially profitable business season or a period of global economic recession, the question is, “How do you do it?”.

The answer to such a question lies within the large-scale possibilities of marketing. Now, the seemingly ordinary marketing concept might come across as typical and vanilla. Yet, to assume marketing to be a run-of-the-mill undertaking is a mistake one can not afford to make. Even the most quintessential marketing plans are carefully planned strategies, maneuvers, and stratagems.

Taking on such an undertaking can be overwhelming. However, email marketing is an easier and more budget-friendly option. When you compare email marketing with the other marketing ways, you will realize this is one of the most effective ways to get the best outcomes. Being highly economical, this marketing campaign has been constantly evolving and is one of the most highly used marketing tools of the year 2022.

Tom Kulzer, CEO, and founder of leading email marketing solutions for rising businesses, once talks about one of the most effective email marketing strategies is how businesses adapt, grow, and innovate themselves. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss a couple of common yet biggest mistakes in email marketing that can prove costly for your online store and you must avoid them. This blog also covers some of the top tips and tricks on how to avoid them actively and ensure the best results.


An Ideal Email Series: Checkbox

A sequence of emails sent by a company to present and potential consumers is known as an email marketing campaign. A pre-planned material is sent out via email to achieve a specific organizational goal, such as nurturing leads or increasing engagement.

As we said, maintaining such Email Marketing Campaigns can be tiresome and overwhelming. To help introduce email marketing campaigns into your marketing plans, we list down certain tips to help you manage your c

Think from a buyer’s perspective: We can’t deny the fact that the primary goal of your email marketing campaign is to spread your company’s reach. Engage the traffic and reach to the leads to turn them into the actual consumers. To accomplish this goal, you must think from the buyers’ perspective and incorporate within your campaign things that will make them engage and interact with your email. To do so, you must first find answers to these questions.

  • Why/how did they end up subscribing?
  • What are their wants?
  • What can you do to satisfy said wants?

Having a reasonable goal for your campaign: Different email campaigns will produce mixed results, necessitating different strategies to achieve them. Incorporate the use of metrics into your campaign to conclude whether the campaign was a success or a failure.

Keep a good target list for your campaign: Once you have a good idea about the market and have settled on your target audience, you must find out what your target audience has in common with each other and how your customer relationship management will describe such attributes.

 Write catchy subject lines: You need to understand the importance of subject lines. It plays a vital role in engaging the target audiences and this is what keeps the readers engaged. The subject line is the very showboat of your email. If your potential customer does not interact with your subject line, they aren’t exposed to the content of your email, and the campaign eventually ends up failing. 

 Have a definitive timeline for your campaign: Strike when the iron is hot. That is the primary goal of your email marketing campaign. However, depending on your target audience, you can set up temporary, seasonal campaigns, or long-term campaigns for your company. Well, know the ways to target your consumers and ensure you are making emails enough effective and engaging.

Now that we have discussed how to build your email marketing campaign properly and how to ensure you are implementing the right strategies in email marketing to get the best results. Now further, let’s see how email marketing campaigns actively affect your company and its eCommerce.


There are a couple of Email Marketing Mistakes that You Must Avoid, let’s dig deeper and understand how to avoid those mistakes to get the best outcomes



Here we list down some crucial mistakes made by small businesses in their email marketing campaigns:

1. Lack of professionalism: The internet is infamous for being untrustworthy, and unless your emails have proven otherwise, your clients won’t hesitate to look the other way. To get them to appreciate your emails, use proper grammar and be respectful and professional with your clients. Don’t ever compromise with the quality of the content your emails carry. this matters a lot and plays a vital role in the success of any email campaign. Do this, and your email is a success.

2. Inclination on Sales-heavy language: Instead of relying on very Sales-heavy language for your sales pitch, you should try and be more personal with your readers. Use linguistic phrases that are easy to understand and relate to your target audience.

3. Not meeting readers’ expectations: If your emails are not meeting your reader’s expectations, they will unsubscribe from your campaign. To avoid such a situation, you are advised to promise what you deliver and constantly be in touch with them. Don’t crowd their inbox with emails daily, nor leave them high and dry with only one email a month. Remember, consistency is key.

Wrapping Up

One of the most important parts of any e-commerce business is email marketing. It can be a powerful instrument for increasing company revenue and client loyalty. Yet, most small businesses make certain important mistakes in their email marketing campaigns, which inevitably decreases client interaction. They also end up facing ample of challenges to interact and reach out to the target consumers. Although, fret not, the eCommerce email marketing tips we shared can make your campaign a hit.


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