Email Marketing Automation: Proven Tips for Digital Marketers

April 21, 2024

Businesses should automate their digital marketing strategies for various reasons. While this can prove difficult, email marketing is probably the easiest strategy to automate. Doing this saves marketers time and effort. It eliminates the need for doing monotonous tasks like sending emails. Digital marketers can use the following tips to automate their email marketing campaigns.


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1. Use Email Marketing Tools


Businesses and digital marketers should use various tools to manage their campaigns. These tools have great features that offer endless functionalities, including streamlining marketing campaign creation, distribution, and analysis. Email marketing tools to prioritize include:

  • Email creation tools: These tools have user-friendly editing templates that improve your email designs even without coding skills. This simplifies email creation and ensures consistent branding.
  • List management tools: They make it easy to import and segment email lists. Segmenting allows you to send tailored emails to your audience.
  • Personalization tools: They make it easy for businesses to personalize marketing emails by including subscriber information like names. Personalized emails have a higher CTR.
  • Scheduling tools: They enable businesses to send emails at specific times to their audiences.
  • Tracking or analyzing tools: They track the real-time performance of email marketing campaigns. Digital marketers can easily monitor unique metrics like open rates and conversion rates.


Email marketing tools generally allow businesses to create and automate marketing campaigns.


2. Personalize Marketing Emails


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Using AI to personalize emails allows businesses to deliver tailored content to each recipient. For starters, AI tools like Strictly AI Marketing simplify the process of setting up digital marketing campaigns. They then evaluate client behavior, preferences, and other characteristics to personalize marketing content. For instance, they can make product recommendations based on the client’s browsing history or past purchases.


AI-powered predictive analytic tools also anticipate target audience behavior, enabling digital marketers to send relevant emails promptly. For instance, they can predict when the client will most likely make a purchase. Sending a marketing email immediately increases the chances of conversion.


AI tools also offer personalized recommendations. They can analyze subscriber preferences and suggest products or services that will most likely be of interest to them. Incorporating this feature in your marketing emails increases engagement and conversions.


3. Automate Follow-Ups


Businesses and digital marketers should also automate follow-ups for their email marketing campaigns. AI algorithms use target audience behaviors like website visits to identify timely follow-up opportunities. For instance, it automatically sends product suggestions to clients who visit your website without making a purchase.


Digital marketers can also use lead-scoring tools to assess the likelihood of a user converting into a customer. These models use various metrics like engagement level and past purchase history. Automated emails are triggered based on the score of every lead, with those who score higher receiving more personalized follow-up emails.



Email marketing is a reliable marketing strategy for most businesses. It has a widespread reach and is cost-effective. Businesses can also deliver personalized messages directly to their target audience. Automating these campaigns increases conversions and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


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