10 Terms Everyone in the Email Marketing Tips Industry Should Know

September 1, 2021


As intimidating as learning a foreign language on the go can be, diving deeper into the marketing world can prove stimulating.

When you go beyond the basics of the marketing industry, there is more and more jargon.

The following list contains the top 10 email marketing terms you should be familiar with to boost your email marketing fluency.

Hopefully, after you read this post, you will be able to chat with the most literate email marketing experts.


1. Service Provider for Email


A provider of email services is an ESP. Software services that deliver email marketing campaigns to subscribers are known as email service providers.

The email marketing services provided by ESPs should cater to a worldwide client list.

It is important for email providers to offer a variety of capabilities, including:

  • Subscriber lists can be created and built
  • Templates for email can be customized
  • Automatically or manually send emails
  • Analyze campaign performance and provide detailed reporting
  • Test before releasing
  • Personalize and dynamically update content
  • You can segment lists and more with our help!

Now you won’t freak out anymore when someone mentions “ESP” in a marketing meeting.


2. Automation of marketing


Several nuances can come into play in marketing automation.

Market automation, in relation to email, refers to the creation of email campaigns engaged by various triggers that you define in advance and send them out. These are also referred to as trigger emails.

If a customer spends $200 at Sephora, they receive special offers via marketing automation.

Several triggers can also be set to occur, such as when a subscriber has opted in to a particular list, an anniversary date, when they make a purchase, when they spend a particular amount, etc.

Automating marketing provides email marketers with the opportunity to deliver more relevant and personalized messages to more customers.


3. Creating dynamic content


The content that is dynamic can be displayed and triggered based on information provided by subscribers.

The type of content that is displayed by email marketers can for example be determined by gender.

Listed clothing retailers, for example, can segment data in order to show men’s spring collections to men and women’s spring collections to women.

As technology becomes increasingly complex and data becomes increasingly big, it no longer suffices to simply display content.

Dynamic content can now be used to drive more sales through the personalization of the marketing experience.


4. Testing with multiple variables


Using multivariate testing, you can test various factors in an email to figure out which is most effective.

Marketers will then determine which images, colors, copy, font, offers, etc., are most effective in reaching their target audience for their end goal.

Multivariate testing should not be confused with A/B testing. Multivariate testing involves testing a variety of variables, while A/B testing is used to test only one.

Multivariate testing could be performed by sending one email with a clean, bold hero image and only one CTA.

Another test email might have two CTAs with no hero image and a more complex design.

On the table, you can see that there are a number of variables.

Both of these samples would be examined to determine which sample would be most effective at driving click-through rates.


5. Email used for transactions


Automated transactional emails are sent when a customer purchases a product.

Compared to traditional marketing emails, transactional emails are actually opened 8 times more often.

All your transactional emails should be created and optimized within an application that provides easy editing, creating, and optimizing.

A thank-you email, a coupon code, a purchase receipt, or an email that goes out after a cart abandonment can all serve as examples.


6. Conversion rate


When people click on an image, hyperlink, or call to action in an email, the click-through rate (CTR) is measured.

Using the CTR to measure an email’s effectiveness is a smart idea.

While click-through rates are subject to change, a rate of between 20-30% would indicate that an email is performing well.

You might consider switching up things a bit and even conducting some tests to see what would be more appealing to subscribers if your click-through rate falls below this range.

Make sure your ESP provides you with reporting on each click-through rate of your campaigns so you can keep track of them.


7. Customization


Today, both email marketing and marketing, in general, are focused on personalization.

Personalization of emails involves customizing the content to each subscriber based on their personal information.

Among these are their name, their interests, their desires, and their birthdays.

Personalized emails increase open rates by 760 percent and increase revenue by 760 percent.

Including a subscriber’s first name in the subject line can also increase open rates by 20%.


8. Deliverability of emails


The deliverability of emails refers to their ability to reach the inboxes of subscribers.

Having high deliverability rates and a good reputation with your ESP is really important when it comes to email deliverability.

With email deliverability, marketers can measure their chances of reaching subscribers inboxes, and avoiding issues such as throttling, bounces, spam issues, bulking, ISPs, etc.

Email deliverability can be affected by the following factors:

  • By using free domains rather than a business name (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Compared with double opt-ins, single opt-ins are more efficient
  • Unsubscribe was difficult to do so people felt spammed rather than unsubscribed
  • It isn’t tested how long it takes to download emails
  • Mobile responsiveness is not available


9. Bounce with difficulty


Hard bounces occur when emails are permanently returned to a sender.

A valid email address might not reach the intended recipient for any of the following reasons:

  • The address for this domain is incorrect
  • Untrue email addresses
  • There is no known recipient

A high volume of hard bounces can adversely affect your deliverability rates, so it’s important to monitor hard bounces and remove invalid email addresses as soon as possible.

In addition, sending an email will cause spam filters and email providers to watch your address.

Whenever you’re considering an email service provider, look for one that cleans your subscriber list of hard bounces automatically.

Keeping that in mind, you won’t be penalized for making a bad decision.


10. Bounce softly


In contrast, a soft bounce means that an email wasn’t delivered temporarily for a reasonable reason.

When a recipient’s inbox is overflowing, or a file is too large, these soft bounces will occur.

A soft bounce isn’t as damaging as one that bounces hard.

These soft bounces are usually delivered again by an ESP.

Please contact your email service provider if you continue to experience bounces over the next few days.


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