How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy in 2022

September 9, 2022

High-quality promotion begins precisely with the analysis of the initial data and the selection of a suitable SEO strategy. This article will discuss what factors influence its choice and how to choose the right SEO strategy in 2022.



What Is an SEO Strategy for a Website?

SEO strategy is a set of methods of competition and organization of work on search promotion, which is aimed at achieving your goals in the shortest possible time and with minimal effort. The correct choice of strategy at the initial stage of work determines how quickly you will reach the goal and how much resources you will spend on achieving it.


Why Is It Necessary to Develop a Website Promotion Strategy?

The specialists of, which is an experienced SEO firm, emphasize that in search promotion, there are no universal tools or methods that would help to promote any resource and any subject equally effectively. Forming a strategy includes assessing the site and business, their place in the niche, promotion goals, and solutions that will help achieve these goals. The strategy gives a plan of action and allows you to set and prioritize tasks, as well as also increases the awareness of the team’s work.

At the initial stage of working on a strategy, an SEO specialist or an account manager works closely with the business to maximize its goals. Due to this, the business achieves the goal promptly and with the least expenditure of resources.


How to Properly Choose SEO Specialists?

There are the following things to avoid when hiring an SEO specialist:

  • Short-term planning. SEO makes sense if the result is needed in the long term and there is already a demand for the product.
  • Lack of control. It is crucial to choose points during the validity of the contract when the progress of SEO optimization tasks will be checked.
  • Using one standard. SEO specialists should take into account the specifics of your service and choose the necessary SEO promotion strategy based on it.


What Factors Influence the Creation of a Strategy?

The choice of strategy depends on several factors:

  • The purpose of the promotion: What is the purpose of the business on the Internet? It can be attracting traffic to the project, working on the company’s image, or lead generation.
  • Features of search results: What is the percentage of aggregators and sites in search results for certain queries?
  • Business size: How do the range and services presented on the site allow the business to compete with those companies that are already represented on the Web?
  • Topic: How does the site meet the requirements of the industry, its customers, and search engine algorithms within this topic?


Stages of Building a Strategy


Let’s say, we have a medium-sized financial services website. How to determine the right strategy for it? Let’s describe an example of the stages of forming an SEO promotion strategy:

  • Define the goal: What do you want to get as a result of the promotion? As a rule, the goal is determined within the business, for example, an increase in the number of applications for banking products.
  • Analyze the SERP structure: For example, for a request for credit cards, 90% of the SERP is occupied by aggregators, so promotion for such a request will not be successful, it is more efficient to post content that contains this search query on aggregator sites.
  • Carry out a competitiveness analysis: If the authority of the site and the range of products allow you to compete with the search leaders, begin to fight for a place in the search results.
  • Take into account the peculiarities of promotion in financial topics: It is crucial to pay attention to YMYL factors that affect trust and additional information about guarantees and tariffs.


Strategy Depending on the Subject of the Site

Each industry needs different accents in promotion, it is impossible to come up with a universal strategy for all topics. Consider the most common topics and what is essential to consider when promoting a site in each of them:

  • E-commerce. When ranking, the search engine gives preference to sites with a large assortment and old sites – the average age of sites in the top is 11.5 years in Google. Also, search algorithms take into account the presence of a business in many regions, the presence of groups on social networks, link parameters, and the number of pages in the index.
  • Real estate. Preference is given to large sites with a large number of pages in the index, a large assortment, traffic from different sources, and link parameters are also taken into account.
  • Since this topic includes YMYL sites, and search engine algorithms, first of all, evaluate the expertise and reliability of the resource. In addition, the size of the site, the number of addresses and phone numbers, callback functionality, the presence of a target action button, and prices for all services, certificates, and reviews are important.
  • The subject also includes YMYL sites, so authoritative resources with information about guarantees and expertise are preferred. It is also important to have a large assortment of offers and tariff descriptions.


What Tasks Are Taken into Account When Developing the Chosen Strategy?

Consider a checklist that will allow you to assess whether all tasks are taken into account when developing a strategy:

  • Setting achievable promotion goals;
  • Analysis of competitors;
  • Conducting an SEO audit;
  • Issuing recommendations that will allow the site to meet the requirements of search engines as much as possible;
  • Elimination of technical errors on the site;
  • Collection, clustering, and prioritization of the semantic core;
  • Elaboration of business processes (assortment, customer service);
  • Refinement and creation of content;
  • Increasing the citation of the site;
  • Usability development to improve behavioral factors;
  • Daily monitoring, weekly and monthly analysis of results.

A strategy is not an immutable blueprint. If there are changes in search algorithms or external events that affect the business, the strategy will be quickly adjusted to reflect realities.


How to Determine the Effectiveness of an SEO Website Promotion Strategy

To evaluate the effectiveness, you need to regularly monitor changes in search results and conduct analytics. On the site, you need to configure the counters of Google Analytics to collect and analyze statistics. Then you can use these or third-party analytics systems to see changes in traffic, positions, and targeted actions for the site.



  • There is no universal tool for promotion, each subject and each site in it is unique, therefore, for promotion, it is necessary to develop an individual strategy.
  • The choice of strategy depends on the purpose of promotion, the characteristics of search results, the size of the business, and the theme of the site.
  • If the SEO strategy depends on the goal of promotion, focus on the desired result: attracting traffic, working with the company’s image, or lead generation.
  • If the SEO promotion strategy depends on the characteristics of search results, be guided by the ratio of sites and aggregators in the search. Promote your site for queries that you can compete with other sites for, and promote through third-party sites for queries that you compete with aggregators for.
  • If your strategy is topic-specific, shape your strategy based on factors that are important to SERP algorithms in your industry.


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