Elevating Workspaces: Unveiling the Potential of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

August 24, 2023

Remote working approaches are among the several things prevalent throughout the coronavirus epidemic and have remained prominent long after the outbreak ended. Throughout this period, the corporate world, notably the IT industry, invested in and experimented with various unique technological solutions to keep the company going. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, is one type of technology. VDI demand is steadily increasing as more IT firms adopt this unique technology. This post will explain virtual desktop infrastructure, how it works, and how it benefits workspaces.




What Is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)?


Employees no longer require physical accessibility to corporate devices thanks to desktop virtualization, which enables remote workers to be connected to cloud-based or on-premises infrastructure that hosts virtualized corporate workstations. This allows a company to control its data and IT information while enabling workers to work from anywhere.


How Does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Work?


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) uses virtual machines (VMs) to give distant users access to virtual desktops. A connection broker manages accessibility to these VMs by receiving requests from distant users and providing them with access to the VM. This configuration allows a remote user to operate a computer on the company network.


VDI may be deployed in many ways. Allowing users to have dedicated, permanent computers is among the options: a virtual machine is allocated to them, and they access a similar one for each session. This enables them to save the state over sessions, but it adds greater overhead.


The choice is to have single-use, non-persistent virtual desktops. When a remote user connects, they’re allocated a virtual desktop, and the state of the computer is lost when they disconnect. This solution has a smaller overhead, but state data should be kept elsewhere.


How Does Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Help Every Workspace?


VDI helps companies and consumers in various ways, including decreased maintenance expenses and increased user mobility. Let us look deeper at every one of the VDI workspace’s six benefits.


1. Increased User Mobility


As more IT businesses transition to remote working or a hybrid employment paradigm, the requirement for technology that enables end-users or workers to access resources conveniently or assists them in remaining connected with the rest of the team grows. Fortunately, because VDI is hosted digitally, it may help you meet this criterion.


Remote employees may effortlessly access their systems from anywhere at any time, irrespective of place or time, thanks to VDI. End users should be OK with the system version, configuration, or other technical difficulties. You may access your system and have a similar experience as your local PC if you have a device and a reliable internet connection.


2. Scalability On-Demand


Another critical benefit of utilizing VDI technology for VDI workplaces is simple scaling. You will not be in this predicament when using VDI from the start. VDI allows enterprises to rapidly scale down or scale up resources, i.e., virtual computers, in response to changing demands. Moreover, you will only be charged for the subscription or license that you are now using. Not only will this enable you to address infrastructure demands immediately, but it will also save you money.


3. Enhanced Data Security


Data security becomes a more serious concern for enterprises across all sectors with each passing day. As cyber-attackers and hackers get more sophisticated, staying one step ahead of them is more vital than ever to safeguard your brand’s image and data. Endpoints are numerous in conventional IT architecture. This also implies that cyberattacks will have more entrance points. However, using VDI, you may consolidate the number of entry points onto a single server.




Not to mention that the server is frequently secured by several security procedures that are tough to circumvent. Aside from that, VDI enables you to customize every virtual machine to your liking. Moreover, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is secured by several sophisticated security mechanisms, enhancing the security of distant computers.


4. Centralized Administration


Centralized control over an organization’s infrastructure is advantageous because it provides greater management and visibility. The administrator controls the infrastructure and every virtual machine under VDI. This allows them to handle everything on their end.


They may, for instance, schedule upgrades for all devices following working hours to ensure little downtime and no team or individual productivity suffers. Simultaneously, when a cyberattack, attempt is launched, the administrator will be promptly alerted. This will enable them to take urgent preventative actions to protect the system.


5. Cost Efficiency


The fifth important advantage of VDI workspaces is cost reduction. VDI assists businesses in a variety of ways to save money. Companies that use VDI technology, for instance, may save money on:


  • Subscription fees
  • Operational expenses
  • System maintenance
  • IT staff
  • Hardware configuration


By right-sizing virtual computers and disconnecting them whenever not in use, the virtual desktop architecture enables you to save on IT infrastructure expenditures. Furthermore, because all processing takes place on the server, you won’t need to spend much on endpoint hardware. Instead, users may connect to the system using low-cost thin clients or older devices. You could save money on pricey gear by doing this.


6. Rapid Onboarding


Virtual desktop infrastructure guarantees that organizations accomplish their goals. In the following aspects, the desktop virtualization solution reduces onboarding time:


  • No hardware investments: New hires may work from their own Internet-enabled devices, saving employers a lot of money.
  • Lower cost: When compared to the costly option of upgrading numerous separate devices, just one system needs patches and updates.
  • Updatable: Managers may quickly communicate updated information and best practices since they are updatable.


Most businesses outsource a significant portion of their labor to contingent employees. Others are more concerned about seasonal hiring. Furthermore, for many, acquisitions and mergers require the collaboration of teams from diverse locations. The result is similar in every one of these themes: companies should quickly onboard many new users without the luxury of doing so face-to-face.


In Summary


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is among the most important technologies that may considerably help hybrid workplaces or remote working teams. It allows end-users and enterprises to work in various ways, from cutting maintenance expenses, to boosting data security and mobility, and offering centralized infrastructure management. However, you will only be capable of enjoying the full advantages of VDI if it’s installed correctly.


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